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Love Horoscopes – January 26, 2013

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Aries: Usually you will try anything once… well maybe two or three times just to make sure. Never the less there is something new on the horizon concerning your intimate affairs and it is something you haven’t dealt with before. If you are unattached, you are likely to start a relationship that is unusual even for you. Stay with it as it opens doors for you that you never knew existed before. You will make new friends and have a whole new list of things that you absolutely love to do. If you are attached, you may have gotten wind of something intriguing that you have never tried before. Your sweetheart is on board and wants to experiment with you. You two will truly enjoy the challenges and grow closer because of it.

Taurus: Most of you will be fighting through a storm of emotions today and maybe the next few days. This roller coaster ride will affect your confidence when it comes to your intimate affairs. There will be plenty of opportunity to improve your love life but you will need to be able to recognize it when you see it. Although you are engulfed in a somewhat negative atmosphere, relax and center yourself. By thinking and being positive, you will be able to notice the clues you need to take advantage of all that is in store for you. You won’t have to try so hard to get what you want; all you will need to do is take action. If you’re unattached, this is as simple as introducing yourself and getting the conversation flowing. Attached, start with an “I love you”.

Gemini: Many of you may be enduring a scramble of negative feelings. This may be a mix of hidden fears or apparent jealousies that have severely affected your desires and passions. Because of this you have likely become compulsive or demanding which has stirred up quite a bit of trouble in your closest relationships. There is a bright side. After all the arguing and tension you and the one who has your heart endure over this, you two will actually grow closer together. This is a side your sweetie hasn’t seen before and they have learned something about you in the process. In the process of you two making up for these transgressions, your willingness to reveal yourself completely to your loved one is what really turns things around.

Cancer: You have decided to make some positive changes in your life. One of the more important ones is concerning how you relate and interact with others. It is likely you have come to realize that it isn’t life that is boring, you have become complacent and stuck in rut. You know that if you want change, you need to become the change you want to see. This will do wonders for your love life or lack thereof. If you do have someone special in your life who may seem to be distant, don’t let this upset you and don’t try to force yourself on them. They may be going through their own personal assessment and need some time to finish working it through. Give them the distance they need, they’ll be back in your life soon enough.

Leo: Some of you may get a communiqué from someone in your past that you may have forgotten or wanted to forget. This is likely to bring up some memories or old feelings that may need closure or at least some sort of tending to. Do what you can to clear up whatever unfinished business between you. In doing so you will not only give yourself inner peace but your love life will benefit from this as well. If you are unattached, doing so will give you the desire to date again. You will look at love and romance with fresh eyes and an open heart. If you are attached this will give you an new and more positive outlook on your relationship. It will almost be as if you given a clean slate to start anew.

Virgo: Many of you may not be seeing eye to eye with those you are closest to. There is something you want and when you are focused you tend to become aggressive and oblivious to others’ needs and intentions. Those of you in this predicament are likely acting inappropriately and hurting the one those you love. What you need to do is take a good look at what you are doing and try to fix it. You will still be able to accomplish your goals, just not at the expense of someone else’s emotions. If you have already gone too far you may want to begin clean up by planning something where it is just the two of you. Maybe a new project is just what you two need. Anything you can create together will heal and strengthen the bond between you.

Libra: You have been thinking. While this normally leads to many strange and unusual things, this time it’s a bit more grounded. You are looking to spice up your love life but are not in the mood for anything over the top. This is a good time to begin something new. Whether it is looking for a new love or changing your efforts in your current relationship, the energy surrounding you encourages you to give it all you got. Be confident in knowing that whatever you begin now, will have a long lasting effect on you and your love life. If you are attached, take a trip or find an activity you two can do together. If you are unattached, the energy has opened up so you can be more noticed than usual, take advantage of it.

Scorpio: Some of you may be coming out of a dark place thanks to your recent self evaluation. If you are unattached, you may still feel like withdrawing from any social contact as you still feel like you would bring everyone down. Though this isn’t a particularly pleasant time, the sadness you feel over disappointments in your life can be turning to a learning experience. The silver lining is that any mistakes you may have made, you understand how not to make them again. You may be feeling the heartache over it now, but you will never again. If you are attached this recent assessment has given you the confidence to take on any challenges in your relationship. If you are successful this will take your love in a whole new direction.

Sagittarius: Your love life may take on a surprising direction that will leave your baffled for a bit. You are used to cool and detached in your relationships. You are independent enough that you have no need to be in your lovers face every day. It is because of this that you sometimes miss important clues. Some of you will have conversation that leads into an argument where struck a deep seated chord. When you see your sweetie defend themselves with everything in them back off and let them cool down. You will find out what the real problem is in a few days. There will be many of you whose lover has impulsively decided it is time to go on an adventure. This may be a last ditch effort to save the relationship. So if you do care, go.

Capricorn: Many of you have developed feelings for someone who is just outside your reach. You have long admired this person but now that has turned into something more romantic. Though this person is outside your immediate circle, you will have an opportunity to get to know this person in a relaxed setting today. This conversation is likely to be lengthy and intense. He or she has an ability to open you up and talk about things you wouldn’t normally. What you normally keep hidden or private, you will not realize you are discussing with ease. Thankfully this isn’t one sided, he or she will share their fantasies and dreams right along side yours. Keep this person close to your regardless of the outcome. He or she will help you grow as a person and lover.

Aquarius: Someone who has your heart has induced a wave of nostalgia. Not all of this walking down memory lane is positive. You have spent some time working on improving your life and being secure in who you are. This person may take you back to days and habits that were not so great. Now, you do feel a little vulnerable right now and the need to be someone on an intimate and private level is compelling you to go along with their lead but draw a line in the sand and don’t cross it. It is ok to have needs but it isn’t ok to sacrifice all you have invested in yourself. Have a conversation with this special person. If they care about you as much you care for them, they will understand and act accordingly. If not, well that should tell you something.

Pisces: It’s the weekend; you need a change of pace, a change of scenery and maybe someone new in your life. If you are happy in your relationship, spend this time together doing anything that isn’t routine or normal for you. If you can’t get out then plan a little for sometime soon. If things are not going well with your lover, giving this person “one more chance” should not be an option. If you have tried on numerous occasions to work it out, let it go and let it go now. You finally know deep down inside that no amount of patience or discussions will change things or the person you are with. If you are unattached, think about dating again. Now is the time to make changes in your life and love life is best place to start.

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