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Love Horoscopes – January 27, 2013

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Aries: If you have someone special in your life, the differences between you two especially your ways of expressing affection are likely to emerge. This makes you painfully aware of what you feel you want in your relationships but it also does the same for the one who has your heart. You both need to sit down and deciding where you both would like for this to go, and what it will take for you two to get there. There will be some changes and a lot of compromise but this process will actually take care of the things you are both unhappy about. Think about the future arguments you just saved one another. Never the less this transformation will not be easy and will not happen overnight. So long as two keep working towards your goal, all will be well.

Taurus: As you focus on your personal life right now, you are very aware of what is required of you. These are changes you are happy to make but for some of you, there is a time crunch that is making you nervous. You don’t mind change, in fact you oftentimes welcome it but only if it is approached in the right way. You like to take your time and make sure that you can acclimatize to what is needed but if you are attached, your sweetheart is looking for something a kin to the speed of light. Be honest; let him or her know your discomfort or hesitation. Once they understand, they will give you what you need. When this is done, you will see and feel a positive shift in your relationship. You will both have made your changes and come out better for it.

Gemini: If you happened to have recently become unattached or have been thinking about dating again, hold those thoughts. You may have just gotten out of one difficult situation, and certainly don’t need to be drawn back into another. Take a break. Don’t jump into a new relationship without giving a lot of thought to what you want. Whether this is in general or simply what you want in your love life, think about it a little longer. Use this time to work on you so you can live up to your potential before you try to sync up with someone else. If you are still attached then this is a time to share your plans and dreams for the future. By doing so you will be able to see possibilities you may have overlooked before and get on the same page with your love.

Cancer: This is supposed to be a time of emotional beginnings and fresh starts but you are running around the same circle you have been. Repeating the same old patterns and ways of relating to people will not help you nor will it help your love life. How many more laps around that track do you need to do before that sinks in? Need to do a few more? Yah well meantime, things will just stay pretty much the same. Maybe when you are frustrated and angry then you will establish new habits and patterns that will actually improve the state of your intimate affairs. It is time to think bigger, approach differently and stop this back and forth dance you seem to do so well. If you have someone in your life now, their patience is likely running very, very thin.

Leo: You want the best and deserve it. Why are you still in a relationship that isn’t living up to your standard? It doesn’t matter what type of relationship you currently have, maybe you two may only be talking but for some reason, it just isn’t reaching its full potential. Do you want to make the effort to change things? Some of you will and if you do, then be bold and make the changes you desire. Others of you have maybe met someone who has turned your world upside. You want this person so bad you can taste it but you have ends to tie before you can make a move. Before you do anything, just remember that there is so much more to life, don’t waste it being too choosy and too critical otherwise you will come up empty handed.

Virgo: Those of you who have someone special in your lives, you may be struggling a little. This is a two way street and yes, some of it is your doing but you may be reacting to your loved one trying to change you. This is not something you are taking sitting down but today, take a step back and look at the kind of relationships you two have been developing. Sit down and have an open and honest discussion about the stat of your affairs. Some of you will walk away alone but for others will turn into a rather positive experience with a renewed sense of love and togetherness. This transformation will last for quite some time and remain just as strong. Those of you unattached, you will meet someone who will be a good match for you, sometime this week maybe.

Libra: You are at a place in your love life where you need to feel emotionally comfortable. You may be looking for affirmation if you are attached or if you are unattached, you are thinking about if dating is right for you. Either way you are looking to make a change and for you, more often than not change is messy. You don’t like messy and sometimes you walk away from it. This time around you may be tempted to. If you are, think twice about not sticking this out. Messy doesn’t mean it can’t be cleaned or restored. Give love a chance. If you are attached, spend some time with your sweetheart in an undemanding yet romantic environment. This may be all you two need to feel that magic between you two again.

Scorpio: Today you may find your intimate affairs to be a bit challenging and feel that whatever your differences are, they will likely be difficult to resolve. This won’t be the case. Before you get ahead of yourself, take a look at what you may have done to contribute to this. Does this have anything to do with your recent inability to express your true feelings? If so it is time you gain a wider appreciation of what relationships actually mean to you.  The energy floating about is opening the eyes of those who need to find a deeper meaning in your life as well as your connections with others. If you can recognize this all will be well. As you move through the day, the path before you will become clearer and you will be able to reconnect with those you love.

Sagittarius: You are master of your fate. Sure a path may be laid out but it is ever changing based on the actions you take. Right now your enthusiasm and inner drive for living are very high now. That thirst for life can truly do wonders for you right now, especially in your love life. You feel alive and want to be active in the world around you. You are able to express your feelings openly which could really make any intimate relationships you may have or are working towards, exciting and harmonious. Use this energy and make a positive change in your life. You are not stuck with your current circumstance, you can transform into anything you want. When you do, it will all fall beautifully into place.

Capricorn: You are feeling warm and hospitable today. You feel the need to share comfort, love and affection with those close to you. This is a far cry from your recent closed off attitude. The energy surrounding you is working to break you away from your old ways of relating to people, even if you are currently attached. What it may be trying to do is get you to see the deeper purpose in truly connecting with those around you but more importantly, the one who has your heart. But that isn’t its only intention or benefit. This is also encouraging you to take another step forward in the process of understanding yourself. Change is the only thing in life that we can be certain of, and if you do it right, it will always be a good thing and in your favor.

Aquarius: Those who share your same depressed energy will gravitate towards you today. There is nothing wrong with how you feel, especially because you will be learning a valuable lesson about life, love and human interaction. Part of your downturned outlook may be due to a few regrets you have been holding on too. Many of you may feel as if you have to punish yourself for your actions but all this is doing is weighing you down unnecessarily. What you need to do is bring yourself to a place where you can put the old emotional baggage out of the picture and look forward instead of behind you. Those who come into your life today may help you through. What you take from today could make you some very positive changes in both life and love.

Pisces: Things may be rather affectionate between you and the one who has your heart but the energy of the day has other ideas. The ride might be a little bumpy today but don’t let it bother you, this is an easy fix. Many of you have been sweeping a minor issue under the rug and while you may be trying to fight it, it is causing some stress or tension. If you would have dealt with it initially you would have seen that you could have knocked this out in about an hour. Trace this tension back to the source and put an end to it. Then you and the one who care for can more to more important things, like continuing the friendly affection between you two and attending a few social gatherings.

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