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Love Horoscopes – January 17, 2013

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Aries: When the energy flowing through the Zodiac is a bit edgy and disconcerted, you know it will stop off in your sign. Now is the time for your intuitive sense to kick in and help you handle your emotions within your intimate affairs. Today you surely want to weigh your words carefully and not push your agenda so hard, you will do more harm than good. Rather than inadvertently hurt the one you love, do whatever it takes not to argue today. You are likely to be rash and truly irritable so being by yourself or at least away from the one who has your heart, is probably the best idea you had all day. Let it go, this energy will pass in a day or two. Save yourself and your relationship from disagreements are actually unwarranted.

Taurus: You are normally not one to declare your emotions for all to see and hear. In fact you find it difficult at times to talk about what you feel. Today is a reminder that words will not fail you, especially when you back them with your emotions. The one who has your heart would like to hear them, they actually NEED to hear these words but for whatever your reason, you are holding them hostage. If there was ever a time where honesty pays off, now is the time so take a risk and vocalize how you really feel. You should be able to say it without any reservation. Putting your feelings into words only enhances them because you are saying what you mean from the heart. If you want to keep this person in your life, you will see this gets done.

Gemini:  Today the energy surrounding you makes you a bit more sensitive to the needs and wants of those around you. Granted this energy makes you more cautious and conservative but you should still watch how you express yourself today. Many of you may be defensive or feeling overly protective about you and yours which could lead to you throwing a punch and asking questions later. It is entirely possible that you may even want to throw a punch at the one who has your heart. Listen, everyone is on edge today and does include you. Do what you can to not take things the wrong way today. If given the option try to pick your battles with care and avoid them if possible. It just one of those days you chalk up to being a bad one.

Cancer: For the most part, things are positive in your intimate affairs. Many of you have a solid emotional base in your life and will enjoy the benefits of that. You are finally content and feel you have reached a place of harmony in your love life. If you are not quite there yet, now is the time to make those changes whether it is broaden your social circle or having an overdue conversation. Speaking of, if you have a date this evening, the conversation could grow into a heated squabble. If the person in question is already a good friend, you may find this quite stimulating and yourself turned on. The bond you two share is strong enough to allow these minor differences. If you are not well acquainted, there may be a slight problem but nothing long lasting.

Leo: Your feelings are running high right now and you are so emotionally charged that it may be hard for you to concentrate on anything let alone know what you are really feeling. Part of you wants to tune the world out but you may have some things you need to discuss with the one who has your heart. What is making you uneasy is that you are not quite sure how to go about having this conversation. Just be straight. If you can rein in some of your unmanaged compassion, you could make a great deal of difference. Letting your feelings flow is fine, just not all of them at once under this energy. Though you may find it is difficult not to talk about everything you feel, get the big issues out of the way now, and then deal with the smaller ones later.

Virgo: If you are trying to persuade the one who has your heart of something, your sense of the situation is probably pretty accurate. He or she is not convinced. No matter how clever or how skillfully managed your words are, they will not concede this point. Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, don’t make a big deal about your failure, and just find some other way to get through to them. Sidestep any of the small dramas and focus on what it is you want from your sweetie. If you can convey some sort of emotional stability (or at least pretend to), you may be able to sway your love to see things your way. Just make it seem like it was their idea – that usually works.

Libra: Thoughts, actions taken and commitments begun now should turn out well and satisfactory for all involved thanks to the energy of the day. But just because you are filled with the “what it takes to get what you want” spirit, doesn’t mean everything needs to be done or had today. With many things, including your love life, you don’t need an outright struggle but the thrill of a challenge is not lost on you. Slow down a little and be steady in your endeavors, it will get your farther. If you happen to be walking on eggshells around your lover, tread very carefully when you talk about what is going on. Things may start off amicable but the discussion could become negative very quickly. If you can hold off this talk for another day, that would be better.

Scorpio: This is likely to be busy day for you. You may be too busy for your own love life. Numerous forms of communication in action today that will bring you into contact with others but if you are unattached, no one you want to date. If you are attached, all of this communication will make you want to handle a problem that has been simmering in your relationship. You have been a bit inflexible about this issue and have no plans to change your views. In the grand scheme of things, that’s fine no need to completely change how you feel but you might want to compromise. Now you don’t have to go big with it, just a few of the smaller points that are really insignificant to you. They do matter to your sweetheart. Doing so could make quite a difference.

Sagittarius: Today you may be feeling good. You are energized by your casual interactions, stimulated by the world around you and you can feel the positive flow of warmth and friendliness between yourself and others. The energy surrounding you has enhanced your magnetism and your sexual attractiveness. If you are unattached, the day is looking really good for you. If you attached, things may not be so harmonious at first. Things may get off on the wrong foot with your love today as he or she may inadvertently say something to you that may hurt you deeply. Your first inclination is to hurt your love just as badly but is that going to actually accomplish anything? Just let it go, later you see what you thought was meant wasn’t it at all.

Capricorn: You may find yourself frustrated in your love life, more so if you are attached. You have told your lover repeatedly not to cross a certain line. It is that same line that caused petty disagreements and has wasted quite a bit of your time. When you take matters into your own hands and quite possibly hint at ending the relationship all together, they only have themselves to blame. They’ve been properly warned, do what you feel must be done. If you are unattached, you are likely bored. This would be a great day to head off into unexplored territory. If you haven’t tried it but always wanted to, then now’s the time to take a new adventure in life. Do something creative, go somewhere new; you never know who might be waiting for someone like you.

Aquarius: Those of you in a relationship or about to embark on one have may have or will be having a sudden realization of what’s really going on in your love life. If there are any limitations, they become clearer which makes any obstacles easier to work around or eliminate. Having clear demands makes interacting much easier and gives you a better idea of where you stand in a relationship. If you are looking to lay down guidelines, having the right attitude and tone of voice is absolutely imperative before you begin this serious conversation with your lover. There are many things that need to be worked out and no one solution will fix. So long as your heart and eyes are open, you two can bring about more positive changes than you can imagine.

Pisces: For many of you, the need to be center of attention will be your focus. Really you are looking to be appreciated for your creativity or romantic gestures. If you are attached, you are beginning to feel as if things in your relationship are becoming one sided. Though you are itching to say something, today may not be the best day to tackle that particular topic of conversation. You two will end up arguing points that have nothing to do with the main problem. You will be both irritated over the tiniest of issues which will it even harder to focus, let alone try and compromise. Because this will not be a constructive conversation, it’s worth waiting another day or two. By then you will be more successful with communicating.

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