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Love Horoscopes – February 1, 2013

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Aries: Your mind is in constant motion with all that needs to be done right now. Your love life has become just as busy as your general life and with all of this you do not want to miss any opportunities. If you are attached, you will need to spend some time improving the quality of your connection. Work with your sweetheart to keep what is working in your relationship and let go of what is not working so well. Be careful that while you and your sweetie are compromising, you are not asking for more than what you need or asking for something you really don’t want. Sure things may have grown old and worn out but you do not need to add the conflict that comes with mixed messages. If you are unattached, that one you want has taking an interest.

Taurus: Some of you will be starting a cycle of change. You will put in motion today but its details or sense of direction will be something formalized another day. Today is better day to think of your options and imagine the possibilities. So if you are looking for answers or orders, tomorrow will be here soon enough. Meanwhile you can take little steps today that will bring you that much closer. This could start with allowing your fantasies to run wild. You never know what thoughts could manifest into real energy. If you feel like changing an insignificant routine or habit, do it. It is the little things that make life and love all that more interesting. Do not be surprised that those of you unattached encounter someone drawn to you and this fresh energy.

Gemini: You have spend some time focusing on you and your needs, now is the time for you to get what you really want and moving toward achieving the things which are important to you. Your first step is to get rid of all the negativity in your life. So if that means attitude, a situation, or a relationship that has been unhealthy for some time now, kick it all out… it has to go. Once you are rid of these burdens you will develop a new attitude towards love and relationships. Another highlight of this introspective period is understanding your full intimate potential. There is no longer a need for you shoving off your keen intellect and style. You have found a way to use your undervalued personal magnetism to make more of an impact.

Cancer: You are happy and you want to keep this enthusiasm and drive for living around for as long as you can. One way to do so is tie up any loose ends. Because you feel alive and interested in the world about you, your focus isn’t on what is negative but rather what can be made positive. This new attitude could really make your love life exciting and harmonious. Do you have anything you feel should be brought into the open? If there is anything that needs to be said or discussed, do it now. Do not let anything weigh your mind down and distract you from the positive energy surrounding you. It will prevent you from moving forward. If there is something to talk about, it will be resolved without fuss. Talk about an easy fix!

Leo: As usual, you look spectacular and feel even better. The energy surrounding you has created a warm and inviting atmosphere to spark or re-spark the love, lust or romance in your life. Social gatherings are a great way to bring about closeness or shop for potential love candidates. Projects or organized activities, something that can be done together, are also ways to bring back that loving feeling. If you are unattached, use this opportunity to talk to anyone you find special or that someone who has recently caught your eye. If you are attached, now is the time to solidify your foundation. Remember, today you can have what you want, as long as you ask. Do not hesitate to say what or who it is you desire.

Virgo: You are intellectual but at times you can be more of a peacemaker and pacifist than assertive or exploratory. Oddly enough today, that combination comes into play. If you are attached, you are looking for a way to fire things up and warm a previously frosty relationship. If you are unattached, you are ready to make things happen and quite possibly enter into a new relationship. Go on and keep your peacemaker and pacifists tendencies, but take a look at how much you accomplish by letting this other side of you out. This new energy is likely to attract people into your life who will be good for you and help bring out these fiery traits in you more often. Taking those first bold steps will open new doors for you.

Libra: This cycle of personal growth has begun to focus on the emotional comfort that you have either been lacking or just haven’t recognized yet. If you are attached, you have reached the point where this level of emotional depth in your intimate relationship needs to be seen and established. Make sure you create a romantic evening that feels undemanding and comfortable. This will give you all the information you need. If you are unattached, this is your chance to really shine, especially with the potential of a wonderful new romantic relationship on the horizon. You just need a touch more assertiveness and you would be ready to go. No one can stop you once your mind is set.

Scorpio: Your focus is on your loving relationships at this time. Feeling cared for and needed is what makes you most comfortable. You feel positive that you are the someone who can bring balance to the force of nature that your relationship has become. Your ideas are to focus on giving and receiving affection for the one who has your heart, as well as, attracting people into your life who are good for you. If you are unattached this does mean that you may have to put yourself out there on an emotional level to start attracting the kind of person you deserve. If you are attached, approach your sweetie with enthusiasm and your own special brand of exciting. This will make him or her take notice and work with you rather than for themselves.

Sagittarius: Your closest relationships have a big impact on your life at this time. Within this energy you will have the opportunity to not only learn something new but you will be the one who makes a difference in your intimate affairs. Though all of this progress is swirling about you, do not forget to listen to both your heart and intuition. Some of you that this affects will have a visitor from your past. He or she will someone who still has a piece of your heart and doesn’t realize it. This does not have be to negative. Old relationships are due to transform over this period. Some may be for closure and others may be for reacquainting. You may be able to kill two bones with one stone today, closure and progress.

Capricorn: The heaviness around many of you is well on its way to lightening its load. But just because it is does not mean you can sweep any emotional issues you may be having with someone you are involved with under the rug.  In order to continue to alleviate this weight, you need to work towards wiping clean the proverbial slate. By doing so now, you can move past any barriers you’ve built around yourself or that you two have built. Change your outlook, beginning with a few pieces of clothes. You want to cast aside any darkness you were holding on to by wearing colors that are bright and lively. If you are unattached, wearing those colors will open you up to meeting someone just as colorful. This person is ready to move forward.

Aquarius: Some of you need to feel a bit more harmony in your intimate affairs. You are no longer feeling that strong emotional connection you once enjoyed and it bothers you greatly. Give into those social desires and spend time with friends and actually participate in the activities they have gotten themselves in. This time apart may help you put things into perspective and help you reach that level of comfort once again. Do not be surprised if the answer lies with someone or something from your past. Whatever it is you are able to gleam from that period in your live would make your current situation much more pleasurable and productive. This new attitude you assert will be looked upon favorably.

Pisces: Many of you have had your fair share of sadness and disappointments in your intimate affairs over the last few months. You need to find a new sense of direction, preferably one where you are in control. Before you make any moves, make sure you know what it is you value in a relationship. Take some time to yourself and concentrate on your heart. The energy surrounding you will make this introspection rather useful to you. You will not only learn more about love but what is truly significant to you. Once you have your answers, make the changes you need. If you are attached, take the lead in your relationship and make this happen. If you are unattached, do not compromise those desires for anything.

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