Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning January 7,2013


Astro-Week Beginning January 7,2013

Dear Aries

It’s time for the promotion and recognition at the office. Your efforts will be rewarded. You will be aggressive publicly and might unintentionally offend people who are trying to help. On the other hand, this is your natural active competitive energy. Find people at your speed and you’ll flourish.

Dear Taurus

I know we just returned from vacation and you’re pouring your efforts into work and public appearances but the planets have you thinking travel. Money and love arrive from a distance. It’s a good time to advance your studies and expand your spiritual beliefs. Things that are foreign and exotic will bring you success.

Dear Gemini

Keep your eyes open. You have a second chance. But look before you leap. You’re going to get one more chance. Get it right.

Dear Cancer

You’ll be giving and it’ll feel great. If love has felt overly practical or maybe it felt like there was no time for love, get ready for the stress to leave. It may finally be time to move on if someone new has caught your eye. Don’t be afraid to let go.

Dear Leo

Ho Hum, life ticks on. It might seem like the fun has disappeared but it’s actually just moved a bit. And for you Leo, love is waiting in your daily life. This means, where you work or go to every day. Expect flirtations at the supermarket and the gym. Have fun. The world is your playground.

Dear Virgo

You might be the biggest nerd I’ve ever seen on my life. And you try and hide it. It’s really funny. Just be yourself. That means be creative, expressive, punctual, detailed, and sexy. You are entering a cycle romance and creativity. Have fun. And write about it.

Dear Libra

It’s about home for you right now Libra. You may want to get out but something keeps bringing you back. Maybe invite someone over to balance your evening.

Dear Scorpio

What’s the mental damage ? ABC it’s not that complicated. Always.. Be.. Cool. Anyways, let it all go. Communication opens up. Dig deep and believe in yourself. Talk to everyone and don’t worry. Just keep talking.

Dear Sagittarius

New beginnings in money. This is a great week to look at your personal finances and things that generally bring you comfort and security. There’s a temptation to indulge but you can be grown up about it. Have fun and plant a lot of seeds.

Dear Capricorn

It’s your time for love. As Venus enters your astro-sector of personal identity and ego you’ll come across as softer and more appealing to others. Your natural charms are highlighted now and so is your attraction. Get out and let it happen.

Dear Aquarius

Fortune will arrive from a past source. Keep your options open. You’ll fell like closing yourself off and looking inward. It’s ok to take some time for yourself. There’s a logical answer to all of this. It’s just a general clearing house before your birthday. Deep breaths.

Dearest Pisces

Love shifts from the office to public appearances.  Do your best to get out now and just let love find you. This week there’s a chance for a new beginning but it’s a little colder than you’d like. Trust your intuition. Always trust your intuition. You’ll encounter people who can help advance your goals and they’ll want to help you. Remember you look like a dream to them. It should be easy to seduce.

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