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Love Horoscopes – February 6, 2013

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Aries: You are one for being independent and do not mind spending time away from the one who has your heart. Right now, this is time to be reassuring and somewhat supportive in your personal relationships. You and your sweetie both ready to make things happen but are not on the same page and neither of you is looking to compromise. Doing this separately will not infringe upon your relationship so what is the problem? Take the time apart regardless of how much you would rather not. The love you two share is stable and flourishing. This time apart and the creativity it will later spark is all worth it. Now don’t go throwing your weight around and trying to manipulate the situation. It will backfire; your love doesn’t understand your emotions just yet.

Taurus: The events of the day will show you what you are made of. Things in your love life may not be going so smoothly whether it is a date or a simple outing with your partner. If you can cope with the interference, it will actually turn into a good thing rather than a lingering annoyance. If you happen to be on a date, how you handle this will have your date look at you in a more positive light and increase your chances of something coming out of this new romance. If you are unattached, the past may come back to haunt you in some form or another. You may find resolution as well as sympathy as you work your way through this intrusion. You will come away from this time a bit wiser and happier.

Gemini: The day may be about getting your happiness back. Underlying or previously hidden aspects of a relationship come to light now. Whether this is from your past for your current relationship, the information you find will change how you move forward. It is likely that you will rid yourself from unhealthy attitudes that have held you back from all the goodness life and love can bring you. You will be forced to confront any internal issues and later any issues in your love life, so that you can open your heart to either someone new or a new chapter in your current relationship. This may not be an easy feat but know the hardships you endure now will make the future that much brighter.

Cancer: You are usually good with first impressions. You can tell who someone is and what they may be all about. Today you may meet someone that some slips through your senses. Though you would normally be annoyed that you got it wrong, this time you are glad you did. What you probably want no one to know is that you like that this person slipped through and you like that this person has secrets and can cover them so well. There is an attraction there that you either have no clue what to do with or you are not at liberty to do anything about it. For those of you attached this comes at a terrible time. There may have been some problems in your relationship recently and this hasn’t helped. Smooth over those problems first.

Leo: Ask and you shall receive! Many of you are tired of the same type of lovers coming in and now, out of your life. They may not start out that way but they seem to all end up the same way. Thankfully you are entering a period of time where you will experience new and much more stimulating pleasures. By establishing new habits and giving yourself a true fresh start, you will see all that you have missed out on and all that is within your grasp. Make the effort to submerse yourself in this revitalization as these changes will create the foundation of what your life will become. The possibilities will be endless as not only your love life improves but you will also see your quality of life become better.

Virgo: Thankfully, many of you are communicating better than you have these last few weeks. That coupled with the positive energy flowing through today, this is a favorable time to make progress in your life. One upside to this is your mind and heart are clear and on the same page. You will know what or who you want and how to get it all. This clarity will help transform this time into something rather delightful. If you have someone in your sights, now is the time to create an opportunity for you to get to know them better. If you are attached, it is time to make those changes in your relationship that will bring you and your sweetheart back together. The divide is not that wide, you can overcome this and set things right.

Libra: The social bug may have bitten you and you are ready to throw a party. This is perfect if you are unattached. You plan on mixing with people that have different interests than you and one of those encounters could lead to an intense and passionate attraction with someone you would never have thought of. When you stop to think about it, this not only baffles you but excites you. Just be careful that you are not overwhelmed, this may cause your nerves to get the better of you. If you are attached, something will just click with your loved one and balance will be restored. If you had thoughts about the love being lost or things growing distant, this will certainly change your mind.

Scorpio: It is all about your today and there is nothing really wrong with that. Many of you have this need to be in control and feel powerful. When you get this way, immediately your sexual desires increase and you want to push all kinds of nifty buttons. Watch how far you push those buttons, you don’t want to piss any one off and be shoved back into place. There may be a few of you who are dealing with a past relationship that isn’t going very well. You are loyal and can usually stay friends, to some degree, with an ex. This time around it is just not working out at all. Whatever this person is trying to do, you feel caged and restricted. This relationship has ceased any and all pleasantness. Let it go and leave it behind you.

Sagittarius: Not to spoil it but today may be filled with some unexpected surprises. Consider this karma coming back to make good and do good for your love life. For many of you this couldn’t have come at a better time as you haven’t been feeling as secure in your relationship or even very attractive at all. These disputes between your head and heart need to be cast aside. The intimate connection you have been craving will come to you; many will see it begin today. Some of you will experience a series of events that will lead to that connection. It may get a little uncomfortable but trust the process. If you happen to be going out tonight, there will be someone who will have a lasting effect on you, keep this person close.

Capricorn: This should be a rather positive day in your love life. If you are completely unattached that may change. Someone may come into your life as you are with friends or attending a social gathering. He or she is looking for the same type of relationship you are and you two will hit it off nicely. This may not be a conventional encounter but interesting none the less. If you are attached, you may have done something very nice for your sweetheart and that energy is coming back to you. Whatever you did or purchased has deeply affected them and how they feel about for you. Though this was not your intention, your relationship will great improve just from this simple gesture.

Aquarius: Some of you experiencing restlessness are either the ones still on the quest that began a few days ago or the ones waiting for love to come to them. You are bored and feel limited by the duties and responsibilities thrust upon you. What you may need to is to rid yourself from any restrictions and routines and simply let go for a few days. If you are attached, of course you don’t want to go too far but your sensitive emotions need an outlet. You will have a hard time expressing your feelings as they are rather jumbled. It might be a good idea that you put yourself in positions where you do not have to talk about them or are away from those who will want to talk. Also be careful not to take anyone seriously right now, you may take things wrong.

Pisces:  Many people will notice the warm and friendliness you radiate today and are likely to be drawn to it. This is perfect if you are unattached and looking to get back out and date. Be yourself and watch how a new romance will come your way or someone from your past revisits your life. If you happen to have a date tonight, it won’t be about romance. Your companion for the evening is more interested in getting to know you. Be prepared for conversations with crazy topics and fun answers. If you are attached you are looking to bring more to your relationship. Now is the time to emphasize appreciation and pleasure between you and loved one. There will be many more positive days like this come to enjoy them.


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