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Love Horoscopes – January 16, 2013

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Aries: You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time. If you are attached, you have been thinking about changing things up a bit. What you have in mind could very well strengthen your relationship but your sweetheart doesn’t see it that way. They like how things are and feel that changing things could do more harm than good. If you really feel strongly about this then sit down with your love and paint them a picture of your vision. Maybe then they will listen and even offer suggestions or a compromise. If you are unattached you are looking to be with people you respect and can depend upon. You are looking for support and comfort from those close to you. Maybe an old friend or close family member can fill that role right now.

Taurus: Today you need to keep your judgments to yourself and look at things from a much broader perspective. You may be having some dark and sensitive thoughts about your love life. These thoughts could appear obsessive to anyone who doesn’t know you well enough. They may spark suspicions and could be somewhat intrusive if given the chance. Rather than allow this negativity to drown you, focus on the potential in your relationship. This person can introduce you to a new level of affection and to new experiences. Is it because you feel this already and you are… scared? No, not the bull of the Zodiac! A Taurus wouldn’t be scared of anything! You have been secretly hoping to find someone special, this person may be it.

Gemini: You are not one for surprises. It turns your world upside down and sometimes leaves you feeling out of sorts. The one who has your heart may not fully understand that as he or she tries to set up a secret romantic rendezvous. Things may be a bit boring between you two or the someone you want to date is testing your potential. Either way this is the perfect time to do something out of the ordinary and your sweetheart is taking full advantage. The point you may be missing in all this anxiety is that a little mystery, makes love and romance all that more attractive, makes you all that more attractive. Rather than focus on the variables, enjoy the moment. Be happy that someone went through all this trouble to be with you.

Cancer: Today you need to be ready to give in on the relatively smaller points so you can gain on the larger ones. Granted this isn’t how you wanted to accomplish your goals or manage your priorities, but it is what it is. If you are attached, things between you and your sweetheart are not as harmonious as they could be. Both of you need to find a way to not only compromise on a matter that has plagued you two for some time but you also need to recognize each other’s struggle. Whatever that happens to be, it needs to be acknowledge and appreciated. If you are unattached, you may encounter someone you have a lot in common with and has ties to a country you love. This person will have quite a part to play in your life but business first, pleasure later.

Leo: Many of you may be a little paranoid or overly suspicious in your love life. Because it is likely you will receive some sort of token of appreciation, your reaction could mean everything in this situation. Naturally you find it difficult to accept as it is expensive or quite valuable. It makes you begin to question the motive behind such a gift. But thanks to the energy of the day, it is easy for you to talk about your feelings now. You might want to lay down any grievances you may be holding on to so you don’t make a fool of yourself. Leave the paranoia behind and focus on clearing the air. You not only want to discuss your feelings but you also want to listen sensitively to not only what your lover is saying but also what they are feeling. Things will clear up.

Virgo: Usually, you like things to go your way. Today you will find that you need to change in order to make things right. For many of you this means clearing up some old issues so you can look towards your past objectively. For some of you it means letting go of your reservations and allowing your relationship to freely grow. Your loved one may be feeling a bit caged which is causing them to act a little strangely lately.  Your need to control is make it harder for them to breathe. Either way today you will be forced to cooperate in making your relationship more open and tolerable. It does take two, this isn’t just a one sided affair and your sweetheart has been in this situation before. Keep going the way you are and things will become rather lonely soon.

Libra: Naturally you crave and strive for balance but sometimes you need to tip those scales in order to get what you want, especially in your love life. Thanks to the energy of the day the opportunity for a new friendship or romance is out there if you are so inclined. If you are attached, you can look for your relationship to be rejuvenated. But in order to be successful you need to step out of your comfort zone and make the move. If you need to reach out to someone than do it. If you need to mend fences, then go on and get it done. You make the first move and it will all fall into place. Now a Libra making the first move can be considered a punch line for a joke. This time around it needs to be fact rather than fiction.

Scorpio: If anyone can turn a bout of seething negative energy into something sexual and by default, positive, it would be you Scorpio. Right off the bat whatever you planned to do is already shadowed by powerful emotions both mentally and sexually. Any romantic involvements you currently have are intensified because of this. What you didn’t count on is the negative aspect. For some of you, your love life has grown a bit stormy because the person who has your heart is not as responsive as you would like. You soon find out why as you find out that someone (if not your lover) betrayed your trust. You are not one to just withdraw quietly. You will get to the bottom of this and decide how you want to handle this. And handle this you shall!

Sagittarius: You are capable of doing so much, and you do it but sometimes you do too much. Today you may be overwhelmed by love and life. What isn’t helping, although rather positive, is that your natural warmth and friendliness is enhanced by the energy of the day. This attractiveness you radiate is noticed and appreciated by all those you come in contact with. What this will do for your love life is either create the opportunity for a new romance or friendship or open the doors for an old or current one to take a turn for the better. Because apart of the energy surrounding you is focused on relationships and pleasure, it is likely that you will find all sorts of ways to make use of this give the direction of the day.

Capricorn: You may be feeling a bit competitive lately and not just in your general life but your love life as well. Right now your sights are set and you are looking to come out a winner. If you are serious about winning, you will relax a bit and use some of your natural charm rather than push your way into situations. To do that, you stop looking at the ground and look towards the horizon… look at what is immediately in front of you. Somewhere along the way you seem to have developed a lack of vision and what is important to you in life has suffered for it greatly. Whether it is a potential lover or someone you’ve been dating for a while, you could potential screw this up if you don’t snap out of it somehow. It’s time to talk about both of your expectations.

Aquarius: Though you thought that this would be a day to relax and enjoy your surroundings, you will not be able to while there are loose ends in your love life that need to be tied. The matter at hand is dreadful only because you are thinking the absolute worse of the situation. You can work through this if you stop hiding or shying away from it. This tension you feel, the difficulty you think is so hard to deal with – really isn’t. You can get through this if you are willing to take that first step and maybe invest a bit of effort. Once you get started, this will be easy to resolve and will restore the atmosphere between you two to a nice harmonious level. You may just get that day of relaxation after all.

Pisces: The energy of the day has invoked your desire to give and receive affection and appreciation. This desire has brought forth some rather intense feelings about someone close to you. You may be thinking you are being loving and warm but realistically you are being borderline obsessive.  For some reason every move they make seems to draw some sort of emotion from you, mostly jealousy and speculation. The sooner you realize that what you think is going on isn’t actually, the sooner you can back away and give him or her some space. For some of you in this situation you may be holding on so tight because this may be your second chance with this special person. The more you hold on the more you risk losing them permanently.

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