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Love Horoscopes – January 3, 2013

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Aries: Many of you may be a bit overwhelmed today by feelings of distance isolation. Weren’t we just here a few days ago? Granted, you can lose emotional self control like this easily but really you have to let this go. Really and truly let this go because this instance is your doing. Your social life has been calling you, cupid is dying to shoot an arrow for you and life keeps moving without you being a part of it. Not right Aries, not when you are the leader of the pack. Use the energy today to meet up with friend, even mix them about and help extend their networks. New ideas and new activities will likely be formed and it is there, in doing them, that you will meet someone who will turn things around for you.

Taurus: Life sometimes gets in the way and robs you of precious time you would rather spending doing whatever or whomever brings you pleasure. You are taking some of that back today and saying to hell with your other obligations.  If you are attached, spend some time pinpointing what it is you both want. A clear goal in mind will leave you both feeling very satisfied when it comes together. If you are unattached you are looking to get noticed. Regardless of who it is by, nothing outlandish will get you what you want. Be subtle, mischievous and make sure you do a whole lot of flirting. You want to be out there but you don’t want to be… out there.

Gemini: You are surely popular today but whether it is a good or bad thing remains to be seen. The unexpected pleasures of life bring with it a new romance or a revitalization of a current one. Where ever your frame of mind happens to be will dictate which outcome. Many of you are feeling adventurous, like you need a break from your usual routine and could use a refreshing change of pace. Whatever happens, do not make any firm commitments; just enjoy testing the water and the excitement of something new. If you have a date, put nothing on the table. Keep them guessing, keep them hoping and keep them flirting. This challenging behavior will keep them coming back for more.

Cancer: You may have been stressed over the tensions in your love life. You are tired of the serious discussions and harsh disagreements; you just want this to end so you can have some peace. Of course you have two ways of doing it, talk to your closest friend or rehash it with your lover and leave them with an ultimatum. While this is a great time to be with your friends, it is also the best chance either of you have at any real communication. Handle this, doesn’t matter how just do it. If you happen to be unattached you may meet someone while having a cheerful conversation. Now isn’t the time for lust and romance so take their number and give yourself some time before you pursue this.

Leo: Things around you are beginning to slow down and the fury of emotions you were once compelled by have cooled off. You need some time away from everyone and everything. This is a great time to take a break and reconnect with your soul. If you are attached and your loved one wasn’t the reason behind the mayhem then take him or her with you, otherwise give them a kiss good bye and see them in a few days. Getting away for a while and going somewhere peaceful will do you a world of good. When you come back, the good energy will benefit everyone around you. Plans and goals will come along more smoothly and even your interactions with those you care about feel easier. You need this, go do it.

Virgo: Those of you open to finding new love may be pleasantly surprised today. You may be at work, somewhere you frequent or just walking down the street; love may come at you from any direction. For some of you it may be someone you already know. Maybe not well but you know this person on some level but today something just clicks into place. For others, it may be the person you have had in your sights for quite some time. Either way the opportunity to win their affection and fall in love is high, thanks to the energy surrounding you today. If you have been waiting for this chance, don’t waste it by second guessing, just go with the flow.

Libra: Your mind is finally catching up with your heart. You want to look at the positive aspects of situations before looking for the negative and with that you have a new confidence and revived compassion. Use this to move forward, maybe mend fences or do something you have wanted to do. If you are attached, socializing and spending time together will really life your spirits after a tough few days. If you are on the lookout for someone to love then getting involved in some sort of activity, club or whatever, will draw someone of like mind and spirit to you. If you would rather not be bothered with romance, you will gain a better opinion of yourself and those around you. You may change your mind about love after today.

Scorpio: Your mood is rather neutral today. Though you feel so much, you do not feel the need to take any action. But Scorpio, doing nothing does not equate rebellion. You feel the need for some time to yourself, away from anything or anyone related to love and romance but you are just caught up in one of your more blasé moods. Whatever it is you are looking for, that desire you just can’t quite put your finger on, is out THERE. Want someone new to love, he or she is outside your front door. Need to get your relationship in perspective, you need to get out and see life, see other people interact with each other. Nothing you want is within your four walls, it is out there living life and moving forward. Be a part of it.

Sagittarius: For some of you that are dating or in a relationship, things may have had an undercurrent of tension to them lately. Now this isn’t your fault but you have had to bear the weight of it. Your sweetheart has likely come to the conclusion that they have taken advantage of you or that they are responsible for what is going on and will want to make it up to you. Though they are making the gesture, you really want to go off and express how you feel but it isn’t the best thing to do right now. Save yourself from any further drama by reducing your anger to a few minor comments. Let them take you out or however they feel they can make it up to you. Take FULL advantage of whatever it is they want to do. That will teach them!

Capricorn: You feel good today. For many of you that is a long time coming but you are feeling confident and optimistic. These levels may not be high but right now, you will take the positive energy. This fresh attitude is giving you the boost you need to move past any recent mistakes or pain and look forward to new beginnings. If you are unattached, this is a good time to meet someone. This may happen where you least expect it and likely at the most inopportune time but this person… there is just something about him or her that draws you in. After a few conversations or a few hours of talking, you find that this person is someone special and who can bring you a great deal of pleasure. Take it one day at a time but take the chance.

Aquarius: If you are an Aquarian looking for some romance, today might the day for you. Oddly enough, it may come to you through your every day normal socializing. You may be engulfed in a conversation with someone and someone else overhears you and joins in. Though the topic of the conversation may be a serious one, this person seemingly lightens it up and brings a positive energy to it. He or she will want to spend hours talking to you and gives you the means to do so. If you are attached, you may be a bit more demanding than usual with your sweetheart. You may be feeling needy when it comes to love and affection and could be perceived as being bratty. Just ask for the cuddles and you will get them.

Pisces: You are in the mood for passion and intensity. You are rather loving and affectionate but you are also quick to argue and fight. Don’t be surprised if things today get off on the wrong foot especially when it comes to any of your established relationships. Your lover or even your family members may experience the depths of your wrath today. For some reason, it just seems as if no one can satisfy your needs. If you have a date tonight, it will not be all you hoped for but you can feel things are on the right track. A little patience will pay off for you in a few days. If you are unattached, you are the only one with hopes of having your needs satisfied. You may find someone who can give you what you crave if only for one night.

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