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Love Horoscopes – January 12, 2013

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Aries: You hate that so many just don’t understand your inhibitions. Whenever you have to explain yourself it just seems as if you are coming across negatively so you just keep your thoughts and desires to yourself. Lately all of your reservations and self-consciousness is related to your love life or lack thereof. For those of you attached, right now taking time for yourself may benefit you and your partner more than you think. In a day or two, love will return to their positive and exciting levels. Speaking of excitement, for those unattached it is about to get fun. You may never have met someone who took your breath away until now. There is no magic spell, no powers to obtain. Just be you and let everything fall into place today.

Taurus: You’ve been hoping for a boring day, one of doing nothing and not having an immediate care in the world. That day isn’t today. In fact, it may be the complete opposite as the day is likely to be filled with misunderstandings or miscommunications between yourself and others. What is not helping is your the inability to focus on anything you try and set your mind to. This just makes it that much easier for you to evade any real responsibilities or challenges your love life may bring. Though this may turn out to be a rather frustrating day, there may be a surprise or two in store. A series of events, likely accidental, may do something to take your breath away and give you encouragement. When and if they happen, run with them!

Gemini: The energy of the day leaves you open and willing to be more than who you are. Close relationships have a big impact on your life at this time. Old ones will be transformed or perhaps even ended, new ones may show up when least expected but welcome them. For many of you, your natural curiosity and desire to socialize leads you to talking to attractive people and sharing personal stories. This is random but exciting, something you need to do. You can expect one conversation to remain firmly etched in your mind. You two have an instant rapport on more than one level. A partner has a mesmerizing impact and you might even feel that they are compelling, perhaps too much so. Take caution and listen to your heart and intuition.

Cancer: All of that good humor and optimistic energy from yesterday has given you a larger perspective on your love life. One of the things you will do during this time is introducing changes into your life gradually rather than do something quickly to get instant results. You understand that acting in haste gets you nowhere.  Another moment of clarity may come for those of you attached and experiencing a bit of tension in your relationship. You will realize just what you need to do in order to get it to get things working more harmoniously for both of you. For those of unattached, this is also a good time to approach someone who you’ve been admiring. The best way to do so will simply come to you.

Leo: Many of you are more emotional than usual today and that may be in part because you are also a bit subjective than normal. You have your own biases but for some reason, you have much more to deal with and it is throwing things off. You may just want to have some alone time to question the motives and maybe even the manipulations of those closest to you.  Whoever is doing a number on you is much more than suspect but it is far too easy to assume things right now. Rather than risk the wrong assumption you may want to just wait until you have all the facts. Many of you will have a highlight or two for the day. You may meet someone who is exciting and extremely attractive. He or she reminds you of someone special. Take the chance.

Virgo: This could be a rather emotional day for you where even the smallest of issues may aggravate you more than usual. This is one of those times where you need to be extra careful where your love life is concerned. If you are attached, this definitely means holding back your temper and thinking things through before opening your mouth. You’ll say something you may regret later if you don’t. When moods like this strike, you want to leave anything negative behind and focus on ideas that perk up your love life. If you are unattached, you already know your logic has taken a back seat to your gut reactions. Impulsive can be good so long as you don’t look foolish. The one you are trying to attract wants to laugh WITH you not AT you.

Libra: You are looking to keep your relationships mellow but interactive at this time. You want to show your loved ones just how much affection and appreciation you have for them but it isn’t as easy as you thought. This may call upon your creativity to accomplish as some may be more difficult than others. When it comes to family or those you are intimate with, showing a bit of tenderness and love will go a long away. No need to go overboard, just enough for them to notice. If you are unattached, your mellow may come in the form of an impromptu get-together. Gather all your friends, even the “different” ones, and let the mingling begin. Somewhere in that mix is someone looking to love you and may well turn your life upside down.

Scorpio: There is excitement to be had today but sadly that is on all positive and negative levels. It is entirely possible that any form of conflict or confrontation may be unavoidable. For those of you deal with the negative level, you are likely frustrated at where your love life is and the obstacles you face in achieving what or who you want in a relationship. Frustration leads to anger and your anger could lead you to do something rash and regrettable. Being alone may be the best thing to do today. If you are dealing with the positive aspect, you can expect passion and love to flow creating some excitement in your love life. You may take a risk on what could be a highly intense affair or finally go somewhere you haven’t been. Either way, enjoy.

Sagittarius: Many of you will experience an extra measure of confidence today. For those of you unattached it will affect your love life by wanting to go out and be seen. You will be noticed more than usual and this will open the door to meeting new people. If you haven’t one already, now is an ideal time to go out on a date. Because you are opened to new experiences thanks to the energy of the day, this date should be one of the better ones you have ever had. If you are attached, it may be a bit more difficult for you to be who you need to be right now. Your sweetheart may not understand your need to be on your own and enjoy your own company. Reassure him or her you are not leaving permanently, you just want a day or two for yourself.

Capricorn: If I said “expect the unexpected”, you would roll your eyes. There are no unfortunate surprises in store but a few surprises none the less. Your love life may leave you unsettled and certainly in awe. This could be as simple as what you thought would happen doesn’t in the way you wanted or expected. You may find yourself in a better position than you had hoped. Whatever series of events do unfold, you won’t be able to believe it is happening. Look at it this way, nice things do happen to people, so go ahead and enjoy what comes your way as there is plenty more to follow. Many of you who are unattached will make positive connections that lead you to a new romantic interest. This energy will work in everyone’s favor today.

Aquarius: You are rather popular right now; everyone wants a piece of you. Because socializing is always on the agenda, do not be surprised that you have various offers for gatherings, especially from people you haven’t seen in quite some time. Reestablishing bonds with friends and family you haven’t seen can provide you the opportunity to meet someone special if you happen to be looking. If you are attached, this may give you and your sweetheart a chance to walk down memory lane. If you happen to have a date tonight, don’t expect any major fireworks. You should still go on this date but it won’t be as exciting as you had hoped. But what you will find is that someone shares your point of view on subjects you find important. That matters.

Pisces: So yesterday may not have gone as well as you had hoped. You did have some good laughs so that is what counts. Those of you who want to do better, it is time to try something else. You are in a unique position for giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness. If you are attached, this energy works to your creativity because you are more open with your expressions and affections right now. There are so many ways to say how you feel that you will be able to find one that is right for you. If you are unattached and looking, leaving your old patterns and attitudes behind is a start. You are not looking to date anyone from your past you are looking for someone brand new. Need to have the mind set to match.

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