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Love Horoscopes – January 2, 2013

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Aries: The energy surrounding you is damn near perfect for all kinds of personal and romantic relationships. If you can manage to get off of your own agenda and give of you selflessly, your desires will be granted. When it comes to your love life, right now, it’s not about you, it’s about them. If you can understand and anticipate what is needed, the sweeter your rewards will be. If you are attached, you will be enjoying the depth of the bond you and your lover share. If you are unattached, many of you may have a date that will turn out to be rather successful, so successful that you should not be surprised if things get physical real quick. This will certainly be an intense and powerful relationship.

Taurus: No, many of you are not dreaming, you are being spoiled. Those you are intimate with want to share their wealth with you today. They are full of passion, warmth and love. So if you are receiving extra special attention, gifts and sexual favors… today just happens to be your lucky day. Because it has been a long time since things have gone this well, and you are understandably reluctant and waiting for the shoe to drop. There is no need to worry today, as there is never too much of a good thing under this energy. You really deserve this treat. All of this opens the door for fantasy love and intimacy in your love life. If you are without someone to love, that may change soon as a random encounter turns into more.

Gemini: Sadly, conversations could take things to either extreme in your love life today. If you are attached, be prepared to have a dispute or even a battle because you spoke without much thought or consideration. There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind open and honestly but to do so without compassion could lead to quite a headache and right now, you may have just created a bigger problem with your life. Slow down the pace by thinking about what it is you said and how you said it. If you happened to have a date tonight, conversations had will be interesting and focus on the things you both love and have in common. This will set the stage for a lot of laughter and fun for some time to come.

Cancer: You have this feeling that anything is possible if you set your sights high enough. This is completely true so you might want to embrace the optimism you feel as well as your faith, think about taking chances with your emotions. You badly want to tell someone special just how you feel about them, but at the same time your natural sense of caution is preventing you from doing so. Because the planetary alignment encourages you to be honest and open, there is really nothing for you to fear except your own negative thoughts. This is a time of exploring your feelings, a kind of restlessness for new emotional experience. Don’t get caught up in “what might be” and the “what if’s” in life. Get caught up in what you have accomplished and what you will.

Leo: Some of you have really stepped in it. A series of misunderstandings over minor problems have lead to a particularly embarrassing situation in your love life. You know that there have been problems with miscommunication so it will be best to forgive the transgressions and try to move past this. If you are in a new relationship, you might want to spend some time getting to know each other better so that you two can avoid such debacles in the future. In general, you might want to pay a little extra attention to all those who have a piece of your heart today. While your loved ones are not having any major troubles, they could use some of the support and harmony you bring to the table.

Virgo: As Virgos, you are thinkers and planners. Right now your sensitivity is intermixed with your deep emotional and instinctive roots. What you need to be careful with is if are having any problem with your love life, try to keep your past separate from your present and future. Not everything repeats itself and you should really think about giving this person the benefit of the doubt until you know what is truly going on. This could mean you need to show some level of forgiveness or understanding in order to put things back on track. If you are unattached, the energy surrounding you enhances your attractiveness and your magnetism. You may score a date with someone who likes to let events unfold as they may.

Libra: You have an abundance of energy and it is focused on your intimate affairs.  Some of you may be fighting against a wall you have never seen before. If things were going well in your love life, this minor setback is just that, minor and a setback. Whether you were looking for a fresh start or a way to add more depth into your relationship, speaking from the heart will help you to break through any barriers that are holding you back from what you desire. Those of you looking, there is one piece of advice you need to heed: don’t be fooled into thinking that your looks will score you the date with the one you want. The person you have sights set on is looking for the total package, looks and intelligence. I am sure you can pull that off.

Scorpio: Things are going well at this time but they could be better and you are looking to make it happen. On a personal note you are looking to be admired and adored for simply being the person you are. For some of you that mean from your sweetheart while a few of you are hoping the person who has taken up a sudden interest in you, really does mean everything he says. It is likely that you will find out today just how much that person does care for you and that they really do mean the words they say. If you are attached, whatever you may have had a hard time understanding becomes clear. You will also better begin to see what has put the one who has your heart in such a mood. Let them get it out, do not judge or interrupt.

Sagittarius: As a fire sign you are flirtatious, charming and somewhat aggressive. If you are unattached, some of you may be thinking about going back into the dating world and seeing if you can find someone to share your life with. All it takes is a little bit of effort and you will get noticed. Go places, see people and enjoy a random conversation or two. There may be a conversation that you have that when it starts to wind down, you start hoping things will take a slightly more exciting direction. If he or she feels the same way it is likely that you will have scored a date where you two can continue with this interesting conversation that started it all. Just remember that when you see this person on your date, you may not want to “just” chat.

Capricorn: All work and no play Capricorn leaves you a very dull and frustrated goat. For many of you, your duties and responsibilities have left you no time for love, lust or romance. You really need a time out so you can get out and enjoying yourself. During this break, some of you may begin to question yourself about the directions you have taken and will be taking in life. One thing is for sure, you have been taking yourself for granted and if you are attached, your sweetheart as well. Find a way to show how much you care and don’t forget to do something wonderful for yourself. If you happen to be invited to a few social gatherings, take them. You need to get out more, that desk you sit behind is doing nothing for your heart and soul.

Aquarius: You are looking to maintain the recent balance that has seemingly formed out of thin air recently. If you are attached, your sweetheart is in a fantastic mood. If you are unattached, you have been noticing people looking at you more approvingly than before. It has been a long time since you considered love and romance to be fun to relish this for as long as you can. Regardless of your status you are looking to have your sexual needs met. There is no need for you to compromise; you know what you want and exactly how to get it. Many of you may be feeling social and want to have an impromptu party. Call up some friends and invite everyone over. If you are unattached, some sparks may start flying.

Pisces: Finally some semblance of harmony in your life. The alignment has formed in a more positive configuration, so make the most of it considering the last few days. If you are attached, you might want to use this time trying to create a romantic atmosphere to make up for recent tensions and disagreements. You two have shared many wonderful moments together and reminiscing should help put things back on track. If you are unattached and looking, you may be invited to a few different social gatherings. It would behoove you to attend as many as you can and enjoy yourself at these functions. You never know who is watching, admiring and ready to rock your world.

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