Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning January 14,2013


Astro-Week Beginning January 14,2013



Dear Aries

The moon will cross through your sign this week highlighting something you might have forgotten about yourself. You have gifts and last week’s new moon should have given you the opportunity to see some of them in action. Everything’s not perfect but it’s better than it looks. The door has finally been opened and it’s time to walk through. Remember there will be no rewards for past performance at this level.


Dear Taurus

You are so lucky in money right now it’s not even funny. But you might want to have a second look at where your comfort is actually coming from. It’s a week of second thoughts. Have a look and see what comes up. Don’t be satisfied with the usual answers. You’ll be pushing yourself at the office.


Dear Gemini

Whether you put your relationships in order or not, love has shifted into joint finances, inheritances, and team projects. You can make a real success of things if you let go of the reigns and let true team harmony prevail.  Expect hard work and success. Your energy will be tested as you are still drawn towards distant shores and exotic adventures. Some of your good habits have begun to slip. Get back to work.


Dear Cancer

There’s a lot going on with your partner this week. It would be easy to run and brood but be a good friend and support their success instead. Their path is going to be tough and they’ll need all of

your hugs and homemade soup. Expect a sudden change at the office. Be open to take advantage of unique opportunities. As always, love requires a chance you might not be willing to take.


Dear Leo

You’ve been putting a lot of energy into love lately. There might even be someone special who has your eye. The only downside is you’re currently attracting love in very everyday places. Try and put the two together. This week strive to make everyday encounters romantic and love will arrive from both worlds.


Dear Virgo

Very cute.. our most fickle sign has a bunch of attraction planets in the astro-sector of sex, children, expression, and creativity. This lustful energy is offset by a strong urge to get practical about your life, direction, and general success. Jupiter is also at the top of your chart for this entire year encouraging you to get out and be seen professionally. Good luck.


Dear Libra

It might feel like money is being restricted, and love is just weird. Sudden and unexpected events are happening in the lives of your closest friends. Both of these effects are in full swing and they’ll last through most of the year. Get used to it. You don’t have to stay home just because money is short. The planets are encouraging time with family. Having said all of this, your real luck is arriving this year from foreign and exotic sources. You should be looking towards higher thinking and grand experiences.


Dear Scorpio

So you can come across as a bit cold and uncaring.. So what? You’re sexy and that should be your mantra this week. Try saying it a couple of times and notice how your view of things suddenly change. “I am sexy – I am special – special things happen to me” Life doesn’t really work like that. But then again sometimes it does.


Dear Sagittarius

Most of your astro action seems to be in your sector of money, comforts and security. You might be thinking of making a major purchase or a sale of some kind. Go for it.  Your energy this week will be focused into talking, thinking, and short trips. It’s like you’re pushing out ideas at a rapid pace. Watch for stepping on toes. Try for money in and ideas out as opposed to ideas in and money out.


Dear Capricorn

I know you’re feeling pretty good about yourself these days just make sure bad habits don’t creep in. A lot of your success and general luck this year will come from things you do every day so keep up at the gym and all of your good habits. Someone close has the potential to become more.


Dear Aquarius

Past lovers and sex are this week’s themes for Aquarius. You ego drive is getting a boost of confidence and love is on the schedule if you’ll allow it. Watch for people from your past getting in your way. Not everyone will slow you down but you’ll have to filter prospects. New beginnings are in the air. Use your logic to sort it out.


Dearest Pisces

There will be luck at home all year but right now you should be going out and letting others help your very real dreams come true. Be brave and ask others for help. Love is literally waiting somewhere in a large group of people. Don’t think too hard and don’t go out of your way to find it. Just put yourself out there and let it come to you.

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