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Love Horoscopes – January 31, 2013

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Aries: You are one to act before you think but today you may want to reverse that. You see some things going on in your love life but what your sweetheart is telling you and what you feel are two different things. What may seem like deceit could be just mixed emotions so you need to be careful with this and how you approach it. This is putting you at odds with each other and now has become more than what it truly is. Clear this up. Sit down and be honest. Let your sweetie know what it is you are seeing and what it is you feel. Once they understand what is going on through your mind then they will know how to better explain what is actually going on. Once this is done you two will have a deeper level of communication to enjoy.

Taurus: It’s an off sort of day today. Life is upsetting you, love has you throwing a temper tantrum, but you are just cranky for no real reason. Many of you have been interacting with people around you and they are finding you abrasive and insensitive. You are hoping they just shut up and deal with it. Sadly as you bulldoze your way through you will likely hurt the ones you care deeply for. What is going on? Why are you really upset? If it has to do with your current relationship lacking something you need then it is simply time to make a decision. Do you talk about it and maybe find resolution after hours of arguing or do you walk away. Whatever you do, do not act until you have thought about this and know for sure what approach you are going to take.

Gemini: You are frustrated with everything right now. Life is too slow, love is disconnected and you are just not happy. Sure, continue to pout but eventually you will need to do something to get rid of this negativity and frustration. Deal with the matters you can deal with head on. Start with your love life as you may be far too critical of it than you should be. You and the one who has your heart have not been seeing eye to eye and this has cause you both to distance yourselves from each other. If you take a good hard look you will see that there are spots where you two can come back together. Find enough of them and you will be back on track and strengthening the bond you two have grown to rely on and draw comfort from.

Cancer: You may be going through something in your love life that could very well change its current course. Those going through this are likely to feel disapproving and full of resentments. You are tense and short tempered which will not help matters at all. Take a moment, before you do anything and just breathe. Let go of any feelings of anger or hurt that have been building up and consuming your heart and mind. This is not the person you want to be and you should not have let any situation make you become this. Any decision you make right now that are overly emotional will be made in haste and will make everything else worse. Once you are rid of the negativity, you will feel better about your sweetie and they of you.

Leo: Someone is in a good mood! You are feeling warm and loving but also welcoming and generous towards those in your life. In your love life you are greeted with news you wanted to hear. This may mean the one you adore feels the same about you or a relationship that was uncertain is back on track. Either way you ready to go and take on everything that comes with this change in your life. All of this harmony and positivity has put you in the mood to celebrate. You should go do so. Gather your friends and your lover then hit the town and have some fun. Just don’t end up regretting later by overindulging and enjoying too much of a good thing. You can still have a lot of fun without overspending.

Virgo: Things around you seem to be harmony with you. You are not feeling any negativity nor are you projecting any. You are looking to revel in this positive nature rather than uproot it and your creative mind is spinning. If you have someone special in your life, attached or unattached, this is your chance to express the passion you feel. Now there are many medias at your disposal to do so but there is likely to be on in particular that will stand out to you. However you decide to do this, it will be well received and very appreciated. Some of you have had a rough go of it lately so this is a welcomed change. Take this declaration further by planning an fun evening where you two can let go of the day and get a little wild together.

Libra: As the representative of balance, you never like to venture to far into any one thing. That is fine but it leads to routine or plenty of average moments. Someone in your life or something, will push you towards one extreme that will lead you to have some pretty intense emotions. You will likely not have choice but to go with it and get just as messy or unhinged as the situation allows. What this should show you is that, you actually like it. There is a thrill behind this chaos and in that moment, you feel a sense of freedom you haven’t felt in a long time. Though the energy surrounding you is still about personal growth and strength, if a person was involved in taking you to this limit, you can’t help but notice how attractive they are. Have fun.

Scorpio: Some of you are in a relationship that has become so much more than you wanted it to and you want out. At first you may have just gone with the flow but that flow has taken you to place that you had no intention of going to but now you see how end badly this will end if you don’t come clean. Thankfully you will have the opportunity to make a clean break but only if you are honest. The person you are currently with has had the thought that you may not be fully committed but was waiting on your next move to be sure. This shouldn’t be something that is completely out of the blue for your partner but if it is, open and honest is still the way to go. There may be a little bit of mess but nothing you can’t quickly get through.

Sagittarius: Those of you in a new relationship may be reflecting on past loves and what went wrong. The current person in your life really does make you happy and you are hoping not to mess things up. Your current relationship is about to undergo some deep and meaningful changes, you do not want to miss out on something that promises to be quite exceptional. Understand that love requires commitment to see it grow and succeed. If you cant do that then this relationship will go on to that other list of failures. If you are unattached, you may be interested in meeting new people who are different from you and whom you can from. By doing things out of the ordinary that is both stimulating and fun, you find someone special.

Capricorn: Things may be going very well with your current lover. You like a little primal lust in your romance from time to time and today will give you plenty of it. But secretly, you may be at some sort of personal crossroad that can no longer take a back seat to your physical needs. You have been wondering, and maybe for some time now, if you have made the decision to get involved with this person in haste. Sure he or she is wonderful and makes you happy in many ways but there are things you know now that if you had known then, you may not be where you are today. Many of you will not dwell upon this today but know that this nagging thought in the pack of your mind won’t stay there forever.

Aquarius: Your emotions are all over the place today as many of you experience a relationship going through the wringer again or someone has come back into your life. This relationship in particular may have been broken and reformed before and is now broken again but thoughts of mending in are on your minds. Before you do anything, you need to focus so you don’t misjudge this situation. Think long and hard about what you want and decide what it is you actually need from each other. This is and has always been a sticky situation so make sure you don’t get carried away during the more emotional moments. While there may be a reason you two are always getting back together, there is also a reason you two always fall apart.

Pisces: You are a mover and shaker today, if you have the courage to make it so. Life is moving pretty fast for you and you have someone in mind you want to share this experience with, but they have no idea how you feel. It is likely you will have the opportunity to let this person know how you feel but will you take it? Both of you feel the same way about each other and don’t know who should make the first move. You are both restless and eager to make a deeper connection but this nervousness is really holding you both back. Life is too short to miss out on all the fun, either you go for it or you walk away. Don’t wait around too long to make a decision, life is still moving.

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