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Love Horoscopes – January 4, 2013

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Aries: Transform is the word of the day for you today. Your current romantic situation, regardless of whatever it is will change you for the better. There have been things going on that have had a negative impact on your love life. Because you understand and now recognize these problems, you will be able to successfully work through them and make some truly fantastic changes in your life. These changes will give you the confidence to shake things up with your lover if you are attached or take a risk and ask out the person who unknowingly has your heart. By the end of the day you may just feel like a brand new person, good for you!

Taurus: For a majority of you there is a lot going on that those closest to you may be overwhelming you with advice and suggestions thinking they are helping you out. Some of these ideas are quite viable and you may want to put them to use. Thankfully you will be able to try out a few of them without having to commit to any one so feel free to take a bit of a risk, your love life will survive this. There are a few of you growing closer to the one who has your heart but they are bit slow on the overall uptake. You are hoping to speed up your union by damn near throwing yourself at this person. It will not have the effect you were be hoping for.

Gemini: Today could be one of those days where nothing seems to go your way. Those closest to you are misunderstanding things you say or do and you are having a hard time reconciling the differences. Whether you are dating this person or would like to be, you need to have a heart to heart so you two can get on the same page. Find out why their view is so different from yours and how you can stop this from happening in the future. If you expect this relationship to move any further from where it is, you will need to have this potentially embarrassing conversation. On the bright side, things will run more smoothly once you do.

Cancer: Many of you may be feeling emotionally stunted right now. This of course is the most inopportune time as you have come to realize that you need to take some action concerning your love life. Because you know that there are some challenges that stand in your way, maybe some resistance from others, you know this isn’t the best of times to try and force the issue. In fact of you were honest with yourself, you may not even fully understand what is going on. It may be best to take some time and clear up the confusion before you address the problems. But when you do figure it all out, you really need to address this without beating about the bush.

Leo: Something today may cause you to become nostalgic. You are remembering previous relationships where you felt secure and needed. Maybe you are attached and this is missing in your current relationship or maybe you are unattached and realizing that you do want to belong to someone on such an intimate level. Either way you are forced to think about it today. It is ok to have these needs and let partnership play a bigger part in your life but you need to ask for it in a way that doesn’t seem as if you are becoming rude or entitled. Whomever you want this from you need to speak to him or her honestly from the heart. It will work out if you do.

Virgo: Many of you may be feeling some emotional coolness or detachment in your intimate affairs. You are looking forward towards reaching goals and looking for a better way that you may be neglecting what is right in front of you. This of course is creating a bit of a problem within your personal relationships. Because you would rather not deal with whatever else is going on, you have made a small matter, large. What you should do is confront the matter head on and listen to what the one who has your heart has to say. Nothing is so far gone you cant fix it so get your tools out and start moving!

Libra: Usually you are rather flexible when it comes to your relationships. Because your natural affinity towards balance you often find ways to compromise and keep things even. If you are attached those tables may turn today and you find yourself yearning for the security and stability you once had. You will find yourself asking what kind of compromises you are willing to make to bring things back to where they were. Within that answer you need to find balance because you are ready to get at this with guns blazing. Your aggression could scare your sweetheart. If you can find a way to realistically work this out, then all will return to normal.

Scorpio: You can be emotionally intense as it is but the energy of the day is not helping you at all. Because it is enhancing what you already posses, you might want to think hard before you get too pushy with those you are close with. Any feelings you are working hard to suppress now will likely become hard to control or become a compulsive need. It is imperative that you think before you feel as if you have to do or say anything because it may be a damn good idea you don’t say it at all. Take a deep breath first, count to ten and say it to yourself first and hear how it sounds. Otherwise you may have a mess in your intimate affairs to clean up tomorrow.

Sagittarius: Those of you unattached really need to stop worrying about what the object of your desire is doing, or in this case NOT doing. Things are going nicely, you two are growing closer and you think at any minute he or she may ask you out on a date. Because you are so close to your goal you may have started to bring out the more manipulative and power-hungry side of your personality. Now this person is a smart cookie and may see what is going on; your ego may have a negative effect on what you are ultimately trying to do. If you can just stop worrying about whether you will be asked out or not and stop forcing the issue, you will get what you want.

Capricorn: Some of you may need to calm down. I understand that you are having a hard time concentrating and things need to be said and done but you really need a break. You are more distressed than usual over any the energy surrounding you and your personal relationships. This is causing you to avoid any form of serious discussion or potential disagreements with others. If you are attached, a heart-to-heart would do you both some good, if you could manage your anxiety. Don’t force your point of view but simply state it and allow your sweetheart to take it in. If they end up not agreeing, they will at least understand what you are trying to say.

Aquarius: Your personal relationships are rather harmonious at this time which could be very rewarding for you. Thanks to the energy of the day there will be many opportunities to enjoy both social and intimate interactions. If you are attached you may be forced to deal with some of your more delicate emotions. Your loved one may want to discuss the deeper issues of your relationship and you may not be ready for that. Though you know if it isn’t done now, the confusion could grow into anger. With just a little effort you could clear up so much between you. It is worth it! If you are unattached, ask that someone special out on a date by doing something a bit different.

Pisces: You are looking to maintain your personal level of harmony so as long as you keep your interactions light and relaxed, you will do fine. There are some issues you may need to handle today if you are attached. Do what you can not to push for anything or force your sweetheart’s hand. You both have something to say but so long as you are compassionate, you both will get heard and be able to work through it. If you are unattached you will find that your skills in diplomacy and charm will come in real handy. Some of you may be the voice of reason in an argument or maybe you cooled some other tense situation but someone saw it and he or she is impressed.

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