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Love Horoscopes – February 14, 2013

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Aries: You can appreciate someone, even lust after that person but not feel the need to be with him or her. A few of you may be in that position now where you are wondering if you want a certain person bad enough to peruse. You may have to do a lot of the leg work but you will find yourself in a position where you will get to know this person on a rather deep level that will change your mind about them as well as your perception of love and romance. This attraction will develop into something more significant. If you are attached, you really desire your lover at this time to the point where he or she is all you think about. It is wonderful that the spark as reignited and now it is time to have your desires met. All you need to do is ask.

Taurus: Communication will be a big part of today. All you need to know will be revealed and not a moment too soon. For some of you this will affect your love life but for others, it may open doors you thought were once closed. If you are looking to catch the attention of someone you have long lusted for, the information gained today could very well help you in this pursuit. If you use what you have learned correctly, you will have the one you dreamed of much quicker than you had hoped. If you are attached, things may have grown to the point where you thought about throwing in the towel. You would rather it didn’t and have forgotten the ace up your sleeve. Use it.

Gemini: Part of getting what you want isn’t knowing who to ask, it is knowing how to ask. Today, your charm and wit will help you do just that so long as you keep your ego in check. Many of you may have a game of cat and mouse with someone who seems to be immune to your irresistible charm but is willing to play ball. There is something there you just can’t see and this puzzle has begun to consume you. Step back and try to look at things differently. You have this persons number, you just don’t know it. With a little bit of time you can figure it out and see your feelings met. If you are attached, you may be looking for ways to grow closer to your love. Listen to your heart, it is all in the approach.

Cancer: For those of you who truly know what they want and who they want it with, this will be a good day. All of that introspection will finally pay off. If you are in a relationship that has a solid foundation, this will also pay off today as well. There will be no wasted energy today as you advance your agenda of love and romance successfully. The power of mutual attraction will get you exactly where you want to be, with the one who has your heart. All you need to do is take that first step and follow your heart. Now if you are perusing someone, they want to play. In order to convey the seriousness of your pursuit you may want to take a much more intellectual approach. You will make a bigger impact and shorten the chase.

Leo: You are rather sensitive today which will make any changes in your life is cause for concern. This is not the intention of the energy surrounding you during this time. Your emotions are heightened so that you can understand what is going on around you and keep you moving forward. If you allow this to turn negative all you will do is go backwards. If you are attached, use your emotions to see where you are in your relationship and what direction you two will take. Both of you want to move forward but neither are sure just how far to go. As awkward of a conversation as that might be, talk about it and get on the same page. If you unattached, your feelings may be hurt by those close to you or the one who has your heart. Don’t let this upset you.

Virgo: There are some of you who are unattached that are looking to get back into dating. This is a big step for you and it couldn’t happen a better time. Those daydreams you have dreamt have the opportunity to grow and manifest now that your heart and head are on the same page. You are looking for a more mature love but the person capable of giving you this is nowhere near your old haunts. If you want that new love and different kind of lover you need to go places you have never been or try activities you have always wanted to try. You will meet someone who is very different from those you usually encounter and among the people you meet will be the one who can give you want you need.

Libra: Many of you feel the need for a change of pace. If you are unattached this means hosting some sort of get together, maybe for those of your friends who are also single. Someone may bring someone along who is an interesting match for you. The moment you realize this, you are changed in a very positive way. Your outlook may have become just a little brighter. You feel it, the other person feels it but this will not develop into an intimate relationship right away. In time though, this will become one of the more profound connections of your life. If you are attached, your relationship may become a bit challenging. What you two want from your love is different right now but through communication you both can find common ground.

Scorpio: You can’t always get what you want and today it may be even harder. But the difficulty of the day doesn’t mean that the energy surrounding you is negative or that you cannot make your mark. If you are perusing someone you may get close, very close but not as far as you would like. Do not let this minor setback discourage you. You have planted the seeds for a wonderful future with this person and you didn’t even realize it. This thing between you two will happen, just not yet. Stay vigilant! If you are attached, things may have grown tense between you and sweetheart. You will not get the final word in this matter and though you may be right, it will fall on deaf ears. Stay positive, it will work itself out soon. You will get that last word later.

Sagittarius: Your intimate relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time but it leaves you thinking that things are going too well. If you are juggling a few people, the energy surrounding you today has you thinking about your personal priorities and settling down. You may be reviewing each of your relationships and questioning everything from motives to actual feelings. You may find that a relationship or two is based solely on superficial reasons while you may feel a deeper connection with others. Obviously it is time to let the superficial associations go and focus on who you feel you can form a lasting relationship with. Take a good look, the one you truly connect with is there.

Capricorn: You cannot, or probably will not want to be alone now. You may not have to as it is entirely possible you will have an encounter, or even a confrontation, that will be both personal and significant. If this leaves you wondering what to do afterward, you may want to reach out to a close friend for their input. Otherwise, if this turns a light on in your heart then you might want to start planting some seeds for the future with this person. There may be various factors in your both your lives that are preventing this union from happening and faster than it is and you have to respect that. Continue to develop and strengthen the bond between you and you will be rewarded. You can feel that love is on the horizon, let it come.

Aquarius: Right now you need to be flexible and open minded when it comes to your intimate affairs. Many of you will find yourselves attracted to someone who is adventurous and spontaneous. You want things to move forward immediately because you are caught up in the novelty and possibilities that they represent. If you see yourself growing impatient you need to step back as you might mess everything up. Remember that you are looking for something a little more permanent and that developing that kind of relationship takes time. If you are attached, some of the above may apply to you. You are in a hurry to move things forward or gain more from your relationship. The more you rush this the more you will miss out.

Pisces: For some of you the past and the future will intermingle today leading to understanding and forgiveness of heartache you felt long ago. This will arouse deep feelings within but also lift a weight off your shoulder you didn’t realize you still carried. As a result, you will notice that your emotional and instinctive qualities are heightened and renewed. If you are unattached, this truly opens your heart and gives you the gumption to want to date again. You may be given the opportunity to get to know someone better though not completely. He or she may have gone through something similar and wants to take things slow. This is perfect for you as neither one of you want to move fast. Be patient, this will turn into to something long lasting and fantastic.

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