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Love Horoscopes – January 18, 2013

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Aries:  Lately it has been hard for you to convey your desires and needs. You have been somewhat anxious and it has taken all you can not to just suddenly blurt out gibberish when discussing what you feel. Thanks to the energy of the day you will have the ability to talk and say what you mean to without saying anything you don’t. You will be able to speak carefully and with thought so you neither disappoint nor overwhelm the one who has your heart. Now during this time you will be invited to numerous gatherings and you should go to as many as you can. Though you may not get an arrow from cupid, you will have some great conversations that could lead to something much more interesting later on.

#Taurus: The level of love and romance you feel today may just be just your speed. Today you are feeling gentle and relaxed with those around you. This energy opens you up to random conversations and even meeting new people. You will want to surround yourself with harmony and beauty so you can better give and receive kindness and love. You are looking to help those you love so a little selfless generosity is definitely in order. At the end of this day, especially in your love life, you will feel much more content with where your love life is heading. Whatever romance does slip out today will feel rather platonic. This is fine as you will be planting the seeds for stronger and more harmonious relationships later.

#Gemini: The momentum of the day is forward and onward so expect to be moving right along with it. For you the point of the day is understanding the big picture in your love life. Worry about the details later but look towards what you need or what it all means to you as a whole. This broader view of your love life can help your feelings grow and your emotions to come together faster with this knowledge in hand. What this does for you is open your heart and motivate your mind. You want to improve your love life, what will that take? Maybe it is getting out and meeting new people or maybe it starts with paying close attention to your lover. Whatever it is, it does require action from you. Do it!

#Cancer: This energy surrounding you will help you express yourself very clearly today. So any conversations you have, negotiations you need to make, or really any form of communication you need will be very successful, especially if your love life is involved. Don’t be surprised if you receive vocal and physical appreciation for your feelings or even your ability to make things happen and get things done. For those of you who have a date tonight, it will be one of the best ones you have had in a long time. The conversation will be fun with lots of strange and varied topics rolled in but nothing with any real depth. Don’t worry, the next few dates will build up to a spectacular connection filled with intellectual and emotional stimulation.

#Leo: This isn’t the day for super sugary sweet romance and it isn’t really a day for lust either. This is a day of comfort and satisfaction in love. If it happens to be non-existent right now, the energy of the day may get it moving. For those of you who feel you don’t deserve love or whatever your heart desires you need to lose that negativity fast. The energy surrounding you is social and opportunistic. If you have the courage, you can make it happen. You will have the opportunity to meet people, spend time getting to know them and all without pressure or expectations. This is just what you needed. If you are attached, your relationship will have new life breathed into it. Quality time doing the simplest of things will be very rewarding for you both.

#Virgo: Things have been dismal lately. You want a day to put it behind you for a while and today is it. Though recent times have been trying, your energy is up and spirit is just as high. You will find away to take your mind off of things and relax in an exciting and wonderful atmosphere. However you do this, your will achieve your goal for the day. Now just because you are enjoying yourself doesn’t mean you are compromising on the matter you are ignoring today.  You still need to take care of that before things become unmanageable but you deserve a break from the tensions. If you happen to have a date tonight, it will be a great evening. Conversation will be good, the atmosphere romantic and you will finally feel what you thought you have lost.

#Libra: Today, you love love. Now, it has been a long time since you could truthfully say that but your heart is opened and you are more aware of the beauty and romance surrounding you. Because you are open to the energy of the day, it is easy for you to discuss your personal needs and desires should you need to. If any of those needs are within your relationship that needs some level of cooperation or agreement in place, it can be achieved easily during this time. Never the less this is a favorable time in your love life so take the opportunity to flirt, wear the new outfit and try things you have never tried before. Make sure that whatever you do, you give life and love a chance today. Let it happen!

#Scorpio: As you interact with people today, you will have an opportunity to see what keeps you from becoming close to others. If you pay close enough attention, you may be able to see exactly how to rid yourself of this hurdle by bringing it out in the open or simply letting it go. Amidst the shallowness you see around you, what you feel inside you is much deeper and more intense than usual. You have this need to share it so that you can both give and receive the love that everyone deserves. If you happen to have a date tonight, don’t let the level or topic conversation fool you. Over the course of the evening what you think is boring and passionless will become interesting and exciting.

#Sagittarius: If you have been thinking about taking a break from your lover this is the day to plan it. The energy of the day is positive which makes this a good day for coming to or making agreements. It will be easy to see eye to eye, so your goals and feelings can be put into action to bring favorable future results. What you may not know already is that your lover is thinking something along that same line. The adventure bug has bitten you both and the desire to explore it is strong. This is a time for mutual investment and mutual trust. By making this investment, you two will gain with trust in each other. If this is about looking to start a new relationship, look towards your hobbies or interests where you’ll meet someone on your wavelength.

#Capricorn: Right now many of you have a strong urge to be creative and desire for love and beauty. The energy surrounding you has enhanced your magnetism attracting affection and attention to you today. This may lead you to dress differently as well as treating yourself to something fun. While you are walking to a new beat, there will be some who approach you, drawn to the glow you radiate. If you are attached, that same glow will illuminate your relationship. The way you two interact will be much easier than before and much more loving that it has been in quite some time. Those of you who may have a date, watch that you don’t fall into the trap of categorizing your date before they have even opened their mouths. You might ruin a good thing.

#Aquarius: This may not be much of a day for romance but you will make strides in your love life. For some of you the social bug may have bitten you and given you the idea to throw a little party. If you’re attached this will be a nice evening at home with your sweetheart and few close friends. If you’re unattached, this is a good opportunity to get to know potential lovers without having anything over your heads. Invite friends you don’t know as well as would like to and those you have always wanted to mingle with. Because there may be new people coming into your life during this time, remember to be clear and concise with them. You never know when you may encounter a potential love interest and its better then know who you are right away.

#Pisces: Right now would be a good time to take a risk in your love life, without worry of it getting too heavy or intense. If there is someone special you want to get to know better or saying yes to beginning a new relationship, this is your opportunity. It is likely you will come on strongly to the person who has your heart once you decide to take advantage of this energy surrounding you. He or she might just love your direct approach. There will be a lot of talking at first, but this will show you both how much you have in common and appreciate each other’s sense of humor. Don’t miss out. If you don’t take this risk, you won’t ever know how much more in your love life you could have. Go for it, approach the person you’ve got your heart set on.

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