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Love Horoscopes – January 7, 2013


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Aries: There is a level of confusion to the energy of the day and it will of course make itself known to you. Confusion is nothing new, you are used to working through variances in emotion and thought but today, you can’t bridge the gap. You know that you want no part in the petty drama that may be surrounding you but that is about all you know. Many of you may decide to just drop it all completely and start over but your unconventional approach to romance may be more overwhelming than helpful. It might just be a good idea to drop out of the spotlight for a day or two, at least until you get a handle on what is going on inside of you. Right now, you may not make any sense, especially to those you are intimate with.

Taurus: You will become clear and more objective about your love life. The energy of the day may help you and your partner come to a deeper understanding of how you feel about each other.  Because of this, it is a favorable time to work out differences and come back to solid ground. But this isn’t something that will simply happen as many of you are either getting or giving the silent treatment. In order to put this all to rest you two will have to talk it out. By doing so, you two can clarify a number of issues and maybe prevent any future tensions. If you are unattached you may find yourself socializing a lot more either through travel or simple communication. There may be some things in store for you as you do.

Gemini: Though your emotions are strong and upbeat, they are not quite as clear as they normally are. This energy is affecting all areas of your rational thought process not just your feelings. This energy can be an annoyance especially if you are out there trying to meet someone new. It will be easy to see the good in everyone today, just make sure what you are seeing is real. If there are plans you wanted to make in your love life, now is the time to make them but it isn’t the time to execute them. If you have a date tonight, things should go well. Good company and good conversation but if the topic of your personal feelings comes into play, you need to get around it for the evening.

Cancer: Many of you are being driven crazy by the confusion in your heart. There is someone in your life at the moment that you care deeply for but something just isn’t working or you feel it would never work with this person. On one hand you have a long, long list of reasons why you shouldn’t pursue or continue interaction with this person. On the other hand, there is something unmistakable there, something you are afraid you may not find in someone else. You need to leave this problem alone for a day or two and come back to it later. If you get invited to socialize, jump on it and leave all of this thinking behind for a little while. You may meet someone who changes your mind or you may find the answers you seek as you are out and about.

Leo: When it comes to love and romance you are clear and decisive. Usually you can immediately tell what kind of role this person will have in your life and this helps you weed through all the snails. But every now and then, someone slips through and you choose someone completely unsuitable for you. Just because this person turns out to be all wrong, it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a reason for this faux pas. There is a lesson to be learned here and it may have something to do with sheep and wolves. If you are attached you need to dial back the extravagance and showing off you normally do. If this is a fairly new relationship, your lover is feeling a bit intimidated and may run for the hills.

Virgo: Your desire for love, affection and pleasure are strong now but you may be acting on feelings that are more like creative impulses than true emotion. Many of you are not happy with some aspect of your personal life and are neck deep in disagreements or tension within your relationship. This may cause you to do things that are uncharacteristic of you like go on a date with someone else. Now if you are unattached, go on this date and go with the flow, it should work out rather well. If you are attached, what are you doing? However you reconciled this logic in your mind, you have to see that none of it is real. Leave this date behind and go discuss what you feel with your real sweetheart. If you make the effort, they will too.

Libra: You are looking to maintain the level of harmony and cooperation you are currently enjoying in your love life. There is no need to push yourself in doing so, by focusing on the pleasure it brings to you and the one who has your heart, it will all take care of its self. If you are attached, things are at the point where you want to make a move to deepen the bond between you and your loved one. You want it to be of real significance and full of emotion but not sure how to do approach it. Do not do anything spontaneous. This is something serious and if it seems you are taking things lightly, you could ruin everything. Say whatever is in your heart and say it with determination. The rest will take care of itself.

Scorpio: Today you have all kinds of ideas and thoughts but none of it is concrete. Your emotions are all over the place and you are feeling rather playful, you feel limitless and want to take full advantage of this “freedom”. This is great, take the initiative and run with it! This is the kind of energy you go as far as you can with but do you have any idea where you are going? If you are attached, this could very well pose a problem as part of this energy is directly affecting your relationship. You and your loved both know a discussion needs to be had but neither one of you are completely clear on what you want. Save this conversation for another because if either of you get started today, it may cause more trouble later.

Sagittarius: Your level of communication is one of the highest in the Zodiac. This is in part to your insatiable appetite for knowledge and application. Your conversations usually range far and wide, and today will be no exception. Because your desire for love and affection is high during this time, this energy surrounding you may just spark a new friendship or romance if you are unattached and revitalize your current relationship if you are attached. For those of you unattached and have a penchant for the metaphysical, a person you meet now, you may have met before in another life. Whether it was a love connection or merely a friendship, it will continue on in this lifetime. If there is someone you have wanted to reach out to, now is the time.

Capricorn: Many of you may have a moment of inspiration where you can see what (or who) you want and how to get it. Your first inclination is to question it. If you do decide to start taking it apart and analyzing it, it could be lost to you forever. Instead, just enjoy the fact that you experienced this and take note of how it made you feel. Because this is about what you want, it is ok to be a little selfish and let that significant person in your life know what you want and like. But if you are attached, you are not the only one involved in this so don’t forget to ask what your sweetheart might like as well. If you are unattached, the energy of the day is supporting communication. Use it to get the one you desire.

Aquarius: You are rather affectionate and flirtatious during this time but you are also a bit restless and impulsive. This could be dangerous if you are in a predictable type of relationship and you need some excitement. If you are in one, you may find yourself attracted to someone you do not know but you mind has already begun thinking about all of the possibilities for adventure this new person brings. You may even make a move to speak with this person but all you are looking at is the novelty of the matter, deep down you aren’t interested. Let it go no further than a fun conversation. If you are unattached, there is someone you care deeply for but would rather not discuss it. Why not? Be yourself and state what is in your heart – it’s that simple.

Pisces: Today you may want to change your tactics when dealing with the one who has your heart. What is it they say about assuming? If you are attached, things feel like they are up in the air and make no real sense. You know that something is going on between you and your sweetheart but you just can’t figure out what is wrong. Rather than continue to speculate and let your mind create all of these various scenarios, let this situation play out on its own. You will find out soon enough. If you are unattached but have someone special in your life, now is not the time to be overly aggressive. Subtle singles and small gestures will do wonders for you both and give you two a little “secret” excitement. You two may get together sooner than you think.


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