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Love Horoscopes – February 16, 2013

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Aries: You may be more serious than usual today and that goes double when it comes to your intimate affairs. You need to communicate. Set aside your natural tendency to lay down your wrath and discuss your concerns with the one you care for in a practical manner. That means leaving all assumptions behind you and taking things one at a time. Just try to keep in mind that enigmatic and cryptic comments should not be treated with suspicion. They could very well be compliments in disguise. As crazy as that sounds, it is true. Sometimes people just completely fail when it comes to using and putting together words that convey what they truly feel. Once you two work this out and tie up any loose ends, you will both feel much better.

Taurus: The energy surrounding you is light, easy and it is flowing in abundance. Your intimate affairs are actually stable and you have a positive connection with all others in your life. There is nothing more you want to ask for and feel there is nothing more you need but why stop here? Why stop putting forth and effort? This is a good opportunity to continue this momentum so you two can continue on this bright and hopeful path. Consider a new project or participating in an activity that is of mutual interest. Whatever it is, so long as you two do it together, this energy will drive your love deeper into each other. If you are completely unattached, someone you meet as a friend could turn into much more but only if you let it happen.

Gemini: If you are missing the mark with the one who has your heart today, you are not alone. Many of you will find your interactions with loved ones an uphill struggle but one that is not insurmountable. There is nothing wrong per say but you just can’t seem to understand each other’s needs or desires. Everything you two say to each gets lost in translation and causing you to become overly sensitive. If you feel it coming on, take a step back and search out your feelings. The energy of the day has enhanced your intuitive nature so that you can turn things around. What you are looking for is the compassion you need to see both sides of this predicament and bring you two back together. Go see if you can find some resolution to this minor problem.

Cancer: If you have been arguing and having an overall difficult time with the one who has your heart, this is really the time to either cast it aside or resolve it. The energy surrounding you is rather volatile and can end up doing more harm than good by blowing everything out of proportion. Be very careful what you say so think before you speak but more importantly, think before you act. Rather than getting into another pointless argument, how about resolution instead. Words will not work in this case but a practical gift would. You need something to show you are invested in this relationship and you will stand the test of time with it while it builds value. Now, either take this literally and buy something like art work or figuratively and be creative.

Leo: This is a good time for Leos to get noticed and worshiped. What many of you do not know is that someone has been paying close attention you already and you haven’t noticed. There will be a lot of buoyant energy surrounding you at this time as many people speak of you in a positive light. All you may have to do to take advantage of this is simply walk into a room. Some of you will have the opportunity to make such an entrance if you are attending any kind of formal or professional function today. Someone you have or do work with will also be there and you will two will strike up a conversation that leads to or opens the door to more intimate things. This is not an ideal place to get to know someone like this but somewhere else private will do.

Virgo: Many of you have been searching high and low for a relationship that has more emotional depth and feels rather powerful. You feel you may have found the right person and quite honestly you want to shout it out from the rooftop. Whether you have your own private and intimate celebration or make more of a public announcement, this occasion should be celebrated. Doing so in tactful manner will even strengthen the bond between you and your beloved since the energy surrounding you is in full support of this union. Go on and express your affections, allow love and happiness to actually take over for once. You two will enjoy this emotional comfort and stability for some time to come.

Libra: Some of you are avoiding things in your intimate life because you are tired. You are tired of running over the same ground, tired of feeling emotionally empty and very tired of the misunderstandings. For many of you this has not been an easy time emotionally. In fact some of you have never experienced such difficulty before. Problem is that while this person is your heart, you feel the need to give it a try, yet again. If you feel, deep down in your heart, that any of this relationship can still work, then talk about what really matters first. Leave the rest alone, tackle the bigger issues. If you are unattached, you are tired of the same ground because it brings the same type of lover. You do have the power to change the scenery you see, people you meet.

Scorpio: Your intimate affairs may be going through a series of unexpected twists and turns that are likely to challenge everyone involved. These unwanted surprises may come from new sources, people who have recently come into your life. If you are going through this, you will be able to get around this and ditch the negative element. Meanwhile with the person your desire, you will have a chance to make significant progress. No it will not be the deeply intense and passionate interaction you have been hoping for, but you are laying down the groundwork for the type of romance and love you crave. This may take some time but once that negative element is removed, you will have all the time you need to build a solid foundation of powerful emotions.

Sagittarius: Today is likely to call upon you to step things up and just make your way to the other side. Granted, what you may need to take care of today will not be easy but as you start your way through, it will become so. If you are attached, things have been difficult to say the least. You really cannot stand to even look at your lover but it is face of the person you still love with all your heart. Who cares who started it, you need to be one to end this. Open up a dialogue and don’t stop talking until you two heal. If you are unattached, you have feelings for someone that you have long desired but just can’t bring yourself to make a move. You may be put in an opportune position that if you don’t take advantage of it, you will lose your chance to make a move.

Capricorn: Are you holding on to someone or to a relationship because you are being stubborn or lazy? Yes, I dare mention the possibility of a Capricorn being lazy. Sometimes you would rather not deal because you are comfortable right where you are even though it is all falling apart around you.  Either way, you are not emotionally satisfied. In fact you are emotionally hindered. This person, relationship or connection has drained you of your desires and affections. Why continue on this path? The so called benefits you think you are holding on to will only turn you bitter and cold. This would be a waste of perfectly good energy, especially during this time. The energy surrounding you enhances your charm and appeal, why waste it here and on this person?

Aquarius: You can find pleasure where you least expect it and some of you will be reminded of that today. While practicality may be in your vocabulary, it is not a word an Aquarius thinks of incorporating into their lives. You may feel that trait is better suited to the Virgos and Taurus of the world. There are times you can use it to your advantage and now is one. By focusing on what you may consider mundane, you could find pleasure and appreciation for your efforts. If you’re attached, you have been neglecting this side of your relationship but there is still plenty of time to change that. Your love will be surprised but very happy you did. If you unattached, success is in the details. Any positive connections made will be with someone who becomes special.

Pisces: Many of you will be serious about your needs when it comes to your love life. You feel drawn to the needs of others and you sense that if you open your heart and care for the one you love, you will get the same on a very private level. This revelation could be rather grounding or at the very least, eye opening to you. The stronger the sensation becomes the stronger your need. The key to this is fitting the two needs together well enough that it blends seamlessly. You should have a short discussion on how to arrange such an exchange but when after you do, you and the one who has your heart will feel much better and definitely closer emotionally. Enjoy this collaboration; you have all day and all night.

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