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Love Horoscopes – February 15, 2013

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Aries: Your curiosity has been sparked. Your eyes and heart are opened to so much around you that you want to experience it all, right away. Now slow down a moment Aries because while you have free rein to explore the wonderful world around you, you need to stow away your expectations. This won’t be a walk through the park, you may have to do some work but so long as you are in a flexible and very talkative mood, this your efforts will be rewarded in kind.  If you happen to be unattached, you will meet someone on this journey who does more than strike your fancy. Again, expect nothing. Passion will come but you will need to do your fair share of seducing. This person loves intelligence, show off yours.

Taurus: You are looking to reinvent yourself and make use of this upbeat and refreshing energy surrounding you. You are not looking to make be extraordinary changes but you are looking to make truly significant ones. Of course progressive changes will make your life and intimate affairs both exciting and enjoyable but not if you keep going back to the old you. If you insist on only making contact with one particular group of friends or always hanging out in one particular area, how do you expect to facilitate this change? There is no way you are going to get to meet the type of person you want to if you don’t move beyond your comfort zone. Be bold and adventurous, what else is out there in this crazy world? Find it and you will find love.

Gemini: Many people around you are envious of what you have. You may feel you have very little but it is so much to someone else. You need to regain your enthusiasm for love and life. While this may prove difficult right now, the energy surrounding you will give you the opportunity to put this into a whole new perspective. As you learn new things about yourself and the world around you, your soul will become fired up and ready to get back on track. You need to do something to excite you. Once you do, you will stimulate that place in your heart that appreciates and enjoys love and life again. When you are done will come out with a better sense of who you are and what will make your intimate relationships really work.

Cancer: Many of you may be hiding behind a list of excuses or using your routines a crutch. Why? Have you been hurt recently or someone upset you? Never, ever, let a person’s action dictate your happiness. Sure, you may have wanted some time to lick your wounds but do not retreat into your shell.  This is a time where your dreams could turn into reality and what you desire is all within reach. Don’t miss out because you are not paying attention! There are positive element still all around you, they are there waiting you and your enthusiasm to pluck them from obscurity and use them to draw even more goodness to you. Appreciate what you have, not what you have lost. It was probably never really yours in the first place.

Leo: Your love life is taking up much of your attention right now as you go back and forth between a certain decision. If you are attached this may be a matter of taking your relationship to a new level. Which could work very well for you since your sweetheart may be thinking the exact same thing you are. They want to take things further but not sure if you are ready. If you are unattached you may be weighing the pros and cons over dating a certain someone. Thing is, you know this person but do not know this person well enough. You will need to take a leap of faith and see where this goes. Give yourself a little wiggle room to get out if you become unhappy but this person is worth a chance.

Virgo: You like to look before you leap and plan every last detail.  This is a fantastic trait as it minimizes a negative return when taking a risk. Sometimes there is just no way to know whether or not you are making the right move until you get into it. At the moment, many of you are wondering should just suck it up and jump in when it comes to a certain relationship. This is a good time for you to go after what you want or communicate what you really desire. You can trust in the energy surrounding you and your vision for what this relationship could be. You are clear and articulate but you are sharp like a tack. This move should work in your favor. If it happens not to, you should be just as prepared to jump right out and move on.

Libra: The energy surrounding you is about personal freedom and exploration. If you are attached, this comes a great time. You have been looking for a new lease of life; you would love to reinvent yourself. You would love to have a mini-adventure and take some time for yourself to get re-acquainted. If you are attached, these feelings are causing you to disconnect from your relationship. You want the personal freedom but may take things so far it will be hard coming back from. Sure your relationship can benefit from you both spending time as individuals in this world but you are still in a committed relationship. If you happen to feel smothered by your sweetheart, address that now. In the mean time, try to do just as much together as you do apart.

Scorpio: You are looking to break away from the predictability your life has become but you really need to make sure your head and heart are straight before you make any major changes. Whether this is about the routine your existing relationship keeps repeating or you are opening a door romantic relationship, you need to make sure you have the right perspective. Be for change because you want to experiment or learn something new. Be for change because you want to tap in to the energy surrounding you as it promotes inventiveness and spontaneity. If there are any reasons other than improving the quality of your love life, this may not be the right decision for you and you might just hurt yourself in the process.

Sagittarius: You are looking to leave the past in the past and grow closer to the one who has your heart. To do that you must break away from your usual routine, and go and do something exciting. This is the time to really explore each other’s likes and dislikes as well as what you both can and want to together. Already have something in mind, then let the challenges begin and enjoy the thrills. If you have no idea where and what, the more obscure and difficult it is, the more you will both enjoy yourselves. So long as you agree on the risks you two are willing to take, you will both enjoy the rewards of your efforts. Whatever commitments you two make to each other will turn out well and satisfy you both.

Capricorn: Many of you have been flirting with the idea of change. You have even set things in motion or even changed your scenery but you just haven’t fully committed to it just yet. If you can get yourself on board, you could really change everything for the better. The energy surrounding you isn’t just encouraging physical change, but a mental one was well. Doing so may be what jumpstarts your love life. It has suffered quite a bit recently, maybe someone took advantage of your good nature or maybe someone undervalued you. Regardless, it thankfully has not hardened your heart. In your travels, your tenderness and gentle touch will be appreciated by someone ready for what you have to give and what is in your heart.

Aquarius: Many of you are in a state of reflection. A series of events have past and you are looking for clues you missed or where you went to horribly wrong. Some of you may have had a few disasters to have to deal with. Now that the dust has settled and you are cleaning up the wreckage, you are looking to prevent future mistakes by learning from incidents past. First of all, you really need to allow yourself time to get over what ever happened. There is no point in beating yourself up, or feeling so bad you start to question if love and romance are worth the effort. The point is that you recognized what happened and you have the desire to learn from it. That is mature, admirable and will serve you will in future relationships.

Pisces: You have a lot on your mind Pisces and you need to get it ALL off your chest. This has turned into a crazy time where you feel as if you are under a lot of mental and emotional pressure. This is hindering your ability to express your insecurities and worries in your relationship. They are preventing you from making the most of a current relationship. The one who has your heart is beginning to notice the subtle differences. The energy surrounding you now should make you feel safe to share your feelings so take a day or two to formulate your thoughts. So long as you combine your desire to be honest with the need to feel love, this should be a successful meeting of the hearts. No hurt feelings and no aggressive behavior.

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