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Love Horoscopes – January 15, 2013

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Aries: Many of you have lost a little control in your intimate affairs and you want it back. For some of you the source may be financial, others it may be sexual. Whatever it is, you really need to take charge and get to the bottom of the problem. It may just be that you need a bit more practicality in your life. Once you regain some sort of control, you will be able to see and feel the weight lifted in your relationships. Do not be surprised that if in this process, a confrontation or two begin. If you are still having problems, you may want to reach out to someone close to you who can give you an objective view point on the issue. Having others’ input or counsel, especially if you aren’t really sure of how to deal with a situation, can be invaluable.

Taurus: You may be sick and tired of being so detached and introspective lately but you needed this time to reflect on your love life and its difficulties. If you are attached, this time apart has given you both the opportunity to think about what you are both contributing and both expecting from each other in this relationship. You will have the opportunity to share your feelings as well as common goals with your sweetheart. More importantly you will have a rather deep discussion about what you two want from a relationship. Over the course of this discussion, you will become enlightened as to why you and your sweetest love have been having problems lately. Sometimes it takes just one moment of realization to make everything better.

Gemini: Many of you are going through something that is a mix of your need to control as well as thoughts about the past. You could be going through one or the other if not both. Your control issues are powered by your sexual needs and your need to be one calling the shots. If you are attached, you may already be having problems that you can’t quite put your finger on and overwhelming your sweetheart with those needs will not help matters any.  Now these problems you can’t quite figure out may have to do with your sweetie doing something or becoming someone you used to know. Because this reminder is not a positive one, you have been having doubts about the relationship. Once you get the association out of your head, things will be better.

Cancer: On one hand, things are going well in other areas of your personal life. Your friends and family are appreciative of the support and other efforts you have been making while your daily life seems to be running smoothly. Everything seems to be in good working order but your intimate affairs. Though you feel very good about yourself right now, you are not feeling at peace. In fact, you may be feeling a little apprehensive about your love life. If you are unattached, you may want to start looking towards your interests for someone suitable. If there is a group you have thought about joining or an activity you would like to get into – now would be the time. You are far more likely to connect with that special person by doing something you both love.

Leo: The energy surrounding you and your emotions are running both hot and cold. You may start off fine, all warm and loving then end up cranky and downright bitchy. Whatever you do, do not make any commitments or even propositions today. If it’s meant to happen you’ll have another chance when things even out. With that said, it is better that you get out and spend some time by yourself. You need some clarity so somewhere peaceful and outdoorsy would be ideal. If you have someone special in your life, you need this now more than ever. Events may have transpired recently that have left you both confused. Regardless if you two are attached or not, you would both benefit from time to think and reflect on what has happened and what it means.

Virgo: The status quo in your love life is about to be turned upside down. That being said, right now is not a good time to rush into anything. Your need for more freedom, independence, or novelty on your part, may disrupt any plans you may have been thinking of or have already put in motion. If you are attached, this is likely to be the case as issues you feel strongly about come to a head. While it would be better to sit down and talk, you may not be in the right frame of mind to do so today.  If you are unattached, you may meet someone who is very different from yourself. He or she will challenge, surprise and even upset you before you two fall into some sort of rhythm. No need to rush, one day you will see the humor in all of this.

Libra: As a new cycle begins for you, you are filled with love and creativity. This couldn’t come at a better time as you begin to feel a powerful connection to someone in your life. Its likely that this person has confused you on many occasions but right now, what they feel for you so is so intense you can feel its passion over the distance. It looks like it is time to lay it all out on the table to possibly bring your relationship to the next level. There are some things you both need to admit to, things you have held on to for some time now. It is alright to be a bit leery; you two have had a rough road. You want to be wanted for who you are not what you can give. Give your heart if you know for sure you will be both appreciated and admired.

Scorpio: Lately you have been doing what you can to revitalize your sense of belonging and positivity. You may have spent some quality time with those closest to you that have given you a new sense of purpose and affirmation. What you would like to do next is take this confidence into your love life. But for some of you it may be difficult to express how you feel to a certain person. You may have left the situation in haphazard manner and really, you cannot leave it that way much longer. The patience of the person who has your heart is wearing thin. Overcome your sense of fear or dread and say what is in your heart. If this person means anything to you, be straight forward. Once you have managed this, everything will be fine.

Sagittarius: You seem to have found yourself in a rather interesting yet probably embarrassing situation in your love life. What isn’t helping matters is that your mood is swinging a bit erratically making otherwise stable situations fall apart when you least expect it. Right now, it is falling apart all around you, and you really don’t know how to deal with it. You are usually a talkative person; you might want to start there. You may be at a loss for words now but, honestly would be the best policy. Say it like it is but don’t return any harshness with the same vitriol. Tempers may immediately flare but it is only passing and now is not the time to make or take offense. Once the smoke has cleared and what you said sinks in, it will be much better.

Capricorn: You are looking for harmony and emotional support in your live. While you feel empathic towards those close to you, you are hoping that someone is sympathetic to you and your needs. Take a risk and speak up if you feel the need!By allowing your instincts to take over and not forcing any issues, you can be rather successful in your personal endeavors. For those of you with someone special in your life, you may be a bit more stubborn and inflexible than you need to be. It seems as if your pride has gotten in the way and you can’t help your actions now. This has disaster written all over it. For those of you who have a lot invested in the relationship, consider dropping the attitude. For those who don’t, the chance you take is all on you.

Aquarius: Just because your emotions are running high doesn’t mean everyone else around you is. Feel free to express what you feel but don’t overwhelm or drawn others with them. It is entirely possible that your wonderful mood may lead you to feel insulted when no offence was actually committed. Don’t take it too personally if those around you seem to be resistant to your humor and charms. The energy of the day calls for some alone time and the need to reconnect. It is entirely possible that those closest to you may be drawn to that and simply need some time to themselves. Give them their space and in a few days things will be back to normal. Be leery of sharing your feelings right now, not everyone is your friend. This may hurt you later.

Pisces: This may feel like a crazy time for many of you as you may feel under a lot of mental pressure. Feelings that were partially buried and confused now suddenly appear in sharp focus. If you were unable to express some of your insecurity and sense of change into words, that may soon change. That underlying notion about your relationship that has been bugging you of late is beginning to become crystal clear. Bit by bit you can unravel the knots and find a solution to this problem. All though it may overwhelm you, by the end of this you will understand the entire situation. Before you move to resolve this with the one who has your heart, wait a day or two to formulate your thoughts. Make sure you have it all straight in your mind.

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