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Love Horoscopes – February 11, 2013

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Aries: Things are so busy around you that this isn’t the most ideal time for one of your profound statements. In everything you do today, this is the time to get your message across quickly and with minimum effort. Do not spend precious time wasting words especially when it comes to your lovers. You need to make things very clear in your intimate affairs and not a moment too soon. You have every intention to either ask this person out on a date or if you are attached, raise the level of commitment. This person deserves this after putting up with you for so long and you feel that this is right, that this person is the one. Help them realize how much you care and commit. Just do it as succinctly as possible.

Taurus: Things in your intimate affairs have left you stressed and created a rather uneasy relationship between you and your love. You are tired and would rather avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others but you may not be able to get away with it for long. It is time to overcome any reluctance and lay everything out on the table. This may mean letting your special person know how deep and passionate your feelings really run. Now do not think of this as exposing any of your vulnerabilities, just think of this as finally stepping up. Isn’t it time that your counterpart knows exactly how you feel and maybe what you intend on doing with it? Yes, it’s time.

Gemini: While the spirit of love is floating about this week, you find yourself at your most imaginative. Sadly this hasn’t spilled over to your love life because some of you either have some grievances to air or previous tensions are not yet resolved. Now is time to speak up and clear this matter up completely. Not just because of the holiday in a few days but because you are tired of feeling the weight this anger carries. So if that means talking about past issues you thought were settled then rehash them, whatever it takes to put this all to an end. Once you do, you will feel a wave of positive energy swirling about that brings with hope that things will soon perk up and love will follow.

Cancer: Many of you have gone through a roller coaster ride lately with all of these crazy emotional ups and downs. Though you fight to keep your head above water during its downs, you feel a bit hopeful. You love Valentine’s Day and thought it is forthcoming, you can’t help your excitement. Now you wouldn’t dare let anyone else know this so you are likely going to hide your passionate feelings under a mask of indifference. Dear Cancer if you do, the one who has your heart will not see past your apparent cynicism. If you are attached your lover will see this and start to second guess themselves. If you are not yet attached your potential love will not understand what you are doing. Let them know that you do care and also care deeply for them.

Leo: You may still be feeling as if nothing is going right, especially in your intimate affairs. If a power struggle is erupting then it might be a good idea to see what your contribution to it all is. Being strong doesn’t mean you can’t be sensitive too. Whatever it is, responsibility or your own ego, that is holding you back from admitting your feelings is just wrong. Just because you personally feel vulnerable doesn’t mean you are. All that this means is that you have a big heart beating under your brave chest. Now these tensions could very well derail your plans this week but only if you cannot find a compromise. If you can just let go of your sensitivity and in no uncertain terms share your feelings, you can save the day.

Virgo: This has turned into a rather introspective time for you. You are reflecting on your life, your intimate affairs and where you are going next. It should come to no surprise that you are feeling less than worthy of yourself. You know you are intelligent and gorgeous but you are wondering if it is enough for you and the one who has your heart. Now as far as the one who has your heart, if you are not enough then that person can be kicked to the curb. But as far as you, stop dwelling in your past, stop second guessing yourself and causing your nerves to be out of control. You are worthy! You are worthy of you and so much more. If you are attached stop and think, your sweetheart chose you and is still happy to be here. That should say something.

Libra: You may be looking to manipulate the one who has your heart so you can get something fantastic out of it. A direct request might get you nowhere so you have decided to appear dejected and pensive. Oh yes, this mood of yours will indeed have an impact, just not the one you are hoping for. If and when your intuition kicks in, follow it. Pretending to be sad will not work. If you are attached or unattached trying to impress your potential lover, they are not thinking about gifting you something, they are thinking about holding you and comforting you. It is likely that you will get more by being happy than you will with this charade. Change your plans.

Scorpio: It is far too easy for you to get caught up in your feelings. This is nothing new as you one of the more passionate signs in the Zodiac but today it may not serve you well. Things may have gotten heated between you and the one who has your heart and have finally calmed down. You may be holding a grudge and feel that you are owed an apology of some kind. What if they do not see it that way and not respond in the kind of manner you hope for? How long and how far will go with this? You two are going round and round and quite frankly, everyone involved is getting dizzy. If you don’t put an end to this, you will end up with far less than what you started with. Put an end to this already.

Sagittarius: You are feeling the need to share your feelings and build a stronger foundation in your intimate affairs. You are hoping that given the upcoming holiday, this will bring you two closer and add a little more passion to your relationship. This may take the form of something you have written or a gift you want to purchase but somewhere along the way, what you decided upon doesn’t quite translate properly. Granted, many Archers are like bulls in a china shop when it comes to subtlety and refinement but this time there is no need to worry. Your sweetheart will appreciate the thought behind the action rather than the final result. This one is certainly a keeper, they do really understand you.

Capricorn: Sometimes people around you, even those you have known for a long time, have no idea how to handle you. It gets even worse when you are insecure about something and this may be one of those times. You feel the urgency to do something and achieve a particular goal but you may have lost sight your initial intent. Reading this now you may be asking yourself it is it is at all worth it. Those close to you have noticed but have no idea how to approach you.  This puts you and the ones you love at a crossroad. Take a moment, be certain that you are not only overstepping yourself but your relationship if you are so attached. If you have been, do not come on too strong to over compensate. Just admit your wrong doing and let it go from there.

Aquarius: The need to explore has crept in but it is something you want to do on your own. If you are unattached, this couldn’t come at a better time considering Valentine’s Day approaches. If you are attached, well that is a different story. Be prepared to hear how selfish you are because this is a bad time to have an introspective journey. While you see nothing wrong with going off to explore your spiritual self, your loved one does. Think about this carefully. Can you completely this in the days before the holiday or can you wait until afterward? The thought of you not doing what you want has upset you but do not make any decisions about your relationship until after this phase of self discovery is over, regardless of when you actually get to it.

Pisces: You have the tendency to sell yourself short. It is likely you think wonderful things about those around you and have the utmost faith in those people but you, not so much. What you may have forgotten is the impact it has on your intimate affairs. There is that tendency to settle as well as not fight for everything you want. Now is not the time for this. Thankfully a series of events this week will remind you of how you much you are loved and are worth. If you happen to be in a dominate/submissive relationship, the expectations of it are far too high to be reasonable. The tension this brings forth is not the kind you desire in the bedroom. There will be some real control issues if this isn’t addressed.

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