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Love Horoscopes – February 17, 2013

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Aries: You may be at your wits end and the more you brood or display parts of your passive aggressive nature, the worse things will be. This is not a good time for you to hold things in so go ahead and get your grievances out in to open so you can resolved them. For many of you, the problems you may be having go beyond usual annoyances and frustrations. While you normally use this as your last resort, it is time to pay attention to your fantasies and dreams in order to give you some idea of what direction to take your love life. By tuning into your feelings, both positive and negative, it will give you a start and help you determine a course of action. Something that right now, you don’t have. Give it a chance. Whatever the scenario, things will only improve.

Taurus: For those of you with someone special in your life, you may not be seeing eye to eye with this person. Luckily, the energy surrounding you presents the opportunity to understand their point of view and give you insight to their deeper desires and needs. This actually couldn’t come at a better time as you have been thinking of deepening the relationship by raising the level of commitment. Leave any and all preconceived notions behind and simply take in all you see and all you hear. Let your mind mull over the information. Soon enough it will click into place and you will not only have a better understanding of who they are but of how your future together could be. If you like what you see, continue on as you had planned.

Gemini: Your mind is looking towards the future. You are looking to map out your year now that you have settled in. Why not conduct a little experiment and keep a journal of your random thoughts and dreams. Do it for maybe a week. This idea seems rather unorthodox but trust that you will learn something interesting in the end.  Some of you may be ready to date and others are in a relationship that is progressing nicely. Others may be torn between a few lovers and others are looking to reaffirm their worth.  Whatever it is about your love life you are questioning, you should have something of an answer or direction by end of this. Read over what you record and look for similarities and anything else that jumps out at you. Your answers lie there.

Cancer: This is one of those days where you need guidance and some clarity when it comes to your intimate affairs. You like when there is a clear set of demands for you to go on so you always know where you stand when various situations arise. If you are attached, you will finally have all the answers you need. You will come to the realization of what is being asked of you and where you are in this relationship and the direction it is heading into. If you are unattached, you are looking for direction. You want to know where to find love and what to do when you actually find the one for you. You have already envisioned your answer, you just didn’t pay attention. Think back, what were those dreams about?

Leo: There is a need for change and you have the desire to break with old patterns from the past. With it comes a longing for the new, the different and the unique when it comes to love and romance. What does your heart truly desire, and what could you do that would make it a reality? If you are attached, share your fantasies and desire with the one you love. If things have been lackluster lately, this level of sharing could really spice things up and turn your relationship around. If you are unattached, it is likely you have someone in your sights but not sure what direction to take. When you see the person who has your heart, what comes to your mind? Start with that and go from there.

Virgo: This is the time to take a look at some of the more enduring desires you have as for as your love life is concerned. Our fantasies and daydreams can be the source of guidance and healing but only if we are prepared to take notice of them. What are yours trying to tell you? If you are attached and your lover wants more of a commitment, feel out this situation first before you jump in. There may be a hidden agenda. If you are looking for the perfect partner, you may already know where you should be in order to find him or her. Take the time to observe and decipher the signs or metaphors, then trust yourself to act on those insights. They have guided you in the past; they will serve you well now.

Libra: You are feeling good. Your outlook is positive; you feel the energy surrounding flowing smoothly through you but more importantly, you are in the mood for love. There is a feisty and spirited edge to your desires and you have the will to carry it out. This is the kind of magic in the air that will certainly enhance any partnership, whether it is newly formed or more long-standing. Use it to smooth over any rough patches you may have recently endured or heal from any hardships. It is time to focus on your love and your bond so you can get back on track. If you are unattached, you can also use this to your favor and find someone worthy of all your affections. The more you want it, the closer you will be to having it.

Scorpio: Many of you are dealing with an emotional detachment in your love life. Your relationships are frosty and lacking any compassion or common decency. You are focusing on what is missing, what you are not feeling versus what you are experiencing and what you do have. If the person who has your heart is worth it, you need to fight for your future together. Start with you, be the change you want to see. At this moment you may question how but you have been toying with the answers all along each time your daydream or fantasize about what could be. Take a moment and recall the scenarios that played in your mind. Now think about how you can put them into motion and make them reality.

Sagittarius: The energy of the day is about tapping into your unexplored territory. For you this has to do with your more spiritual side and the power locked within your dreams. This is not something you normally utilize as you favor more of your cerebral and academic powers. Every now and then, your other side proves to be extremely beneficial and even more so given your current situation. Now is the time to take your dreams, even the wildest ones, seriously. Take the time to actually hear the message being communicated and use it towards improving the state of your intimate affairs. Your creativity and resourcefulness will be enhanced which will lead to a love life enriched. That is what you want isn’t it?

Capricorn: Many of you are perplexed at the current state of your intimate affairs. You yearn for security and stability right now but cannot find a way to get enough to satisfy your needs. Besides the many other questions you may have, you are also considering the compromises you may be willing to make to accomplish your many other objectives. What many of you have not realized is that the answers you seek are within you. Dreams are a very powerful tool and right now yours are trying to communicate and help you. Since you have been thinking about this situation, do you remember any of them? If not, start paying attention. They may help you formulate a plan that can get you everything your heart desires.

Aquarius: Your love life could use a pick me up and the energy surrounding you can help do just that. As you draw it towards you, keep in mind of the positive aspects of your intimate affairs. If you dwell upon the negative, this endeavor will not be successful. So if you need to smooth over any problems, now would be the time to do it. Once the air is clear, you can begin to bring a little mystery and magic into your world. By creating a delightfully romantic atmosphere, your loved one will be focused on the effort you are making and be surprised at how well you do know them. Make it something you two can both enjoy and you will not only grow closer from the experience but strengthen your bond as well.

Pisces: Your love life may have a competitive edge to it right now. There may be some competing for affections or attentions as well as weighing the pros and cons of being aggressive and going after what you want. If you are attached, there may be a power struggle in your relationship that is causing quite the stir. Either way your frame of mind is that you will not compromise for anyone and the energy swirling about is rather supportive to your cause. So if you want to make your feelings known to someone special, go ahead and use the direct approach. He or she may like the fact that you came on strong and are willing to back up everything you said. If you want control of your relationship, don’t stop until you get it.


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