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Love Horoscopes – January 22, 2013

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Aries: As a natural strategist, you can adapt easily and work with whomever or whatever is going on. You understand how diplomacy and consideration gets you a lot farther than force your views or plans on someone who isn’t open to them. Many of you may be reminded of this in your intimate affairs today. The one who has your heart will see you in action, working the tensions to your advantage and making things happen. He or she will appreciate seeing the different sides of you so don’t be shy, show off a little today. That also means welcoming any help that is offered should you get into a jam. If you are looking to seduce someone, now is the time to be a bit daring and show them what you are made of but be on your best behavior.

Taurus: If you have a date tonight, many of you may be nervous or scrambling to make sure everything is perfect. I am going to ask you to relax. I know this is hard to do but the more you try to plan or make things a certain way, the more you leave open to go wrong. Relax, and just be natural and spontaneous. The person you are going to be with is there to be with you, not everything else you are worrying over. If you are not attached and have no one in your sights, you may be thinking about seeking a new relationship right now. You are looking to break free of your old routines and expanding your horizons. This means getting out and meeting new people. Just don’t forget out about your old friends in all of this exploration.

Gemini: What have you been doing lately? Something in your life or in your intimate affairs has either come back to bit you in the ass or has just exploded in your face. Whether you got caught up in a web of lies or you didn’t handle something as well as you could have, it is all falling apart. Before you start to address this, take good look at your part in all of this. If you can improve it then it’s time to think how to go about doing it. Get a grip on your emotions, the feelings of everyone affected and how you can make this right. Try to be as objective as possible because the kind of image you are portraying or will be portraying, will stick with you for some time to come. You don’t want this to be negative now do you?

Cancer: If you happen to be in a relationship you may have had a sudden realization that has turned your world on its head. Things are good and for you they may be too good which is causing your reaction. You have noticed that the line between you and your lover has blurred. Your sense of individuality has become coupled and combined with your sweetheart. Don’t panic. Stop panicking if you are already. This should prove that you two share a rather powerful and emotional bond. You should be happy but if you are not, take a step back. Do whatever it takes to satisfy your need for space and personality but don’t cut this bond. If you are unattached, someone may come into your life that you will form a powerful connection with. Explore this.

Leo: With the type of energy flowing through the Zodiac today, do not be surprised if your closest friends and more intimate liaisons are distant and confused. This energy sparks a sense of re-evaluation and experimentation. Those who have fallen under this may feel uncertain about why you are in their lives in the first place or that they want to try a new routine and break away from the tried, true and boring. This may upset you deeply but you need to let them be lost in their little world for right now. Once this energy passes in a day or two they will be fine with very little change. If you are unattached and looking to get involved, now is the time to ask the one who has your heart out on a date. Now or never Leo, now or never!

Virgo: The energy flowing through the zodiac has opened your eyes and heart to the world around you. This clarity has helped change your recent negativity to something positive. You can now see the potential or possibility in every aspect of your life as well as what is outside of you. With this new perspective, this would be a good time to mend any fences you may have broken during this lapse of warmth and emotion. Doing so will not only help your relationships but will also ground you emotionally. For those of you interested in someone you thought had no idea you even exist, think again. He or she has noticed you and has noticed your interest in them. Things will fall into place soon enough.

Libra: It is likely you have some personal issues that need attending to. Whether this is an internal matter or something regarding your love life, you might want to take a good look at it today. You may have compromised your boundaries on some level, maybe even repeatedly. Maybe your loved one has lead you into a direction you would have rather not taken or gone about differently. Maybe you have had other plans in mind but were persuaded elsewhere. Whatever it is, this isn’t the way love and relationships are supposed to be. It is time to be honest and stand firm in what you believe or want. This relationship will only grow if you both compromise and cooperate when needed. Otherwise, you will both stand still and go nowhere.

Scorpio: Many of you are going through some atypical experiences with the one who has your heart. You thought you knew them well or knew what to expect but right now you are confused. Thankfully the energy of the day will help you understand why this is happening and what you can do about it. This will lead you to the emotional satisfaction and harmony you have grown accustom too. What has likely happened is that certain fantasies or daydreams have pushed a few buttons or ruffled a whole lot of feathers. What you both need to remember is that fantasies are nice but reality is better. Once you two remember this, this relationship will get back on track and you two will actually connect better than before.

Sagittarius: Some of you may endure some form of separation in your intimate affairs today. Maybe your relationship may end or you two may agree on a temporary time but for whatever reason, it is not serving a positive purpose in either of your lives right now. Don’t let this alarm you or upset you, love and relationships are a process of discovery. This new journey may be one of emotions but could also be one of a spiritual nature. Though this is a time of letting someone go, you are opening the door for a kindred soul who you CAN share your heart and life with. You will know when you find this person; it will feel as though you have come home. Go ahead and mourn your loss if you need to but know there is something better out there waiting for you.

Capricorn: If anyone needs a dose of the energy flowing through the Zodiac, it is you. The question isn’t just why so serious but why so controlling? Many of you think that you have to have something, things need to be a particular way and the one you love must meet certain criteria. Really? Does that not take the fun out of life, especially your love life? Your tastes will change; in fact, many of you may be noticing that now. Don’t fight this change, let it flow. It is likely that many of you are now beginning to prefer different things completely and this will flow right into your intimate affairs. This change could very well take your love life to a new level and improve your relations. A romance or friendship, new, old or current may take a new turn for the better.

Aquarius: Sometimes all you need to do is sit back and let life take its natural course. Some of you may be going through something in your love life that is confusing and frustrating. You feel you have to do something because doing nothing is not in your vocabulary. Well for today, it is. Leave it alone and let it be. Let whatever this is run its course; just watch where it ends up. It may not be what you want or thought would be but, it really is more interesting isn’t it? This same advice also goes with your dreams and goals for the near future. Whether you are sharing them or asking the Universe for help, remember to choose your words carefully and avoid ultimatums. Right now it is important that you are as honest as possible with what you want.

Pisces: There may be a lot going on in your life but now isn’t the time to try and manipulate people or actions just because you are too tired to be yourself. Because of the energy swirling about right now, the scheming will be misunderstood and so will any signals you have been sending or even receiving. This could make matters worse so it is best not to do it at all. If you want something, all you really need to do ask but it will come at some cost. Nothing good in life comes free, we all pay in some form or another. Though there is a lot already on your plate, you might want to take a moment to address any of your emotional issues you are trying to sweep under the rug. Making time for yourself and your heart is not a crime.

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