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Love Horoscopes – January 28, 2013

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Aries: You may need to tell someone how you feel. Thankfully your intuition is on the mark and you just need to follow your instincts as to how this will all pan out. Now it has been a long time since you have done something so grand so you need to get this right. Now the gesture doesn’t need to be grandiose but it does need to be heartfelt and genuine. You need something that shows you are the one they need to be or stay with. Whatever you do, make sure it is with a wink and a smile. A knowing glace will almost certainly put you on the road to satisfaction. Your actions today will likely encourage the one who has your heart to explore the potential of loving and being with you.

Taurus: For those of you who may not have begun the changes you were looking to make, now is really the time to begin the process. You may not know where to start so think about how you relate to those close to you and if there is room to improve there. Surely you can do something better communicate your feelings or desires. Right now, the energy surrounding you is encouraging you to communicate. Things may be healing from a minor rift and now would be the time to deepen your bonds and bring back that loving feeling. Once you two clear the air, spend a time spent cleverly flirting and creatively teasing. Doing so will surely lead to some delicious and rather satisfying physical moments.

Gemini: For those of you unattached, taking things slow and easy is something you know but not something you normally practice. Many of you have been thinking about the future and what it means for your love life. These daydreams or fantasy all have their place but you must focus on one at a time, take things step by step. These small steps will compound and turn into something much larger than you ever thought it would. Try and accomplish too much at once and you may miss out one something you never thought you could have. If there is someone special, do not let this person get away. You can start connecting with this person by making the first move at friendly conversation. The rest will grow from there, in time.

Cancer: The energy of the day is full of truth and encourages using a direct approach. This is should be fine by you because you hate to try and fill your conversations with hidden meanings and subtle insinuations to spare someone’s feelings. When you do speak to your loved one today, say what you mean and mean what you say; don’t beat about the bush. You are feeling restless and dissatisfied with your present situation, the one who has your heart needs to know this. But as you speak, don’t let your impatience to get through this put you in a position that you may regret. You may end up saying to much or worse yet, not saying enough and have to go through this again another time.

Leo: When you are trying to accomplish something, you have to know what you are dealing with. It isn’t just enough to have a key; you need to know the kind of lock you are dealing with. Many of you may be thinking about approaching someone. Some of you are attached and need to fix things while others of you are unattached and have someone you want to share your love with. You need to research, you think only about them and what they like in order to make this work. When you think you have all the information you need then make your approach but be humble yet charming. This person will know just the kind of loving and caring Leo you are by making such an effort. If you were in trouble, doing this will give you the forgiveness you seek.

Virgo: You are better equipped to express yourself through action or something creative. Sometimes all of what you are trying to convey gets lost in translation. Today will not be the case. Thanks to the energy of the day you are able to express a greater level of sensitivity and empathy than usual. This opens you up to talking about your feelings and getting any issues out of the way as quickly as possible. To do so you need to sound as if you mean every single word you say so speak with purpose when talking to the one who has your heart. Nothing will be left up to chance or lost under any misunderstandings. When it is all said and done you two will have a better understanding of each other and grow even closer.

Libra: There are things you need to say to the one who has your heart. The problem is that you were not so stealthy about it and your lover knows and is expecting it. In fact he or she may be or have been trying to get it out of. There is no reason to keep them guessing or try to coax the information out of you. All you need to do is sit them down and speak from the heart; let your emotions carry you through this. Don’t plan what to say and don’t over thinking your reactions, just go with your gut. Just remember that you need to stand firm so speak with a serious tone and with purpose. As the conversation grows so will the plans to resolve matters and restore the harmony between you two.

Scorpio: Disagreements and arguing can be good. Sometimes the intense about of both tension and passion could bring out the best, eventually, in all of us. You and intensity are practically synonymous so when the one who has your heart is a bit direct and aggressive, there no reason for you to clam up and stay quiet. It is likely you just can’t be bothered today but no, you give back as good as you get. There are things that need to be said, out in the open and face to face. Now is just as good a time as any to do it. As you two hash things out, what you may not notice is that a mutual understandings and desire for cooperation is forming. By the time is all over, you two will have an even greater love and appreciation of each other.

Sagittarius: Your love life is good but as a true Archer would think, it could always be better. Though your relationships with others are harmonious and stable, but you feel you can use a bit more emotional security and closeness. As you may be thinking about ways to approach this, something may come to mind that could work in your favor. You have grown over these last few months and have a new perspective and life and love. Use this view to turn an old issue into an opportunity to formulate or deepen an intimate connection. Now keep in mind when talking to your love that you are often brash and brutally honest. Be careful that you don’t say something that may upset or hurt your partner in this process of getting closer.

Capricorn: Your emotions may be all over the place today but now is not the time for uncomfortable moments or dwelling on thoughts. Today you need to act. You may be invited somewhere or going somewhere that is actually an opportunity to get closer to the one who has your heart. Now it doesn’t matter if you are attached or unattached, he or she will be there and with you. This is your chance to ask this person out or declare your love or commitment. If ever you were to make a choice in haste, this would be the one. Say yes to whatever the event or gathering is and be open to new experiences. Commitments made or relationships started now will be protected by this open and positive energy so long as you keep moving forward.

Aquarius: Mixed emotions may end up being the theme of your day. You may be going back and forth over what to do with them because you finding that the more you try and sort them out, the more effort it is taking and not producing any satisfying results. Part of this is your fault. You and the one who has your heart may have had a recent conversation where you were rather negative about everything, including them. It probably goes without saying that your loved one isn’t feeling all that good about anything at all and they surely have no idea where they really stand with you. Do what you can to patch things up by letting them know how much you really do care. The rest will seemingly take care of itself.

Pisces: You are not one to make the first move, your confidence only goes so far then your shy reserved side kicks in. Today though, many of you want to be noticed. Doesn’t matter if you are attached or unattached, you want to be seen by those around you. In order to make that happen, you have to do something. Making the first move is really not as fearful as you think. Doing so will really connect you with the one you desire on an emotional or romantic level. Take baby steps and seize the energy surrounding you as it is encouraging a bit of truthfulness mixed with a little vulnerability. Keep in mind the person you are focusing may not have any idea how you feel or that you are even thinking about them in that way.

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