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Love Horoscopes – January 10, 2013


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Aries: The power of your personal relationships will rise significantly at this time. You are aware of how much you have given and what you have received in return when it comes to what you have invested in your love life. But you will also be made aware of whether or not it is actually enough for you. During this time love and romance are more associated with a sense of security which is likely to be reflected in the intensity and urgency your intimate relationships demand. You like this; you like how it feels so don’t be surprised when you feel that both your spiritual and more earthy side have been sated. This is a time where you’re likely to be irresistible to the one who has your heart and whose own passions will be set aflame by yours.

Taurus: You hate to make changes. You like things just the way they are and feel you have it all set up nicely with no need for improvement. But after a series of events today, you have the chance to think about the “what if’s” without being worried that you are jeopardizing your relationship in any way. The more safe and secure you feel in your relationship, the easier it is for you to look at ways to breathe new life into your love. There is nothing wrong with that, even you get tired of the same old routine. Any ideas you come up with under this energy should be looked seriously and taken to your loved one if you deem them viable. You never know what could happen once you try something new.

Gemini: It is time for your heart and mind to come together and be on the same page. Did you change your mind again on what you want in love? If you have, then today isn’t going to get you what you want. If you have a date, in your current frame of mind you may feel that he or she is boring. This person isn’t boring this person is stable. You wanted stable, now you have it. But that doesn’t mean that there will be no passion or excitement. No Gemini, it means that with this person, you will always know where you stand, and know exactly what to expect next. This person is so much more than you give them credit for. Are you willing to write someone off because you are feeling fickle today?

Cancer: You are looking to ease your worried mind. Because of this you are willing to speak about your innermost feelings, even if that includes your past and other deeply personal subjects. Thanks to the energy of the day, this will become a very reassuring time for you especially when it comes to your personal relationships. Whatever you feel has been unstable or coming undone, will be addressed. What you will find is that you will gain a sense of emotional security that gives you the ability to relax and accept the encouragement you need to make changes or learn from current events. Just remember that as you speak to whomever about this, be just as sympathetic of a listener as they were for you. You may be able to help someone too.

Leo: You are always moving, shaking and embracing the fiery passion of life. When things slow down and you have a chance to look around, some of you start to worry. Stable and predictable are words that you do not mutter very often and have no idea what to even do with them. To you those seem like forms of punishment from when you were a child. Honestly, it really isn’t and even now and then you can use a little calm and tranquility. Just because something has slowed down, maybe grown a bit stale or routine, doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. Yes that can be hard for any fire sign to comprehend, more importantly you, but everyone and everything needs a break. This is one is yours.

Virgo: Many of you may feel that right now is a turning point in your love life. You know it’s time to take things a step further and commit to action. Do be careful of your need to control, especially in times like this. Your need to dominate is likely to back fire and leave you standing alone rather than creating or strengthening a relationship. If you are attached, you will have the opportunity to make a deeper commitment to your sweetheart. You know it’s time but you have been waiting for the right moment. It is finally here. If you are newly dating, dial back the aggressive tendencies. He or she is not ready to handle all of that and does include your flirting. They need to be eased into things. They will get there, you will see.

Libra: Disagreements or differences of opinion are likely to happen now between you and someone you are intimate with. It will be by paying attention to the more practical issues being discussed that things will improve today. Let’s be honest, many of you have been neglecting the important issues like certain matters associated with finance, home, and work. You no longer can sweep them under the rug; they need to be dealt with now. This may mean you may have to speak your mind in a way that challenges or unnerves your sweetheart but it will need to be done. Thanks to the energy of the day, your mind is very active and sharp, which gives you excellent reasoning power. This is a good time to work things out and find a few compromises.

Scorpio: Many of you may be caught up in the excitement of discovering new things about yourself and the one who has your heart. This is fantastic as learning more about each other can really increase the level of harmony and solidarity in your relationship. Right now, you need to embrace the more grounded energy surrounding you and garner a more practical and materialistic perspective on this relationship. Now normally you can get deeply involved in anything you set your eyes on, but this one, you have this deep seated feeling that this person is the one so you really need to look at EVERYTHING that comes with this person, what you bring to the table and what you two can do together.

Sagittarius: It’s time to take a practical look at both your love life and your daily life. Right now, someone rather close to you will come to mean everything to you. With those emotions come your drive and determination to give them what they need. Usually you just run full steam ahead and make whatever needs to happen, happen and deal with the fall out later. This time you cannot do so. You really need to focus on reality and think about what you really need to give and how much it could cost. You hate to do this and would rather do anything but think about it but the current celestial alignment will actually help you come to your senses. This is a creative period for you and you will find a way once you know the limits. You will be appreciated and admired.

Capricorn: Under this energy, many intimate relationships can grow and permeate to a very deep and personal level. When this happens, a much deeper understanding and bond can develop. This is just the type of energy you need to help cement the bond between you and someone special. If you are attached, you are feeling confident and happy that you are making this next important step. If you are unattached, don’t be afraid to speak up and take a risk on how you feel. You know this person; you have watched and admired them from all distances. You think you have a good handle on who they are and that they would be a good match for you. There is no reason not to take a chance.

Aquarius: You may be looking for ways to channel your creativity or express your deepest nature. This may be in part because you are having difficulty coping with grounded and stabilizing feeling you may be having in your love life. More of than not when you realize you are at a good place in your love, you start to panic or look for the negative. It is sometimes hard to believe that things are going so well. This time around, this stability you feel comes with a deeper understanding of what commitment really means. You will learn this lesson, either on your own (now) or it will be forced upon you (later). The suggestion is to learn this lesson well and learn it now while your relationships are passionate and close.

Pisces: Though it’s a good day to just relax with someone special, it is time to invest in the relationship and build upon the emotional bond you already have or develop the kind you want to have. You have learned a very important lesson about relationships recently and it is time to put it to good use. Start with the limits you set for yourself and then move on to what you will allow others to do you. You are tired of people walking all over you or even thinking they can so it is time to make it very clear how much you can or will tolerate. With that comes mutual respect and admiration so long as you continue to operate within your boundaries.


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