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Love Horoscopes – January 9, 2013


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Aries: Things are finally rolling in the right direction for many of you. Your love life will become passionate over the next few days and definitely improve any of your sexual or romantic relationships. The energy of the day highlights a number of traits but is focused on your attractive power and your inner feelings. For many of you, this may spark thoughts of love and closeness which leads you to taking a good look at life and the nature of your relationships. Be prepared, you may finally figure out the answers to many of the questions you have asked yourself. This knowledge will help you and those close to you for some time to come. Just do what you can to not be smug about it, no one likes a know it all.

Taurus: You are looking to make love and romance something more substantial in your life. Do not be surprised if being closely involved with someone special becomes a priority in your life. For those of you not yet permanent, this may mean your way to happiness is now through having something concrete and stable in your life. If you are unattached and without prospect, now is the time to focus on what would make you happy in the long run, what you want from a permanent relationship. This is the perfect time to start manifesting those desires. If you are going on a date, don’t rush it because of what you feel, simply enjoy the conversation and the person you are with, there is plenty of time for the rest of it later.

Gemini: Intimacy is sometimes a bit difficult for you to maintain but right now what is going on is because of influences beyond your control. If you are attached you and your sweetheart are dealing problems that are not yours but are quickly becoming so. This is weighing heavily over you both and draining your emotional energies. Do what you can to get rid of these external challenges as quickly as possible so you two can have peace. If you are unattached, you have been looking for the words to tell the one who has your heart how much you care and have been having a hard time. Sadly there may be someone else in your hear who has a hidden agenda. Leave this person behind. Take your love out and share what you feel from your heart.

Cancer: Disputes between your head and heart can raise issues that will consume a lot of your time but don’t actually resolve anything. It is likely that you will not be able to clarify everything quickly so for what you can’t, drop it for now and move on. One of the more nagging issues is the new attitude someone rather close to you has adopted. He or she is acting very affectionate but also a bit indifferent. Because you crave a lasting intimate connection, this puzzles you as well as hurts your feelings. Somewhere today the realization will dawn on you and you will be able to see just what is going on and act accordingly. It may take some time but that emotional security and a sense of belonging you once felt, you will feel again.

Leo: Many of you may be going through a low point in your love life. If you are unattached, there haven’t been many out there who catch your eye, let alone hold your attention and those who had were not very substantial. If you are attached you have noticed things have grown stale and routine. Shake up your love life by shaking up your perspective. What can you do to be a positive change in your love life? Once you figure that out make it happen. If you are attached, remember that you have someone else emotions to consider so discuss any changes you want to make with your sweetie and see what you two can accomplish together. When was the last time you told someone how much you appreciate them? Make a list and get to calling!

Virgo: You cannot move forward or transform if there are road blocks or walls that you need to get through first. Some of you may be closed off from love because of something that is particularly embarrassing to you. If you are attached, you have deep seated reservations about discussing this matter with your partner. If you are unattached, you would rather not acknowledge it all. Sadly, to have a more fulfilling love life, you need to get over this hump and move on. That means talking about and not ignoring it. Once you do, you will have a deeper sense of intimacy as well as value love even more. Don’t take this new appreciation and enjoyment of your love life for granted. It can be taken away just as easily as it came if not handled with care.

Libra: If you don’t find a way to laugh today you end up crying. Nothing seems to be going right and it’s over minor instances that are really nothing on the grand scale of things. There will be plenty of misunderstandings between you and the one who has your heart that all you can do is laugh even though you are so irritated that they keep happening. Don’t let your frustrations get the best of you otherwise you will make things worse. Just let it go and move on, what you are upset about isn’t really important. If you are newly attached or unattached with a prospect, let your love interest know what you want in an unassuming manner. No demands or assumptions, just subtle flirtations and knowing smiles. It should all be better tomorrow.

Scorpio: Many of you may find yourselves wanting. You are frustrated that things may not be going as you planned them in your love life. Though things are going well, it isn’t going in the direction you want and you don’t know why. Rather than become even more frustrated over why your relationship is the way it is, take a good look at where things currently are and how far it is from what you want. At first glance it may not look like what you hoped for but if you dig a little deeper, it may be pretty damn close if not exact. Don’t get caught up in all that YOU want because you may begin to question things and make it worse. Talk to the one who has your heart and make sure they are happy before you try to make changes and upset the balance.

Sagittarius: Your personal relationships will be harmonious and rewarding so long as you keep up your end of the bargain. If you are attached, your sweetheart may be at their wits end with all the promises and good intentions you keep making. There has been plenty of “if only” and “if we can just wait” that they just want to see results. Is there anything you make happen, anything real? Better get on that ball before your sweetheart decides to find real elsewhere! If you are unattached there will be plenty of opportunities for friendship and new interactions but only if you get out of the house. While you are running out of reasons not to, the window of opportunity is closing. Don’t miss out.

Capricorn: While many of you may have been expecting another day of sadness or isolation, you will be pleasantly surprised at how positive and upbeat you feel today. You are beginning to see the good in the world around you and the humor of life. If things have been tense between you and loved one, it is easy to overcome this tiny hill and put things back track. Right now you should enjoy yourself and those closest to you. The point of today is to remind you that love isn’t all bad, that there are plenty of good times as well so long as you keep yourself opened to them. Because the day is light and carefree, you might not want to take anyone or even yourself too seriously right now. You are supposed to be having fun, not being serious.

Aquarius: Romance is light and easy today for you. You are more interested in the positives rather than any negatives between yourself and your love life. This is fantastic as it will surely help you further your romances in the right direction. If you happen to have a date tonight, put any worries you have to rest. Even if it is a first date it’s ok, you’ve got this! This positive energy will translate well and highlight your crazy sense of humor as well as your upbeat attitude. The date you have tonight may be the first one in a long time that has gone so well. It is likely you two will be seeing much more of each other in the future. Since you are on such a positive high, when was the last time you checked with friends and family? Remind them how much you care.

Pisces: You are rather tenderhearted thanks to energy of the day. Given recent events this could put you in a bad place and being taken advantage of. You are always doing for others or always giving someone a second chance, you may be asked to do so again today. Sadly the same energy that has softened your emotions may also have you believing anything and everything you hear because you want to believe in the good. Now is not the time to fall for someone’s guilt trip no matter how much love this person or they claim they love of you. He or she is trying to get something from you and thinks they can play on your sympathy. Show them how wrong they are! If someone offers to do something for you, accept the favor graciously.


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