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Love Horoscopes – January 23, 2013


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Aries: This may turn out to be a very unusual time for you both emotionally and romantically. If you pay attention to all the strange coincidences and changes around you, you may just be able to decipher a message the Universe is trying to send you. It is likely that there are a few extraordinary opportunities that you should take advantage of that will benefit you in life and in romance. Many of you are due for a brilliant love affair and it is coming into play for you starting now. By opening your heart and mind you will be able to recognize them and do whatever you need to make it happen. Keep your eyes and ears open. These signs or messages could be in anything you see or conversations you hear.

Taurus: This is likely to be a rather intense day for you emotionally as well as the actions taking place in your love life. If you are unattached, you will find yourself powerfully attracted to someone you meet. It is like a switch is flipped both emotionally and sexually. All you know is that you want and you want him or her badly. Do what must be done! If you are attached, your negative thoughts will be squashed. The relationship you thought was falling apart is actually turning tide and will begin to thrive. He or she may have not been as responsive or passionate as you would like but that changes today. Leave your worries behind, grab your sweetheart and celebrate.

Gemini: Many of you will likely be forced to confront and deal with something which is no longer working. Luckily you will be able to express yourself in such a way that gets your point across to the one involved. For those of you affected by this, what isn’t working could be anything from an unhealthy relationship or a deeply ingrained, self-defeating attitude. Keep in mind that you may need to be stern and unforgiving with yourself. Never the less if you have something to say to the one who has your heart, now is the time. You will be able to use the more unique and inventive sides of your nature without anyone thinking you are strange or have lost your mind. However it gets done, just make sure its over.

Cancer: There is likely to be an intense back and forth flow of communication between yourself and the one who has your heart. What is said and done is not something you have been expecting but now that it is out in the open you have no idea what to make of it. The conversation is likely to me a mix of information and interesting topics but also some flirting and silliness. You will find yourself wondering whether he or she really does mean what they say. There will be a comment made or a look given that will give you all the confirmation you need to know that they are telling the truth and that you can believe them. When you realize it, go ahead and let your guard down. Share those fantasies and enjoy the verbal foreplay.

Leo: Interacting with the one who has your heart will be rather rewarding at this time. You two will be in sync from ideas and random thoughts to dreams and desires. Neither of you will want to just sit around and relax in front of the fireplace, you will want to get out there and explore some of the more bizarre and fantastic this world has to offer. In between satisfying each other’s curiosity, the lighthearted flirting with one another will lead to more romantic moments later. Though you two may want to spend a little time apart exploring on your own, keeping up the communication and the honesty should do the trick. You will not only satisfy your individual urges but come back together stronger than ever.

Virgo: Many of you are feeling rather clear, decisive, and articulate today as thoughts and needs fall into place. This is a good time to assert your own needs and desires, to communicate to others what you really want. Because this is a good time to make some steady, practical progress in your life, start with your intimate affairs. You may want to reinforce your declarations of love with the one who has your heart. They know you care but they may not understand the depths in which you care for them. You need to drive it home by doing something completely out of character to really get their attention. The more original and wacky, the better. They will never doubt you again.

Libra: You are looking to make some changes to your love and many of them have to do with your intimate affairs. When you get like this, you are usually driven more by instinct than by reason. One of the changes you feel the need to make is to rid yourself of any limitations or obstacles in your relationships. Because you feel this compelling urge to make these changes, you could make a handful in haste. Make sure that whatever you do, you don’t burn a relationship that you should really hold on to. For those of you completely unattached you will have come to the conclusion that you are not looking for anything long-term right now. Just don’t shut yourself off to making new friends and simple dating.

Scorpio: Though you are moved to express your affections more openly than usual. You are looking to give and receive love and affection during this time and hope to move your intimate affairs into an area where they take on more emotional depth and power. But while you are looking to feel cared for and comfortable, the one who has your heart may be growing attached. You recognize some areas that need to be addressed but they just can’t be bothered and it is making you a little nervous. You don’t understand what is going on in their mind and you are beginning to think they don’t care. Don’t jump to any conclusions just yet. It is likely that he or she was aware of the problems before you and is busy working to fix them.

Sagittarius: This is a time of emotional beginnings and fresh starts. Times like this usually lead to new romances or a revitalization of a current one as you are likely to reevaluate some of your ideas about life, love and relationships. Many of you will come to a new understanding about your habits or patterns that come with your intimate affairs. Some things will end up changing for the better while others may merely adjust themselves. Either way hang on to these new revelations, they will serve you for some time to come. Many of you will be looking to for adventure or something more stimulating and delightful. There will likely be a handful of unexpected pleasures that occur as your perspective begins to change.

Capricorn: What many of you need to realize is that you don’t have to go to extremes when it comes to your love life. You don’t need to give someone all of you and completely lose who you are in the process. You need to find a balance between being fair to the one who has your heart while also being fair to yourself. You two need to be able to provide love and support to each other while loving yourselves first. If you are not a little selfish and think of your needs and desires then who will? Allow each other room to grow and express yourselves in a way that isn’t ridiculed or judged. When you can be yourself, you open the relationship to levels of depth that can be life changing.

Aquarius: For many of you, your emotions will be rather intense today. You are looking to do rather than just let it all happen. This will drive you to create an atmosphere your intimate affairs can deepen and grow to the next level. The one who has your heart may have even already begun the process and you are just now catching on. Either way, regardless of who begins the process, the action leads to a much deeper understanding and bond between you. If you are looking to seduce or gain someone’s attention then today is the day to impress them with your natural wit and charm. The will fall you and allow you to get close enough to get to know them. What you may find is you understand them personally, you two share many traits.

Pisces:  Todayyou want to feel as if you have some control over your love life. Some of you may have been nervous about the increasing intimacy between you and the one who has your heart and you want to make sure that things are flowingly smoothly. This need to feel secure is a powerful feeling and one that you don’t want getting out of hand. You think that in order for something to be done right you have to do it yourself. Remember that there are two of you in this relationship. Exclude your sweetie and you will find that your needs, especially sexual will be held hostage. Don’t worry if it all doesn’t go as you planned, go with this new direction and everything will work out just fine. Trust the process.



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