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Love Horoscopes – February 3, 2013

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Aries: Usually you are all about moving forward and not stopping unless you absolutely have to. Today you have reservations in your love life and this feeling all too foreign for you to handle. Now don’t panic, just plan your “attack”. What would stop you from moving forward… you. If you have planned to talk about something bothering you or maybe your feelings have deepened and it is time to review the status of your relationship. Either way what may be stopping you is that you haven’t thought through this as much as you should have. Do it now. Take the time and sift through all of it, even the parts you wanted to ignore the first time around. Afterwards, nothing will stop you from moving forward.

Taurus: Your emotions are high right now but isn’t all optimism and generosity. You are feeling good natured by all means but you are also a bit overconfident and a whole lot of stubborn. If you are in a relationship this may be a slight probably especially if a series of minor events have left things a little rough between you two. You may be looking to move forward and forget any mistakes made while your sweetheart wants to talk about this. Compromise a little. Talk about some of it but do not let it get into some lengthy conversation. Just smooth it all over so you both can move on. If you are unattached use this energy to move forward in your love life. Put yourself out there and see who you can find worthy of your attention and affections.

Gemini: The energy flowing through today is limiting emotions and restricting the closeness you would otherwise enjoy. But this emotional blockage does not have to control you. Focus on what you feel and how that affects your needs and desires. If you are attached, how does this affect your relationship and do you want it to? If you are unattached, what are you going to do about these feelings? Make this time about the direction your want to take in your personal life and what you want to do about making it happen. It may be a little frightening to address these raw emotions but in doing so, you will oddly feel better about where you find yourself today. Tomorrow you will be somewhere else entirely and moving forward.

Cancer: You and the person who has your heart will be engaged in a conversation whose outcome will depend solely on you. You have felt your sweetheart has been holding back from you and you have let it go. But after all this time you can’t help but now take it personally. If you go about this in a gentle and compassionate manner, you may be able to coax it out of them. Though don’t be surprised if their thoughts are unfocused or confused. They haven’t quite figured it all out yet. If you can get this conversation rolling it will be rather interesting and definitely informative but your sweetheart may be feeling completely exposed after it is all said and done. Do what you can to make them feel better in the end.

Leo: This is one of those days where you don’t know what you feel like doing with all the energy and emotion inside you. There is every chance that a new romance may start to form or a current one may find new life but only if you choose to be a part of it. Some you have begun to feel that love and romance has become a bit boring and lacks the fire and excitement you usually enjoy. Even those many of you that feel that way are feeling that passion and excitement internally, letting it out just doesn’t seem to be worth the effort. Just know that there are people paying attention to you and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated. If you can break out of this depression, there is a lot you can do. If not, just relax for now, tomorrow is a new day.

Virgo: Today is about making sure of what and who you want. If you are attached, things are going well for many of you but you noticed that the feelings between you two are not as romantic and loving as they were a few days ago. Don’t let this bother you. Just take the opportunity to take a good look at what you want from relationship and from your love. Sharing what you feel later may be the best thing to do as it will likely strengthen your commitment to each other and help bring that spark back. If you are unattached, know what you want and from who may help you jump on the chance you have been waiting for. If you have someone in mind, move forward with your plans to win their affection. If not, open yourself to love and it will find you.

Libra: Your relationships are likely to go through an intense period starting now. The emotions you have and any other issues involved that you have been stewing over will boil over under the energy surrounding you. Do not be surprised if this turns ugly with arguments and even some name calling as you two share what you feel. Yet this needn’t be as problematic a scene as it sounds. Keep your ears open along with your heart. Doing so will help you and even your sweetheart see the truth behind all this. Just during this ordeal try not to act in any of your compulsive or demanding ways. This won’t work if you do. Now part of you may want to sweep this under a rug and not deal with it but you have to if want to continue to function as a couple.

Scorpio: Things may be tense with the one who has your heart but it will not stay that way. Both of you are caught up in your own bubble at the moment but both are feeling drawn to each other in a rather physical way. Today isn’t a day for grand conversations or great revelations. Neither of you can focus on what you each want and don’t want as far as a relationship until this very physical aspect is sated. Go on and satisfy those primal, lusty desires first because a very wild and uninhibited frolic is in definitely in order. As you lay down the groundwork to make this intimate occasion happen, leave all the worries and concerns behind. There will be plenty of time afterward to talk about emotions and the direction this relationship is heading into.

Sagittarius: You’ll be a bit more sensitive than usual today so it is probably a good idea not to take things happening around you seriously or you could risk taking it the wrong way. Those of you who have someone in their sights, this is not the best time to ask the one who has your heart out on a date. He or she is just not in the mood as their mind is elsewhere at the moment. If you are attached, it is possible for you two to become more intimate. Just don’t expect any fanfare or fireworks. Some of you though may want to keep an out on your friends. Do not let any of them, or anyone for that matter, take advantage of your good nature and big heart. This troublesome atmosphere should dissipate in a few days.

Capricorn: If you are not happy with some aspect of your personal life, expect to feel the tensions rise all around you. Although you should probably talk to the other person involved, you may find it easier to keep what is on your mind quiet. In fact, if you can wrangle this day for yourself, it might be good you not be bothered with anyone. Spend time away from this special person in your life and really think about what you want to discuss with this person. More importantly, you should really think about how you feel about this person. Do you even want to have the type of conversation you were going to have or will there be something different you want to say?

Aquarius: Many of you are at the point in your relationship where you should probably define how committed you are and what you two want going forward. Thanks to the energy surrounding you, this is a very good time to let that someone special know exactly what you want. Some of you will have to deal with this due to natural progression. Things are moving along just fine but the bond between you two has strengthened. Others are doing this because something has come up you never thought would and now it is time to lay down the law. If this is the case, do not begin this conversation blaming or accusing your sweetheart but do not compromise in what you want out of this relationship either.

Pisces: You are feeling rather affectionate and loving but either you have no one to formally share this with your sweetheart has been a bit distant. If your sweetie has been distant, this is not the ominous sign you think it is. He or she is sorting through a few personal issues that they are not ready to share with you just yet. Once they pull it all together, things will be back to its usual state. Meanwhile, this is not a time to be alone either at home or in any activity. Call up your friends. Start this week off with a bang by doing something exciting with a group of your closest pals. It may have been a long time since you have seen some of them so this will be a good time to catch up and not waste the positive energy surrounding you.

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