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Love Horoscopes – February 10, 2013

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Aries: The energy swirling about is rather strange today and its influence will be even stranger. Of course this will make your intimate affairs challenging and frustrating. It is safe to say that making any long term or other important changes in your life is off the table for the moment. Thought this might be the case, that doesn’t mean you cannot take the time to consider what changes you want to make, especially if they concern your love life. Be prepared for issues from your past trying to influence you on top of the cool and detached emotions you are currently feeling.  Both are truly unrealistic but you need to feel them in order to come out on the other side on top. So long as you stay patient, you will come out on top after this is all said and done.

Taurus: It may feel as if nothing at all is working today. You are looking at the big picture and not the details. Many of you need to change your perspective and can start by taking down your barriers. You can be your own worst enemy and this time is one of them. Granted, this is a time for caution and reservation but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the love and warmth right in front of you. The only matter for caution is not getting swept away or confused by the love you receive. This is even a good time to begin new love affairs or friendships but this isn’t the time to take relationships further than where they are at this moment. Enjoy the love you feel and receive from the one you are intimate with. Do not expect any more or any less.

Gemini: You are feeling so much right now. You need to feel cared for and comfortable in your love life making any of your intimate relationships much more important. Things may have become uncomfortable with the person who has your heart and your mind is racing through all kinds of negative scenarios. It is not that you want to distrust your sweetheart, but something just doesn’t quite seem quite right and you can’t put your finger on it. For now, to listen to and follow your intuition. Doing so will give you the opportunity to finally understand why things have been so uneasy and how to fix it. Soon enough you will be able to make this work and get things back on track.

Cancer: This is time to convert your fantasies and day dreams into reality. Now realize that the conversion may not be as wonderful as the fantasy but it can still be a game changer. In our dreams we are bolder and much more confident. Transforming that into the real world could help you make the progress you have been having difficulty making. The key to this is not getting too carried away. Something as simple as a rose or short note saying “I love you” can have just as much of an impact as the grandest gesture. Under this energy, you won’t need to be as extravagant or as outlandish as you would be in your fantasies. The lesson you need to learn here is that less is actually so much more.

Leo: Like your fellow fire signs, things are not really as they seem. You are feeling rather romantic but you are caught up in fantasy and the dreams you have been having. Normally this is a good thing but you are losing sight of reality. Now fantasies and day dreams do have their place but you have focused on them long enough. Real life is passing you by and you are not noticing it at all. Go ahead and let your fantasies but pay attention to what’s going on around you so you don’t lose out. It is ok if you are not quite ready to be back out in the dating world. Go on the dates just take nothing serious until you are actually ready to. If you are attached, take nothing seriously in your relationship right now. The energy swirling about is meddling for no real reason.

Virgo: For many of you, your love life or lack thereof, has been put into perspective for you. This process has lead to a real breakthrough for you. You understand that in order to keep you and your sweetheart happy or to attract someone worthy, you need to be willing to try new and different approaches to love and romance. Past experience has taught you that this will get you farther than doing nothing at all. It is time to apply that knowledge and either enter into a relationship with a renewed sense of love and compassion or create this type of atmosphere in what you currently have. If you are attached, you will not need to put on an act, you can be yourself. If you are unattached, you will impress the one you desire.

Libra: Now is a good time for you to make first impressions as you are in a wonderfully romantic mood. This warmth you radiate will help others see you for the genuine, caring person you are. If you are unattached, you will have the opportunity to charm those you encounter with your passion and poise. This may lead to a series of dates or if you are dating, the point of your connection becoming much more than what it is. You may want it, even feel you need it but now is not the time to become involved in anything too serious let alone make any major decisions. If you happen to be attached and thinking about taking things up to the final level, it will need to wait. This time is about enjoying where you are, at this moment, in life and love.

Scorpio: Sometimes your heart is in the right place but the execution fails horribly. You have been hoping that your course of action will bring you and your sweetheart closer together and that your relationship will deepen and grow to a very private and intimate level. Today may be that day where the idea seemed logical in your mind but as you began to work out, not so much. Many of you may try again to make your ideas work but keep in mind that people’s hearts are a very delicate matter. You need to be careful especially because this is not the way you normally go about doing this. This particular influence may last through the week. You may continue to attempt this from different angles. Hopefully one of them will work.

Sagittarius: This is likely to be a rather busy time for you and the someone special in your life. You may be involved in many meetings or conference calls that have you doing a lot of communicating with a lot of people over the next few days. If you are unattached, all of this contact could very well lead you to the type of person you have been hoping would come into your life. Take your time and enjoy this relationship coming together and growing. If you are attached, an “opportunity” may be presented to you and your sweetheart and it seems like a good idea. The key word is seem. You both are so carried away by this idea that you may not see all problems lurking beneath. Get a third and fourth opinion before you start to move into action.

Capricorn: Right now many of you are feeling quite loving and warm. You have a strong desire to give and receive affection and appreciation to the one who has your heart. This may present a problem for some of you and in order to get the message across to that special individual, you will need to call upon your creativity. If you are artistic then it may be artwork or poetry and if you are not so creative it may be any other idea that pops in your head like a scented handwritten note. Whatever you do, do not go so over the top that you lose the message you intend share. If you are looking for a more meaningful response, or at least being taken seriously, meld your creativity with a very direct approach.

Aquarius: You may be feeling at odds in your relationship and now your priority is to get more involved in your love life. You understand that much of your happiness depends on the harmony in your personal affairs and have decided it is time to do something about it. There may be a series of events that will throw everything into a spiraling chaos. You and the one who has your heart will not be able to understand each other and it will certain anger and frustrate you both. Rather than getting into arguments and hurting each other, spend some time apart and let this confused energy pass. You will both see in a few days that all of this was for naught. The “problems” really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Pisces: Sometimes it takes walking through fire to come out clean on the other side. Today may be one of those days. You may be put through your paces as people close to you may try to take advantage of you. Do not let anyone treat you like the proverbial doormat. Yes it is natural for you to want to please; being taken for granted is never a good thing. If the person in question is the one your heart belongs to, this may be a game changer and all thanks to a misunderstanding. As you two argue and hash this all out, you are creating an open and honest exchange of information. You both realize you have nothing left to lose and suddenly share what you have been holding back. This brings you closer and actually strengthens your love.


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