Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning January 28,2013


Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning January 28,2013


Dear Aries

Luck shifts this week and you’ll lead the way with short trips and sharp thinking. If you’ve been having trouble communicating with your partner lately, expect things to change. It a second chance to revisit a big idea. Something that did not work a couple of weeks ago suddenly takes off. Keep your mind alert for opportunities.

Dear Taurus

Money fortunes change this week for you. It’s a steady success kind of year and you should be proud of what you’ve already accomplished. It’s not baby steps, but rather a case of slow and steady. The new love is more dynamic than you originally thought and you’re compelled to up your game. Go for it.

Dear Gemini

Are you ready to get things right? Here we go. This is the second chance you’ve been waiting for. Now it’s up to you. Be brave. Good things are headed your way but you’ll have to be ready. Get back to the gym. Watch your ego. A gift from afar helps more than expected.

Dear Cancer

Love is still on your side. Keep connecting with people. The more you work with others, the more success you’ll have. Your mood will finally lift as fences from the past are mended. Move forward with confidence.

Dear Leo

Friends come to the rescue. Ask again. People are waiting to help you out. Expect a big check for work you’ve already done. Keep pushing. This week luck is waiting in public groups. Indulge in new ideas. Love is still waiting is your daily routine. This is the last week of just thinking about love. Next week it becomes real.

Dear Virgo

It may have seemed lately like your good career fortunes have dried up. This week that changes. If you’ve been working hard on your career you’ll see results. Love’s dream qualities deepen but it might be too late. Love favors creative this week. Tried and tested tactics don’t work.

Dear Libra

Long range plans begin to clear. Something you’ve been thinking about in an on and off fashion suddenly becomes real. Go for it. Think big, expressive, and something at a distance. Love still helps out around the house. You are very creative this week. Use it to your advantage.

Dear Scorpio

Results in a joint venture become real. If you and your team have been working hard then you’ll see results this week as well. Continue working towards your group goals and add new teammates. Take a chance. Love favors the brave. It’s a bit of a karma week where efforts and good deeds will be exposed.

Dear Sagittarius

This is the last week for attracting money so fill your pockets as best you can. Keep traveling down your money plan it will work out. Your luck changes in close relationships. Something that didn’t work out between you two has a second chance.

Dear Capricorn

Your money drive will continue and next week it will begin to pay off. This week however, keep pushing through. It will feel like your daily path has been cleared. Physical and nagging injuries will begin to ease. Keep practicing your basics, they won’t ever go out of style.

Dear Aquarius

Love clears up for Aquarius. If you’ve been facing a good thing but somehow it just won’t work, take a deep breath. This week the blocks in your creativity, expression, and sex life begin to move. Try again with the person you had your eye on. It could be someone from your past but also someone you met a couple of weeks ago.

Dearest Pisces

If you’ve been planning home repairs or renovations they’ll finally get the green light. It will feel great as friends come over to help out. You are very lucky at home and with family this year. Be nice to both.

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