Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning January 21,2013


Astro-Week Beginning January 21,2013

Dear Aries

It sometimes seems like everyone says they can help but no one ever really steps up. To make things worse, it feels like you’re the one who has been going out of your way to help others. I hope they appreciate it because this week you’re going to look like the person who has all of the answers. Expect people to seek your advice and guidance. Love and money are waiting in work you perform publicly.

Dear Taurus

Get out and be seen. You are in a money cycle right now. It might not feel like it because bills are coming in as fast as the cash but you’ll keep up. Some will be shining on a new job and others will be looking to begin something new. Have confidence. Ask and you might be surprised. Don’t fret if things aren’t moving fast enough. Just allow yourself to be seen and heard this week.

Dear Gemini

You can’t wait forever for Jupiter to resume forward motion to get things going again. Deep breath and plunge in. You’ve hit a check point recently and you found out that you are indeed better than you gave yourself credit for. Know that you are the one to get things done and then do them. Put yourself in a position to take advantage of your luck before it returns.

Dear Cancer

Venus is bringing love to your personal relationships right now. You might be thing seriously about getting out and dating someone new. This person appears to be part of your long term planning but are they really what you’ve been waiting for? Your love life is becoming public but your view of relationships and how things should be are changing.

Dear Leo

You’ve been putting energy into your relationships lately, or at least helping out to make things better. This week begins a cycle for you where you’ll look like the perfect catch. Be nice to your partner and remember that this is a time to share. Joint finances also look promising.  Play nice, you’re on fire.

Dear Virgo

Unusual thoughts fill your daily routine. This for a Virgo is normal. You’ll continue to put our energy into work and your routine. You are identifying strongly with your surroundings. People are beginning to view you as your habits. Make sure they are good ones. You are attracting love and luck so take a gamble in the bedroom.

Dear Libra

Love and creativity. You’ve been stressing lately over children and your playful inner nature. As the Sun enters Aquarius you’ll begin to shine. This will naturally ease some of the stress. Let yourself play. Love is still at home.

Dear Scorpio

One more week of fussing around the house before your sex drive lets loose. In the meantime, keep talking to everyone. Ask for people to be their best. You’ll be surprised at the result. Love is waiting in the middle of a busy day.

Dear Sagittarius

You’ll feel like doing things with others this week but not necessarily going out. Communication is favored. Perhaps a fun internet chat date? Something fun with a bunch of people. Conversation will be light and airy. Be open to creative insights.

Dear Capricorn

Don’t be so uptight. You’re in money making mode and this is how you like it. Just enjoy. Love is following you around so be open to smiling faces and everyone generally being nice. Don’t worry about your friends this week. Enjoy who you are.

Dear Aquarius

You’ve been putting a lot of work into yourself and your ego should be soaring. Allow yourself to feel good. You deserve it. Love is arriving from your past so have a second look at what might have been. You’ll be feeling lucky but it’s a stay close to home and friends kind of week. Unusual conversations become normal.

Dearest Pisces

You’ll have difficulty going after what you want. It’s not entirely “go with the flow” but rather a “not sure where to put your energy” kind of week. General difficulty asserting yourself but it’s only lasting for another week. Arguments with people from your past. On the plus side, Love is waiting in a group setting and people will try and assist your dreams. Possible financial reward for public work already completed.

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