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Love Horoscopes – January 5, 2013

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Aries: You didn’t get to be leader of the Zodiac but your good looks alone; you got it because you do not fear change. Well you do not fear anything and that usually works in your favor, it certainly will today. You are inclined to flow along with people and situations, attracting what you need and letting the world come to you. Right now you need to look at making some long-term changes in your approach to life and love. You will be inspired by the connections you see between love, life and you then make changes according to the patterns. Expect true contentment and a real improvement to your emotional well being once this falls into place. This will be the start to the significant improvements in your life and intimate affairs that are about to take place.

Taurus: You have known for some time that you need to change if you are ever going to find real happiness within your close personal relationships. The celestial configuration offers just such an opportunity. Although this will inevitably be a gradual process, you can begin by making a positive commitment to be honest with yourself about your behavior, and also honest with your partner. Ease into any changes gently. Personal acceptance is a step beyond the norm for you, but at this time it can really gives you a boost of self confidence to go after someone you really want in your life. If a commitment backs off, let them go as it’s not someone you can keep tied down if they choose to flee. Better luck next time.

Gemini: Because you are of two minds, self analysis can be both difficult and fascinating at the same time. Granted this may be an uncomfortable process, today you may have no choice. Whether it was because of a series of events or a something you have seen or heard, you will feel compelled to take a hard look at your love life, if not life in general. This isn’t just about what is happening on the surface of your personal relationships but why you are willing to accept or settle on certain things about your lover, but not others. If you are attached you should look at the real reasons why you two became involved in the first place, and where it seems to be heading. With a little effort you can find the insights that will bring you harmony later.

Cancer: You are not one for real change because you feel naturally attuned to life and that you can simply ebb and flow with its tides. The problem is that you are cutting yourself from a deeper set of internal rhythms. Your practicality leaves you little to no room for flexibility or mistakes. Everything is black and white, tried and true but you never stopped to think how it got to be that way. By exploring your subconscious mind, you will understand just how powerful a mere thought or hope can be. Looking more closely at what your dreams mean or taking heed to your intuition or gut reactions isn’t just wishful thinking, it could be the start to something big. You’ll make real progress in your personal relationships if you understand that the little things matter as well.

Leo: Personal subjects the focus of the day so you now would be the time to let go of the issues that you have been holding on to. Feel free to speak up and clear the air of any grievances but don’t be surprised if your sweetheart has some harsh ones of their own. Their complaints are nothing that most Leos haven’t heard before, your natural assumption that you must be listened to and obeyed, almost immediately. What you really need to understand is that you can’t always have it the way you want. Leos tend to forget that relationships are a matter of give and take. By not holding on to that nugget of wisdom, you hold yourself back from really achieving the peace and harmony you know you deserve and desire in your love lives. Write it down.

Virgo: Some of you that are attached may be having a conflict where you feel the shove or push your agenda through. By now you have to see that this is a losing strategy in your relationship; the more you shove the more resistance you’ll get. Back off for now because you have lost this battle but, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the war. What is going on is a classic Virgo problem. Your defense mechanisms are holding you back from real love because of your insistence to relate to others in a certain set of ways. Surely you can see how this limits your own personal growth as well as the growth of your intimate relationships. Now is the time to begin removing them. You will find yourself happier once you have.

Libra: For many of you, your relationships have a very competitive and rather aggressive at this time. Of course conflicts over power and dominance are to be expected but you are in no mood to compromise yourself in order to please anyone. Nothing wrong with that except this time you may lose. Even if you are not in this exact situation, you need to take a long hard look at how you relate or interact with others. The energy surrounding you is poised to make some powerful changes in your life but they will be subtle yet significant. You will find where it is you are limiting yourself unnecessarily and maybe some other minor mistakes you are making. Not a moment too soon as some of you have a new love coming towards you, just over the horizon.

Scorpio: You are looking to rest and relax today and you will, after you do a bit of soul searching. There may have been recent events in your love life that have prompted this but you really should take care of your need to deal in absolutes. Life has too much of a grey area for you to be all or nothing. When it comes to you and decision you make for yourself, sure but when other people are involved, you just can’t do this and you need to find a balance. What is hoped for is that you truly understand that your extremes are often what cause the problems you endure in life, especially in love. If you can change this tendency, gradually, you might be able to salvage your latest heart ache and pave the way for a better future.

Sagittarius: Your view of how you would like things to be often clouds your judgment when it comes to the reality of the matter. Thanks to the energy of the day, you are gradually beginning to see the futility of your ways and can now start to behave accordingly. Your first task is to accept love at a more realistic level. The real breakthroughs you make in your love life will happen if you are willing to try some new or different approaches. You are attracted to the adventure and excitement of new love but once things settle down, you feel it has becomes boring or mundane and you need to urgently escape. Think of the broken hearts you have left in your wake or the love you missed out on. You need to be a bit more substantial in the future.

Capricorn: There are some things that need to change and while it is within yourself, you are the one who will benefit from it. You have certain level of compassion as but not enough of it is directed back at you. You tend to stick it out when difficulties arise, sometimes long after is actually feasible or necessary. It is time to focus more on listening to your intuition and giving yourself a chance. That means allowing yourself to change when you know you really need to and listening to your soul when you are being urged to move on and get out. Not only will you save your heart but you will also your mind. When you hurt, it cuts you rather deep but if you can make this change now, it will help you later.

Aquarius: A new era is dawning for you personally and romantically. Many of you will be encouraged to take a look at certain patterns of your behavior in order to understand how these attitudes affect your relationships. Do not be surprised to find yourself in the dark recesses of your mind. The energy of the day will help you see things from a new perspective and give you the opportunity to change what you know isn’t truly working. Going through this process will help you be more open and genuine with others. Also, many of you will have the urge to jump into something romantically without thinking and without hesitation. Sure it will seem unconventional when your mind kicks in but it will still feel so right, your best idea yet.

Pisces: Many of you may find yourselves acting erratically with your intimate affairs today. A series of events cause you to take action and finally make something happen. Whether you’ve developed a sudden infatuation, or the revelation that you need to make some make radical changes in a current relationship, you are determined to get what you want. For those of you making changes, some may come to understand why certain problems seem to keep reoccurring. Taking responsibility for your part and doing what you can to correct it will not only make things better now, but give way to better relationships in the future. A few of you may also uncover you enjoy some things that may be unusual and unconventional that you never thought you would.

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