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Love Horoscopes – February 7, 2013

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Aries: The energy of the day is full of positive influences. For you, the energy enhances your communication skills and your warmth. That combination would make this an excellent time to make steady, practical progress in your life and in your intimate affairs. Things may be stable in your love life and you do not want to upset that balance but you can still shuffle things up a bit. Need some adventure, plan some fun and invite the one who has your heart. Need a good laugh, see a movie or a show and bring along your sweetheart. Right now it is about your happiness. The one who has your heart will see you taking the lead and encourage you to continue. They may take a lead of their own and physically show just how much they like this version of you.

Taurus: Not only are you a confident bull today but you are oddly impulsive and rather affectionate. This is something that isn’t completely unheard of for you but at this level, it doesn’t happen very often. You like this attitude when it does come around because it not only shakes things up, but it offers you just the right amount of excitement. If you are unattached, you are open and warm which leaves you feeling plenty flexible and ready for fun. Your sweetheart won’t know what hit them but they want to be a part of it. If you are unattached you are ready to get back out there and see who is available. You will flirt quite a bit and laugh a lot. You may not find anyone worthy but you will have had a lot of fun finding this person. That’s good for now.

Gemini: Feeling a bit social today? Invite over some friends and enjoy the fun. If you are attached, being with friends will have a positive yet lasting effect on your relationship. You should have get togethers more often since it will have this lighthearted affect. If you are unattached, encourage your friends to bring along a close friend. There may be one in particular that is arouses you both mentally and physically. He or she knows how mix conversation with those delicious subtle signs of flirtation. If this person decides to want to help you clean up after the party… its on! This is a time to let your feelings flow freely. Go ahead and be a little impulsive. Don’t over think it, just do.

Cancer: This is a good day for your intimate affairs. In order to keep that energy flowing in the right direction make sure that all of this positive energy doesn’t give you delusions of grandeur. Nothing wrong with feeling good but when you begin to become overly aggressive and your need to be in control comes out; everything you tried to accomplish will back fire. If you can, simply go with the flow today. If you are attached, do not fall in to a situation that will provoke your need to dominate or force your will. Your sweetie will leave you standing alone. If you are unattached and possible have a date, you two will get along well and want to talk long into the night. Just try not to come on too strong.

Leo: Your confidence is level is normally set at high but today, it reaches the cosmos. You are feeling really good and that you can do anything. You can and you will. If you are attached, your love will appreciate this new sense of action and want to come along for the ride. The two of you together can accomplish so much. When the energy begins to fade you will both be left with a stronger relationship that no one can divide. If you are unattached, you feel sexually empowered and confident that you can find the one for you. You can so get out there and do. Be yourself because he or she is wonderful and you will attract the right one. Your flair for life and sense of humor will do the work for you.

Virgo: The day should be about renewal or a revitalization of love and life. Any unexpected events will actually be positive and exciting for you. This is a huge difference over the last week or so where everything you did have some sort of negative undertone. This positive air surrounding you brings about a level of confidence you have missed and an adventurous attitude to boot. You should go big. If you are attached, this would be a great opportunity to make a big impact in your relationship. Your sweetheart will be appreciative and not be afraid to show how much. If you are unattached, put yourself out there. It is entirely possible a new love is on the horizon just waiting on you to come around.

Libra: A series of recent events has lead to a renewal of self. You are sharper and definitely much more aware of the world around you. There is a certain clarity that comes with this and you want everything you once felt you couldn’t have. That works out well as this is a good time to assert your own needs and desires as well as communicate to others what you really want. That isn’t just in life but in love to. If you are attached, speak up about what you do not like or if you want more of something you love. If you are unattached, this is a great day to meet new people and you should get out there to do so. There may even be someone you have wanted to get to know better. You will have that chance today. Use this energy and renewed spirit.

Scorpio: The energy surrounding you has a compulsive influence on you. What it forgot to do was give you the drive to actually do all things you think about doing. Many of you will be emotionally driven just not physically but make sure that you do not demand things to compensate. Instead tell yourself that if you want it bad enough you will do it because it won’t just happen. If that works for you then the sky is the limit. You can improve your current relationship if you are so attached. Your positive attitude will open doors that will lead to a renewed sense of love and lust between you and your sweetheart. If you are unattached you may finally be in the most ideal position to make a move on the one who has your heart.

Sagittarius: You are entering a period of emotional intensity that can be rather affective is used properly. If you are attached, this would be a great tool to bring you and your sweetheart closer together. You can initiate a series of activities that will help your relationship grow in a manner that fortifies your bond and gives you both a better understanding of each other. Doing so will make thing better between you two for a long time to come. If you happen to be dating or even have a first date tonight, things may not romantic per say but you will not be disappointed. You two will be able to connect on a deeper level thanks to the type of conversation you two have. The subjects are very complex and he or she is keeping pace. This one is a keeper.

Capricorn: Some of you may be frustrated with love and life at the moment. Today isn’t the day to make any real plans or decisions but you might want to set some things in motion. If you are unattached and have someone in your sights, you want to say something to them about how you feel. Problem is that you either don’t know where to start or you are just not really ready to do so. Set up something, maybe in a couple of days, where you two can just hang out. Let it slip then if you are feeling brave. Have faith, this will work out in your favor. If you are attached, you may want to up the ante in your relationship. Sit on that thought for a day or two then sit your sweetheart down and let them know.  It is likely they will be happy to hear this from you.

Aquarius: After these last few days you are feeling a bit more confident in your intimate affairs. This couldn’t come at a better time because while you see there are changes you want to make, there will other issues that have been kept secret that are coming to light. Do not let this upset you. You can still keep your current path; you just have to deal with issues you felt were long resolved. Perhaps once you and the person who has your heart start talking, you will have a better understanding of their frame of mind. That will make it much easier to see where they are coming from and to forgive or apologize for any transgressions. No one said love, let alone change, was easy but it still needs to be and should be done.

Pisces: Unattached Pisces, this energy is for you! This need you feel to be out and about will serve you well. As you are out trying new things and becoming a better person, there is a warmth and glow you will radiate that will attract people of a higher caliber to you. You need to be your sweet and wonderful self but you need to add a bit of brashness and a little naughty to your attitude. If you have someone in your sights now is the time to put yourself out there. Let them know that you are available by flirting a bit mixed some lighthearted banter. You want him or her to think twice about you and want to learn more. If you happen to be attached, this same energy can throw a spark back into your relationship. Use your charms!

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