Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning January 1,2013


Astro-Week Beginning January 1 , 2013

Dear Aries
The old is old and the new is new. As we enter this new dawn you’ll be tempted to toss the old for a new adventure. As our natural “into the fight first” sign you’ll be leading the way with inspirational motivations and a fresh approach. So what will you let inspire you? Higher learning, spiritual pursuits, and expressions with foreign cultures will all call. You made it onto your true love’s radar but you’ll have to take that leap of distinction to capture their heart.
Dear Taurus
Doubt creeps in on the tongue of someone close. I’m not saying you made a mistake but you definitely misread the opportunity and now you just might be stuck with a case of “the medicine being worse than the cure”. Lie low this week and recharge. Its a week for reviewing your finances.
Dear Gemini
You’ve been taking hits. Specifically, close associations from the past have been crossing your path and simply disrupting your flow. For some, this may have been harsh. For others it has been downright painful. This will spill over past the holidays for a bit. Do your best to heal some bad karma.

Dear Cancer

There’s someone on your radar and you really want it to happen but Saturn has slowed everything down. Don’t worry. The slowing pace is offering you an opportunity to really get it right. Take your time and keep going. Even the usual Cancer side to side motion will get you there. All of this currently works in your favour because your active energy is pointed towards your finances. You begin to dream of exotic lands.

Dear Leo

This week, as you actively pursue that personal relationship, love will arrive hidden in the creative and expressive. You’re currently attracting love and sex energy but you seem to be looking more for a long term relationship, or the perfect mate. If left alone, this energy can spill over into an argument with your dearest. Find your true love then find something physical to do together.

Dear Virgo

Patience Virgo. The Sun is lighting up your desires but communication is a little restricted and you’re actually attracting love on the home front. It’s a great week to clean up from the holiday cheer. In a very short time, after your chores are completed, you’ll be ready for love. Keep aware. You can see your love destiny you just have to clean up for the date.

Dear Libra

Don’t force love right now. We’re in a new beginning kind of phase and love is coming but Venus is currently helping your gift of the gab. The only problem is your active energy is being drawn towards sex in a very “love them and leave them” kind of way. If this is your thing then use that silver tongue to get what you desire.  Your mind is expanding at an astounding rate this year so try and allow yourself to continue to grow without judgement.

Dear Scorpio

Jupiter is travelling backwards through your financial sector bringing money in AND money out.. again. Don’t be surprised if you have to revisit documents and communications that you just had a couple of weeks ago. Come on Scorpio, it’s a second chance so just buckle down and do it again. Know in advance that you will have to visit it all over yet again in another couple of weeks before you’re finally out of the woods. Things WILL work out but you MUST get to work. Love is in personal security. This is a money week.

Dear Sagittarius

Watch that tongue! You’re our most optimistic sign but Mars has you a little pushy AND telling everyone about it. Work it to your advantage. Love is shining directly your way so whatever you do, expect people to be drawn your way. If you’re looking for love you can have it. Say what you mean and even allow yourself permission to get a bit carried away. Just remember, you can just as easily call someone a good name as opposed to something bad.

Dear Capricorn

The new year opens with you clearing love from the past. Do your best to let go and clean your emotional nest as rapidly and harmoniously as you can. You’ll be finding yourself actively trying to make some extra money and you might push extra hard. If it begins to feel too much like banging your head against a wall, give yourself a break. This is the time to keep those money feet moving but don’t expect the big rewards quite yet. Luck favours routine and daily activities. Watch your weight.

Dear Aquarius

Your past is currently highlighted but your energy is directed inwards in an ego strengthening way. Work on yourself and let your ego grow. For other signs the past might disrupt your personal identity but for you, it’s all part of the game. Keep going. You’re good at what you do and deep down, you know it. Love favours group activities.

Dearest Pisces

Continue to allow yourself to shine at the office and in the public eye. Your friends have recently come to the rescue in ways you never imagined. They will continue to be there for you so be brave. Even if you feel all alone, you’re not. It looks like you’re actively pursuing some sort of self healing. Don’t go overboard.  This year doubt creeps in but it really doesn’t belong. Do your best to clear them out as soon as they appear.

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