Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning February 11,2013


Astro-Week February 11-17, 2013

Dear Aries

You’ll feel a nice boost to the ego this week as Valentines and declarations of love fill the air. You’ve been toying with a couple of different ideas over the last couple of weeks. Keep pushing. This is a week of new beginnings so recent efforts will begin to sprout real results. Look for them. Take the next step in your plan. Love and money arrive through friends for a job already done.

Dear Taurus

You are attracting success in your career but you seem determined to play. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Combine the two. Your rewards are coming shortly so allow yourself to be seen. The key to attraction this week will be to somehow be seen doing publically whatever it is you do best. There will be opportunity and rewards.

Dear Gemini

Who would have thought that you could be so introverted? Once bitten, twice shy perhaps. Whatever feels bad right now, just let it go. This is a week to shed your old concerns and habits and really step into the spot light. Watch your appetite and keep going to the gym. The year of the snake will have everyone a little less talkative in general and this might pit you off a bit at first. Remember, there are other ways to communicate and these will still be on display.

Dear Cancer

You ‘re being drawn toward distant shores right now. Philosophies and big picture thinking occupy your thoughts. A return to school is an interesting idea. Love has you teaming up on a project that might make some money. Get someone else to take care of the details while you take care of them.

Dear Leo

Everywhere you turn people seem to want to get together with you on a personal level but this week, you’re all about the Benjamins. If things are going to plan, you should have teamed up for a fun project that has the opportunity to make some money. Don’t give up, results will be coming. This will be a good year for charismatic people.

Dear Virgo

The year of the snake will be release shrewd and cunning energy into the zodiac. You may not think of yourself like that especially when all you want to do is help others. But looking behind the veil we see that you’re a thinker who plans and organizes. Be careful of how you display your talents this week. They can be taken either way.

Dear Libra

Here’s the irony.. moving into Valentine’s Day, Libra our most romantic sign, is busy with chores and errands, and the busy everyday efforts of life to notice. What are you doing? This is specifically your time to shine. Perhaps there’s a big plan that you’re working on. If the pieces fit, then use them. Luck is on your side.

Dear Scorpio

Did you know one of the original Saint Valentines was the Bishop of Terri Valentine who was brutally decapitated, then seen transported to heaven by angels? Very Scorpio. This year is a year of shedding your skin and stepping out even brighter. But not in a showy look at me way, rather a behind the scenes, take care of business energy.  You’ll greatly benefit by keeping your feet moving through the quiet times.

Dear Sagittarius

You are very “lucky in love” right now. Take a chance on a long term commitment if there won’t be too many strings attached. You’re currently flooded with new ideas but your focus is on the home. If you’re looking for a new place to live it will arrive in a couple of weeks. Be patient

Dear Capricorn

This is an interesting time of love, money, and comforts where your mind is alive with ideas and you are actually attracting them as well.  Voice your ideas and you’ll be rewarded.  This energy can be looped out from you and then back but in the form of security and sensual comforts. Give it a try.

Dear Aquarius

Your efforts to make money are being looped back into your ego and identity which should be getting a nice boost. Everyone you meet says you look fabulous – because you do! Financial rewards will arrive soon. Enjoy a bit of being you this week.

Dearest Pisces

You’re sprucing yourself up and no one seems to notice. This sucks. As the week progresses you’ll have the energy to take love into your own hands. When you do, you’ll realize love was closer than you dreamed.

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