Sonny, just send her some love..



Maybe arguing is the answer, or perhaps it’s a weird astrological thing or perhaps a vacation is all that’s needed every once in a while. But communication is open to an extent and life is partially about how far you’ll push yourself & those around you. Whether you realize you’re doing either. But remember.. it’s still a beautiful day.   

“It all usually boils down to fears..”

I’m probing my dad for ideas. He’s not a total idiot and he knows this stuff in his sleep. I just wish he knew it better awake (stop being a dik Sonny).

Can it really be that easy?

Like seriously.. we can wipe that out with hypnosis.. even NLP. There ‘s got to be more to it.

“Well.. I kinda get it a bit but I don’t always believe regression is necessary”

“You don’t believe in past life regression!”

Well.. I guess conversations jump around sometimes but there’s a lesson here in keywords and how it jumps thought streams. 

But today seems to be about fears.


“She’s upset and I don’t know what’s wrong”

“Sonny, just send her some love.”

That was a good idea. Not mushy stuff.. no flowers. Just love. 


I’ve seen people fall in love.. and just stop smoking.

I’ve seen people fall in love.. and just stop over eating.

I’ve seen people fall in love.. and light up a room.

Relationships can suck.. sure why not. But love is always a light. And it’s always there.

I don’t know if love can really overcome a fear. But I do know that when you love (& yes allow yourself to be loved).. some of those worries just begin to just fade away.

Sugar and spice


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