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Love Horoscopes – February 12, 2013

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Aries: Expect some challenges in your love life over the next few days. Nothing you can’t handle once you understand what is going on. It is highly likely that your sweetheart has perplexed you in more ways than one and you have no idea where he or she is coming from. If you have yet to pass judgment or cause a commotion over it then the energy swirling about can help shed a light on their actions. Up until now you have been able to predict your loved ones actions good or bad. You liked the level of comfort it brings. This experience will help you have that again along with a few amazing discoveries. The more patient you are, the more you will learn.

Taurus: This may be do or die for your love life today. You may be feeling somewhat insecure about your current relationship and unsure how to alleviate your fears because you have no idea why you feel so insecure. These emotions and uncertainty have had a profound effect on your ideas, and how you approach your loved one. Now you can stay in a rut and allow things to continue as they were, or you can decide that this is it and get to the bottom of things. Now look at why you feel the way you do. Are you comparing your current relationship with one from your past that ended badly? There are some very close similarities but these two people are completely different. Remember this as you interact with each other today.

Gemini: Nothing seems to be going right, regardless of if your relationship status. It feels as if the world is against and you are pinned down by the weight of its demands. You may feel as if you are surrounded by responsibility and pressure it brings you forcing you to doubt yourself and those close to you. While you may feel you should be alone, the energy of the day may not let that happen. Somewhere through all the bullshit of the day, you may meet someone who will actually excite you. You two will likely strike up a fairly innocent conversation and it will just go from there. He or she will be full of some interesting ideas, some of which you could use to your advantage if you listen close enough.

Cancer: Fantasy and daydreams take over today and suits you just fine. Within them anything is possible and it allows you to take a risk where you normally wouldn’t. If you are attached this brings a certain level of hopefulness as you try things you wouldn’t normally. If you are unattached this opens the doors for you to consider dating someone who isn’t within your comfort zone. You put aside your usual standards of behavior in order to be seduced in ways you never thought of. Whatever it is you do or whichever scenario you fall in, do not plan a thing. In order for this to go off without a hitch it must happen organically. So allow this day to unfold as it may and let your fantasies unfold.

Leo: Love and life are good right now regardless of status. You can continue to maintain this level of harmony with a little bit of effort on your behalf. If you are looking for someone to share your love with, you have to get out of the house to do it. NO internet dating, you do this the old fashioned way. Plan an adventure of sorts and see who happens along your path. If you are in a new relationship you are rather excited. Things are panning out nicely as promises made are kept. If you are attached, this is a good time to for a little spontaneity. Change things up, try something new or do things you haven’t done in some time. Your loved one will appreciate you wanting to make things fresh and special.

Virgo: Many of you are in a relationship that you are dissatisfied with on some level. If you want to make the most of what you do have, take a long hard look at what drew you two together and keeps your love alive. Many of you lead completely different lives but somewhere between you two have found common ground. It is entirely possible that you are taking yourself and life far too seriously right now and this as affected your emotions and outlook on love. Thankfully the energy surrounding you has helped make communicating strong within you over the next few days. Once you have it all figured out you and your sweetheart should be able to discuss what you feel about your differences and how to bring back and maintain harmony.


Libra: There are many opportunities to either improve or create your love life. Many of those opportunities come with a price; you need to be bold and brave. This likely means that you will have to sacrifice a little bit of your image and whole lot of your pride to make it all happen. On the surface you may seem as if you are worried but look deeper, you know that you have no reason to feel embarrassed. The energy surrounding you is set up to make your personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding. You really have nothing left to lose. Take the time and turn your desires into reality. If you are in love with someone, tell him or her but if you don’t know… time to figure that out.

Scorpio: Subtlety is a rather fluid aspect of your nature. At times you can be just as clear as day or you can be rather cunning and clever. The day will be just like that. If you are newly attached or dating someone, you will have no qualms in showing your true colors to this new lover today. For once you don’t care about being totally up front and honest and it will pay off. Opening up does something to your sweetheart, expect him or her to drive you wild with desire and take care of your needs in return. If you are completely unattached, you have taken control of the world around you. You are getting the attention and have decided that you want all of the available attention. Go on and strut your stuff, just don’t go overboard.

Sagittarius: There is a fire burning brightly within you today and you mean business. You have let go of all the insignificant issues and are now focused on what is tangible and ready to be yours. You will be taking care of things in all aspects of your life. Because you are feeling bold and assertive you will take care of what you need to take care of and finally achieve the peace and harmony you know you deserve and desire. Now there is a handful of you who have lost their love to someone they were once close with. You will have the opportunity to win back their heart. A few well placed words and the right timing for reliving memories will do the trick. Besides, you are more attractive than the person he or she left you for.

Capricorn: The energy surrounding you is fresh and new. Maybe you need to get rid of what is stale and outworn and join in the fun. Aren’t you tired of the routines and predictability? If you are attached, your sweetheart is. Your love is looking to spice up life and change some things. Sit down and talk about it. This should be easy enough as part of the energy surrounding you makes it very easy for all Capricorns to talk about their feelings. Since communication with your partner is especially good at this time, clear up any grievances you may be holding on to and move things forward. If you are looking for love, change your routines as well. Go to new places and be open to new things. Love will come to you.

Aquarius: When things are going well, sometimes you start to look for the other shoe to drop. Not that you want to be negative but you would rather be safe than sorry. Some of you are going through this now. Many of you may have just recently started a relationship and you are really happy. Even if you have been in one, things are going well. But if you had reservations at all in the beginning of your union, they are creeping back now. Once you were concerned with how things would pan out, but something happened that made you realize that getting together was the best thing that happened to you. This process will repeat again today. Your uncertainty will be met with renewed faith and confidence in your relationship and love itself.

Pisces:  Love never stands still. It’s up and down and everywhere in between but it is constantly evolving. Right now many of you are experiencing a major development in your intimate affairs. If you are attached things are going well in your relationship. You and your sweetheart are getting along very well and enjoying each other’s company. For once, you may not have a damn thing to complain about. For those of you unattached, you may be fighting your rather strong feelings of attraction to someone you have just met. You may not want to fall in love and you can hold out as long as you can but it will be a futile effort. Soon enough that fight will turn into enthusiasm and you will be reminded what love is truly about.


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