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Love Horoscopes – February 5, 2013

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Aries: This is a dangerous climate for you because you can already be a loose cannon at any given moment. The energy surrounding you is full of action and you want a piece of that. You will want to get out and do things, either with the one you love or your closest friend. While this isn’t a passionate time as far as romance, this is a passionate time as far as yourself and your relationships. Go out and do whatever it is that you please, engage in activities you have always want to try and find yourself an adventure. If you are unattached, you never know who you may meet as you take this journey.  Just be careful not to get to ahead of yourself and become aggressive. The more you push, the more resistance you’ll get.

Taurus: Many of you are back in the dating game. Thankfully you not looking for anything long term but you would like to enjoy a bit of romance and lust. What is hoped is that you have learned something from your last ordeal and understand that how you view and approach love, needs to change. To find someone new, look somewhere new. Leave out your old haunts and normal ways of attraction. This is the time to broaden your horizons. If you are attached, there is more miscommunication in store or you. What you intended is being misunderstood and it is beginning to snowball into something huge. Don’t let this deter you. Be firm and make your loved one list and understand what you feel. Otherwise, this will not end well at all.

Gemini: Just because like is going well and smooth doesn’t mean that you can’t be pleasantly surprised. For those of you need some help, emotionally or financially, someone much more experienced than you will take you under their wing and help you through. You will learn so much and be grateful. If there was some sort of sexual tension before, it will have grown exponentially after this. If you are unattached you may meet someone that brings up a sense of nostalgia within. He or she reminds you of someone you loved dearly and all the good you two shared. This isn’t the person for you intimately but they will lead you to the one that is for you.

Cancer: Many of you may feel uneasy today and bit unsure of what you really want to do. What you do know is that your emotions are heightened and everything you feel is powerful and explosive. If you are dating, you might be nervous about this relationship. You really like this person and want things to work. Your worries will fade as you begin to learn more about this person, things you would never have thought by looking at him or her. If you are attached, some of you will be dealing with temptation. Your sweetheart has grown a bit distant and you feel like you have been frozen out of your life. Someone will come along and push hard to warm you up. There is a powerful attraction between you two but what will you do?

Leo: You have been feeling a bit blasé lately but today that should fade as you begin to have a really great day. The energy surrounding you is revitalizing and enhanced to draw out your lust for life and spark your creativity. This will open the door to new friendships and friendship that could lead to someplace intimate. If you are attached, you two will feel like new lovers again as something just clicks and gets the ball in motion. But right now you are entering a time where your warm feelings is felt all around you and draws to you people you may not know and some you know very well. Remained focused on your desire for love and affection and you will be surrounding by more than you ever would have imagined.

Virgo: You are in the mood to be you, only better. You feel the energy swirling about you and want to immerse yourself in all that brings you. So while you are out there doing things that are unconventional for your character, you will see that being different, isn’t so bad. In fact you quite like it. There are a few of you who are looking to hide from some ugly truths and using this energy to take your mind of the matter at hand.  Either you have grown suspicious of someone you are very close to or you are having some thoughts that have grown from dark to obsessive. If this is you then yes, submerge yourself in this positive energy. You need a distraction you are not reacting to your initial judgments. You need to look at this with fresh eyes.

Libra: Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. Many of you are feeling your sense of balance disrupted by the world around you. Rather than take it stride many of you are flustered and making matters worse. What you hate to be reminded of is that out of chaos can come order. You cannot always control everything and sometimes you have just let it happen, good or bad. When this is all said and done you will likely see some improvements in your love life. You will also see some changes you will want to make. But don’t let your frustrations or need to have everything your way make a mess of things in your life. If you are not careful you may burn a relationship that you really want to hold on to. Let go and let be.

Scorpio: You are feeling the need to do and the energy of the day is supporting your restless endeavors. Of course you are wondering where you start or what is it you want. If it feels right then that is what you should do. Anything that inspires you to be better or make the world around you better is the right direction. If you are attached, those projects you two wanted to work on together or the activities you both wanted to try, now is the time. If you have someone special you have been admiring from afar, why haven’t you asked this person out yet? Holding back will cause you to lose out and have to watch someone else enjoy what could have been yours. We don’t want that now do we? When the opportunity presents itself, make your move.

Sagittarius: Many of you have been feeling the need to be closer to someone. Whether you are attached or looking, there is nothing wrong with having needs for intimacy and love. If you are attached, you need to let your sweetheart know how you feel. He or she is not a mind reader and is used to your usual detached persona. If you are dating someone, this may not be the most romantic of times but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel secure in the direction things are going in. If you are completely unattached, you have been thinking about changing that status. You have spent some time by yourself and feel ready to get back out there and find someone special. If you make the effort, you will meet someone who is just as ready as you are.

Capricorn: Aren’t you bored? Do a little late winter cleaning by ridding your life of what no longer works. For many of you that includes your tendency to stick to what is comfortable when it comes to love. You are willing to take risks in other areas of your life but in love, you are a bit intimidated. The energy surrounding you is encouraging risks and exploration. If you are attached, this is time to do the things your sweetheart isn’t interested in. Some time apart will do you both good. If you are looking for someone special, your usual places will do you a disservice. Try some place new. If you have someone in your sights, it is now or never. It is time to take a risk and ask that special someone out on a date. Time to get moving Capricorn!

Aquarius: Many of you are waiting for someone to astonish you and love you. What if that someone is from your past? There is a person who was once special to do you that may just pop back into your life. This will jar you a bit but it opens up a door you thought closed. This person has grown up quite a bit and comes back to you as someone you almost didn’t recognize. What happens next is up to you. Could this lead to you two renewing your relationship? If not then know the energy surrounding you is still opened to bring someone in to your life. You will need to leave the house to accomplish this though. If you want someone to share your life with, make the effort. Grab some friends and go places where you can meet new people.

Pisces: For many of you this will be a time of new beginnings. Your intimate affairs and friendships will grow much more responsive than they have been. This is in part because you are feeling much more affectionate, passionate and warm. Before things can progress, some changes will need to be made. This isn’t anything negative but it will be significant. You and the person who has your heart need to spend some time apart, regain your individual sense so that you both can tap into each other’s creativity. When you two come back together you find your emotional bond strengthened and have new ways to share and connect. If you are completely unattached, an opportunity for love is on its way that will work out nicely for you right now.


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