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Love Horoscopes – January 14, 2013

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Aries: Like many others today, you are far more in touch with your more sensitive side than usual. Because of this you are able to express a greater level of sensitivity and greater empathy than usual. This can go either way for you. You can either make strides with one who has your heart or you can grow easily frustrated and trigger a negative reaction. Though you like relationships to form or grow based on a mutual appreciation and understanding for each other, what defines that is fluid at best and depends on your mood. If you want to remain on reasonable terms with your loved one, then take it easy. This is not the best mood for this. Count to ten before opening your mouth; be certain of whatever it is you want to say.

Taurus: This is a very emotional time for many of you and what isn’t helping is that those closest to you are difficult to understand today. The lack of emotional bond you have been looking for is causing you to compensate in other ways, ways that are not quite constructive. You need to be nurtured and cared for during this time so if there is someone who has experienced this type of void before and can give you the support you need, seek this person out. If you are attached, it is likely that this person will not be sweetheart but you want it to be. You are not sure how to talk about this with them and it may just be a better idea to not attempt to right now. You may not get the reaction you hope for. Find that friend to help you through.

Gemini: Life around you seems to be moving at a pace that is doing more harm than good for you but that is because you need to slow down a little. You have been having a hard time in love as well as work; your concentration has been difficult at best. You need to let it go for now, things will look better tomorrow. There some of you who may have a platonic relationship that has been out of sorts lately. You have been avoiding any serious discussions with this person for fear of upsetting this balance any further. What you may be surprised to learn is that this person has been trying to hide their romantic emotions for you and now they can no longer control them. If you return these feelings, it is best to get this out in the open now.

Cancer: Communication may be the focus of your day especially with so many people wanting to talk to you. Your day may be full of phone calls and emails on top of meetings and general discussions. Everyone wants to talk to you for some reason or another. If there is someone you really care about, make sure to have a conversation about your future goals. Now is the time to share ideas and make those plans come to fruition. If you have a date, it could very well become passionate and intense. There is something about this person that makes you feel like home, as if you have known this person forever. If you can keep up its pace a little while longer, this will be a rather rewarding and successful relationship.

Leo: There is always another way Leo. Anything you truly want, there is always another way to get it if it means that much to you. Right now there is a certain stability in the general energy surrounding you that makes it safe to say what you feel, just don’t get too carried away with it. Part of that may be how you feel about someone who just won’t take the hint. Maybe you two have gone out on a date and it hadn’t worked out or maybe you wouldn’t think about giving this person the time of day. Either way he or she is not taking no for an answer and you are quickly losing patience. You may need to resort to harsher methods.  If the direct approach won’t work, you may need to indirectly flaunt another date in their face.

Virgo: Right now you are looking to get your life organized, more importantly your love life. You are looking to take care of business emotionally and with practicality so that you can accomplish things with the least effort. Your aim is to have a place for everything and everything in its place; this includes your relationships as well. This is somewhat of a unrealistic endeavor, there are too many parts that are variables not constants but you may be able to still bring some semblance of order to your love life if you are determined enough. For many of you who are unattached, you may have an intense interaction today that throws your world for a loop over a conversation. Letting this relationship gradually develop would be perfect, and just your speed.

Libra: It’s definitely a day for emotions to run both hot and cold. You may find your romantic situation to be very trying especially if something personal, sensitive, or very secret come storming out of the closet to confront you. You generally like to compromise when a situation like this arises, but you may not be able to on this occasion. Because you have to put this off for some time now, the slightest indifference will spark the very misunderstanding you have been trying to avoid. However, things will get better in a day or two. Just remember that change is the easiest thing to do when you are capable of letting things go. Before you do have this conversation, you want to let those things go deal with what is staring you straight in the eye.

Scorpio: Many of you are looking to have your home and romance play a bigger part in your life. You have come to the conclusion that you want to belong with someone on a more intimate and very personal level but you are not quite there yet if you are already attached. This need to be with someone on a very private level and be needed just as much in return is something you are not sure if you can achieve. The one you are with may be making your feel as if your needs are not valid. Today is not the day to discuss this, today you want to get your mind in order. Neither of you have the strength it would take to have this level of conversation but you can use this time to think about exactly what you need out of this relationship.

Sagittarius: Right now, you are more concerned with issues related to your personal life, and closest emotional relationships. Thanks to energy of the day, you are more emotional and introspective than usual which is causing you to be more quiet and reflective. In order to pull through during this time, you can draw a lot of your strength and satisfaction from those closest to you. If there is something you need to get through, an obstacle of sorts in your love life, you need to use the energy of the day and let go of any pride and stubbornness you have. You and your sweetheart need to do talk but you must be real about it, be honest with each other. Once you two get through this, you two can weather any storm.

Capricorn: A day of breakthroughs may be in store. Whatever has been baffling you about your love life may suddenly become clear to you when you least realize it.  For many of you this can’t come soon enough as you may be unhappy in your sexual life, and have become tense and angry with your current lover or partner. You still feel intensely attracted to your lover but for some reason you feel your strong feelings of attraction, love and desire, are not being returned. The source of this anger or reservation will be uncovered. You will understand why this is happening and begin to formulate ideas to stop it from reoccurring. Don’t be surprised if this moment of clarity comes as you are arguing or about to fight.

Aquarius: Many of you have begun a relationship where you do not have to hold back any aspect of your personality. You have come to see that the intensity you two share is the fuel that keeps this relationship burning bright. This excites you, and revolutionizes your view on love and romance. This level of passion really brings a wonderful breath of fresh air into your life. You have the confidence of knowing that this love can give you all you want so long as you voice your desires. Remember, if you can say it then you can have it! Relax now; there is no reason to worry about getting too carried away with this one. Sure this love will keep you on your toes but he or she may be the one you have been waiting for.

Pisces: Some of you are dealing with frustration in your love life. There are obstacles you have to overcome and other tedious matters you would just rather not deal with at the moment. That could change some as you may have an encounter with someone at just the right moment that shows you a silver lining. What you will gain from this interaction is immeasurable on many levels and will have a lasting effect on you. You will want to meet up with this person again, soon if you can help it. Hopefully this helps you take your mind off of your negativity and feeling that others don’t not understand you or your needs. This will all change once you deal with the issues you are too lazy to deal with at the moment.

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