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Love Horoscopes – January 29, 2013

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Aries: You are caught up in your little bubble when it comes to your love life. Many of you are starting anew and have someone in your life who is charming, sweet and drop-dead gorgeous. You are so caught up in the pleasantries and all of the potential that haven’t thought about how you will continue to do this. Do you fall back to your old way of romancing or do you try something new? Now is the time to set the foundations to this flourishing relationship and after all you have been through, you want to do this one right. The energy surrounding you has enhanced your charm and created an atmosphere of love and desire for you. All you need to do is act. Any new adventures or relationships begun today will serve you well for a long time to come.

Taurus: This is a public service announcement: Taurus, your old ways are not cutting it anymore. Remember those changes previously discussed, they are STILL lingering and waiting to be cultivated. Yes this sounds like a broken record but the energy surrounding you will encourage you to try this from a different angle. This should work considering you are bit more passionate and have become more emotional at this time. In that same breath you are also energized and invigorated so maybe you will be eager enough to clear the slate and start again. The one who has your heart is looking for more from you and looking for more than the obvious rewards of you two being together. What will happen if they change their mind and decide to give up?

Gemini: Don’t assume that you need to be extravagant or eccentric today to have an impact on the person who has your heart. The energy flowing around you is an interesting mix of originality and sensuality. If you want to make an impression or tell your sweetie how much you care, the smallest heartfelt gesture can do wonders. Do what you feel is best for situation but look good doing it. Clothes makes a statement about who you are and depending on what you are wearing, or not wearing, it can also declare your intentions. Whatever makes you feel good or whatever makes you feel classy and sexy – put it on. This will help to bring out your inner glow and help you swing things in your favor. Besides, you do look good in that outfit!

Cancer: This is not the best day to make plans or decisions. You are having a hard to figuring out not only what you really want to do but where to start concerning your love life. The frustration you feel as to where you are headed in life now is clouding your judgment and potentially holding you back. Many of you have been see-sawing back and forth between doing something shocking or original that will force their attentions on your or wait for your special person to do it on their own. Whatever you are waiting on, being asked on a date or being approached after a fight, have a little self control. You could just ruin everything if you get out of hand. Let it go for right now, tomorrows another day and a new perspective. See what it brings you.

Leo: You have the tendency to let your desires and romantic urges get the best of you. More of than not it gets you into situations where you have to choose between two people or things you can’t help but crave. Many of you may find yourself in this situation now. One of the many problems that this presents is that you are not feeling very competitive and you feel compelled to please others. Oh Leo, how did you get here? You have an interesting choice ahead of you. One choice appeals your sense of mystery and adventure. The other is fun, full of energy and nearly as charismatic as you are. Neither one will bore you nor is anything like you expected. Whatever will you do? Who will choose? This is entirely up to you.

Virgo: Your romantic connection is likely to be very strong and getting stronger, finally. But (and there always seems to be one), you are looking for your emotional connections to gain a little more zest as well, regardless of what type they are. So how can we inject a little excitement into what has now become a standard routine in your love? You could spend a lot of time thinking about this, but thinking is not the answer either. You need to act but more importantly you two need to let your spirits flow freely. Get out, do something different, something that enables you both to laugh and find the joy in life once more. The energy surrounding you is making it easy for you to connect with those closest to you in very positive ways, use it.

Libra: Sex, power, and money are all compelling aphrodisiacs. These are not your weaknesses per say but they do really tempt you. Your sexual needs and desires have been very strong lately but do take care they don’t cloud your judgment.  Regardless of your status you may find yourself tempted by someone who wants to serve your every need. You will find it hard not to think about them every moment. Listen to the tiny voice in the back of your mind, if you do become involved it is not going to end well. If you stay too long in this persons company it could very well be your undoing. If you are attached and this is happening, rather than give in, channel that energy into fixing the relationship you are in.

Scorpio: You may feel the tension in the air between you and the one who has your heart. Some of you may have tried to ignore it while others have finally realized what is going on. Now is the time to focus on getting to the bottom of these issues and if possible or even desired, starting over from scratch. You may want to stop and think about this relationship is going, or rather not going and how much of this you are responsible for. Have you grown bored? The two of you may needs some time apart to regroup individually. Go off and do your own thing, find your spark and revive what makes you tick. See where you are in a few days. Whatever you do during this time, don’t get too carried away and start burning bridges.

Sagittarius: This is a time of discovery and spontaneity. You are in the mood to experiment with your love life, you want to learn and do new things. Whether you are attached or unattached, you feel like you are doing the same things over and over again or attracting the same kind of person. In order to break from the predictability of your usual routine or methods in your love life, ask yourself why a certain kind of person seems to come into your life again and again or you continue to do the same things. Are you being influenced, have you lost some level of confidence or are you not focusing correctly? Once you answer honestly you will be able to seek people who can offer you something new or cultivate new hobbies and habits that will benefit you.

Capricorn: Many of you may feel that nothing is going right in your love life. The one who has your heart may have proposed or even instituted some changes that have left you feeling a little uncomfortable and whole lot insecure. Though you would have rather things stayed the same, there is a positive element in all of this. The special person in your life wants things to keep moving and certainly move forward, with you. Take a moment and appreciate that. If you really took a closer look at what these changes may bring, you will see that it opens you both to new elements together and individually. Sit down with your love and have an honest discussion about how you feel. You will then see all that they are trying to do.

Aquarius: Many of you may be having a hard time in your love life. You enjoy originality and distinctiveness and feel stifled if your relationships begin to develop routines or habits. Right now many of you are enduring an institutionalize version of love and it has grown cold. You may be able to fix things.  In order to restore the emotional contentment and harmony you two enjoyed maybe giving each other some space will do. The time apart may help you both to reconnect on a deeper level when you two return to each other. This is not something you want to force. You will have to let this play out naturally. During your time apart, do what makes you happy and try new things. If it doesn’t work for the relationship, it will do wonders for you.

Pisces: You want. Either it is something though likely someone, you want and it is becoming an obsession. You really need to sit down with yourself and distinguish what it is really want, what it is really need and what isn’t all that important. Do this before the obsession becomes real. If it is someone special and you approach this person knowing all of the above, you are likely to get a better result. Those of you who have a date may find yourselves a bit disappointed. You may have misjudged the kind of person they truly are. You are likely to be in for a surprise because this person will either be rather boring or overly eccentric. You may need to speak your mind firmly if you go to end things. He or she may fall for you instantly.

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