Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning February 4, 2013

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Dear Aries

There are a bunch of people who seem to have your best interests at heart and sincerely want your dreams to come true. This week it’s not a question of who to trust or what do you really want to do because after all you could do it all if given some decent chances. Personal energy will be directed inward however as you take a bit of a break and clear your mind. You may find yourself seeking out old lovers and stomping grounds to clean something up before you can freely move on.


Dear Taurus

Believe it or not, this is a good time for your career. Your money luck has just changed and people are actively trying to help. You’re energy however is directed at helping out the group. Strike a balance if you must but remember to put your dreams into place at the same time. Love could become public if you let it.


Dear Gemini

Do you really need to be told twice? Let’s get to work. Take this week and finish projects delayed last Christmas. Don’t let it drag on. It’s time to move forward so clear your to do list. Your appetite has returned so make sure you get to the gym. You’ll be attracting a sexy new lover but your energy is focused on work.


Dear Cancer

It’s not the greatest time for love as Saturn continues to control and dampen your recreational enthusiasm. You haven’t exactly become grumpy, you’re just more choosy on how you express yourself and with whom you do it. Keep your standards high. You will be attracted to an exotic and different lover from a distant place. Keep your eyes and heart open.


Dear Leo

People are attracted to you right now in a relationship kind of way. If fact everywhere you go people are being nice to you. The world is a big new stage for you and you should really get out and enjoy it. Your personal energy is directed towards your financial arrangements and what you share with others. Use some of that charm to win hearts and advance your financial prospects.


Dear Virgo

Just as luck returns to your career, your energy is being directed into finding someone to satisfy your personal life.  The trouble is, the person you had your eye on has moved on and they weren’t impressed. Old habits let you down. You have a big to do list so you might as well get to it. It’s time to move on.


Dear Libra

This week Venus will be attracting in your astro-sector of love, creativity, children, and personal expression. This would normally make it a great time for love but your personal energy is being directed towards the things you have to do every day like boring chores.  If you can somehow put a bit of that loving expression on display then you just might find love in your everyday life hidden within the dreamy details.


Dear Scorpio

You’re beginning to get used to this Saturn in your 1st astro-house thing. After all everyone already sees you as dark and grumpy. And when you try and make a joke everyone suddenly get’s defensive. Here’s your answer.. you are better than them and they know it. You’re the one who has to get used to it. This is a great year for joint ventures. Team up and win.


Dear Sagittarius

Luck has returned to your relationships so partner up and have some fun. You’re still dealing with issues from the past but it’s time to move on.  Communications will improve with honesty. Energy is directed towards improving the home. Watch your mental health.


Dear Capricorn

Speak up for what you want this week. Your words will carry energy. Ideas get a boost and daily movement increases. This has you running around quite a bit. Love is arriving in the form of money right now so keep your business options open. Daily chores and analytical thinking increases.


Dear Aquarius

You really look fantastic. Love is looking your way and your love life has just changed direction. Luck is very much on your side so go out of your way to take a calculated risk. Filled with confidence it’s time to put your energy into your financial reserves. It’s love and money time. Have fun.


Dearest Pisces

With Mars entering your 1st astro-house of identity and ego, expect a boost in confidence. You’ll feel more assertive and generally have the physical strength to get things done. It’s a welcome relief from the last couple of weeks of stress from the past. You’ll feel like you finally know where your headed and have the energy to get there.  Love returns in the form of someone you just made peace with.

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