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Love Horoscopes – February 4, 2013

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Aries: You feel so much about everything in your life that you have a hard time distinguishing the differences in what you feel. What you do know is that you are ready to belong to someone. You want that feeling that comes with being on a very personal and intimate level with someone who wants you just as much as you want them. You need this right now and despite what anyone says, including the voice in the back of your head, it is ok to have needs and see them fulfilled. As you grow more confident in this energy be careful not to get too carried away. This may cause you to misread signals and misunderstand someone’s intentions. Take it nice and slow, this a time where only fools rush in. You, Aries are never the fool.

Taurus: You can be very particular. Everything has a place and a place for everything. You take it another level with your love life. You have to know where you stand with your lover at any given moment and right now may be one of them. Some of you may have endured a few difficulties lately that have strained things. After the pandemonium you are left confused and certainly uncomfortable with how things were left. Thankfully the energy of the day is encouraging communication but you need to start off light, not so serious. Let the conversation evolve natural and make sure you not only listen but are not accusatory. The serious bits of the conversation will strengthen your bond while the lighter bits will lead you two some intimate moments.

Gemini: Today may turn out to be one of frustration and miscommunication. So much it fact, that it will be all too easy to get into a pointless argument over nothing at all. Besides the obvious, think before you speak and watch your tone, you might want to make sure that what you are saying is understood by your lover. This is not the time for your intentions to be misconstrued regardless of intimate status. Sadly, you cannot trust your feelings under this energy either. If confronted, try your best to just agree to disagree and not lets these ridiculous arguments upset you.  Riled-up emotions can stir up harsh words and you may end up hurting someone’s feelings or worse yet, burning bridges you had no intention to.

Cancer: Love, lust and romance seem to be following you around. The problem is that for some reason, you feel distant from it and definitely a bit weird. You have done nothing but disrupt your love life with your need for freedom and independence lately. But the energy of the day has a few expected turns in store for you that will disrupt your personal status quo. If you are unattached this may me the introduction to what could be a tempestuous relationship. This will excite you but can you really hang on to all the passion and loss of control this person will bring to your life? You may never be so happy in your life again than you are with this person so think about that.

Leo: Your emotions are all over the place today. This roller coaster ride will bring you far up into the sky and then right back down deep underground. Whatever you do today, leave decision making for tomorrow or later in the week. As you ride out these waves do not take out your downward strokes on those around you. Take several deep breathes and take a good look at what is going on before you come to a conclusion and quite possibly become out of hand. Not all of today is negative in connotation. Some of you may find out that you have the subject of someone’s daydreams and very personal fantasies. You had NO idea this was going on or possibility. If you want this person, make a move.

Virgo: The social bug may have bitten many of you and if it has, this is great time to plan a get together at your place. Those of you affected are feeling loving and most certainly hospitable. You want to share this warm and affection with those you care about. Though there may be people around, if you are attached this could really d wonders for your relationship. Unexpected conversations will help your sweetheart look at you in a brand new and favorable light. If you are unattached, someone may bring someone who you have always daydreamed about. Take a chance and talk to him or her. Your conversation may cover your wildest dreams and fondest hopes. If so there may be some talk about making some of them come true together.

Libra: Love is in your favor today so use your governing planet to your advantage. If you have wanted to tell someone how you feel, whether you are in a relationship with this person or will soon be, you need to tap into your creativity. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how can you draw them closer to you? There is a unique and original method out there just waiting for you to pluck it up and conveying your message.  This person will appreciate the strides you may to unconventionally win their heart. There will be a small number of you who find yourselves in a less than harmonious way with someone you are rather intimate with. These emotional differences are uncharacteristic. Take some time away and cool off, this isn’t about you.

Scorpio: You are likely to be in a damn good mood but you are not feeling particularly passionate. Maybe you spent every ounce of it yesterday. Never the less a series of events may occur that will create such intense emotions within and you feel compelled to do something with them. For some of you this could introduce a few new surprising elements in to your relationship while others gain a sense of confidence that gives way to taking some long overdue action. Your imagination is a terrible thing to waste and under this energy, the best is certainly still to come. Enjoy this time; maybe even indulge with your lover and friends. Just don’t get to ahead of yourself and end up regretting your actions.

Sagittarius: The energy surrounding you is perfect for your intimate endeavors. You will soon achieve a balance between giving and receiving, as well as talking and listening, but only if you truly open your eyes. Many of you have been a bit impractical lately and it is beginning to cloud your judgment. It is really important right now that as you move forward you maintain your usual sense of perspective and not get carried away. Some of you experiencing this have met someone very special that you would like to day and have come close to asking on a date several times. This person is wonderful but you have built him or her up to an unhealthy level and you need to come back down from your cloud. Ask this person out soon though, someone else is hovering.

Capricorn: Many of you may be disappointed today. You have built someone up in your mind, a rather dramatic and alluring image of this person but they are not living up to your expectations. In fact, they may be avoiding you. You thought that you two were getting in along so well and now this. You just cannot understand why they do not want to be closer to you. Whatever you do, confronting this special person is not the way to get the answers you want. While you do not want to walk away, may be you find your way to the middle. It may not end up being a total win/win situation for you but the situation will improve should you get it right and you may even get the answers you seek. Compromise a little bit now rather than lose this person entirely.

Aquarius: Both your eyes and your heart are opened at this time. Many of you will embark on a journey of sorts where you will learn new things but most of all, you will discover love and what it truly feels like. Many of you are uncomfortable with that notion. You are worried about having a “ball and chain” holding you back from being free. For those of you with that concern, know that with the energy of the day if you don’t take a risk you will be left wondering and wanting. No one said anything about long term commitments so relax. If you happen to have a date tonight, maybe a first date, this is where your new and fascinating romance may begin. He or she may be your companion on this journey of discovery.

Pisces: Today is a day you are forced to deal with reality. You have been indulging in a fantasy that is no longer suitable though still very alluring. There is someone in your life that is truly wonderful, both excites and frustrates you and has become a powerful force in your life. So much in fact that now you must be cautious that you are not missing something. Perfection is an illusion and while this person may be perfect for you, they are not perfect in general. Before you start making sacrifices, see this person for what he or she really is. If you are completely unattached then you may not be for long. With your head and heart on the same page, you are glowing very bright. Someone you hadn’t noticed is drawn to that light and to your warmth.


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