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Love Horoscopes – February 18, 2013

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Aries: You’re entering a time of emotional directness and impulsiveness. All of those strong and forceful emotions are looking to break free. What you preparing for is somewhat of an emotional beginning or rebirth. If you are attached it is likely you feel this because you have grown tired of the patterns that have formed in your once highly visible relationship. Everyone saw this coming but you. Now you have the drive to change things for the better. If you are unattached, you will come clean about your feelings to one who has your heart. He or she may be speechless but that doesn’t mean rejection is coming. Your sweetheart is drawn to you and wants to know more about what makes you tick. Show them a little of your private side and they’ll be hooked.

Taurus: Change is on the horizon and you will soon be taking your first steps along its path. When it comes to your love life, this change will only add to the positive and harmonious tone you have grown accustomed to. If you are attached, spending quality time with your lover is on your agenda. Spend some time socializing with each other’s friends, then lock yourselves in together and shut out the world. That time spend together is mean to be revitalizing yet physically exhausting. You may have forgotten on limber you are by the time that is over. If you are unattached, you are looking for someone new and unlike anyone you have met before. He or she is out there, you have to open your eyes and take a very good look.

Gemini: You may find yourself doing a lot of talking today so make sure each word counts. If you are attached, it is time to have a serious conversation with your loved one over what has once happened long ago and what is beginning to happen again. It will be easy for you to talk about your feelings without accusation but with compassion. When you two clear the air on any grievances from the past, your futures together will look much brighter. If you are unattached, you may find yourself taking a chance and going after what your heart wants. This may take a little persuasion and whole lot of your charm but when it is all said and done, he or she will be hooked. Oh this person is interested in several unusual subjects; you might want to brush up.

Cancer: Today leave the drama and the discouraging bouts of confusion behind you. Its Monday and most of the time they are lost to a haze of misunderstanding and frustration. Instead, get out and have some fun. There may be a handful of invitations with your name on them, do not refuse a single one of them. Whatever is going on tonight or in the next few days, make sure you attend. It is likely you meet someone that seemingly has all of the qualities you have to have in a lover. Now you may become a little leery of this person… how dare he or she be so perfect? Just tap into your intuition and let your heart be your guide. You are rarely wrong when it comes to a person character, you will not be wrong with this new person.

Leo: You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time. For once this isn’t a negative ring of emotions; this is the result of careful consideration and compassion. With your new perspective comes a natural sense of harmony that you should really take advantage of.  If you are attached, you are looking to bring pleasure to your loved one. Create an atmosphere that you know that he or she will enjoy. All of this effort will get you some pleasure in return. If you are unattached, you are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your eyes wander a bit. They may land on someone that will knock your socks off and speed up your heart beat. Make a move before someone else does.

Virgo: Your intuition will serve you well today. If it feels right, it probably is and is open for you to move forward and follow through. If you are attached this could be spicing things up in your love life. You won’t take things too far and this will certainly be the right time so long as you listen to your heart. This may not have been ideal lately but taking this time to just enjoy being together, will begin to put you back to where you want to be. If you are unattached, any new friends and acquaintances made now will serve you well. For those Virgos looking for love, one of your new friends may know someone who will be right for you. Trust your gut and move accordingly. It will work out in the end.

Libra: If you have a date tonight Libra, expect it to be full of mischievous fun and far from ordinary. The alignment makes it much easier for you two to connect on very deep levels. That doesn’t mean you have to leave everything up to the Universe. This is a perfect time for you to display your creative thoughts in whatever medium you choose. Whatever you do, be true to who you are. Your sweetie will actually appreciate that more rather than you blindly agreeing with whatever they say simply to keep things peaceful. If you are attached, now is the time to find new games for you two to play. It does not need to be epic by any means, but extraordinary will do quite nicely. Remind your sweetheart why they fell for you in the first place.

Scorpio: Today is a mixed bag for your sign, especially if you are attached. You are stressed out over the handful of topics you have been ignoring and not discussing it with your sweetheart. There is plenty of discord in your relationship but this can no longer fester. It is likely that your close relatives may meddle in these affairs. If they, do walk away. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and so will a fresh perspective on these arguments. If you are unattached, you need to get out more. As a matter of fact there may be a few invitations sent you way. If they do reach you, accept. It is likely that something will come from your meeting new people. He or she will be very unique and fascinating but they will be just as intrigued by you as you are of them.

Sagittarius: Some of you Archers may be ready to start dating again. Couldn’t be at a better time, the energy of the day has enhanced your personal charm and attractiveness. A higher level of confidence has also returned to you and people see you as a loving and lovable person, who is aware of their needs and feelings. This will surely work in your favor today as you move about the world around you looking for someone of caliber to call your own. If you have someone in your life, your special wish can true as well, especially if you have been waiting for a sign from your lover. This may be subtle or happen later in a big way but it is coming to you sooner than later. What you may find are that your hopes for a deep and fulfilling relationship is in your grasp.

Capricorn: Are you tired? A lot has been going on in your life and your intimate affairs have not been easy on you either. Right now you may be looking to take a break from everything around you so you can be nurtured and cared for by your lover. This could turn into a very emotional time for you so look towards those who really do understand you for comfort. Ask for what you need and your sweetheart will see to it that you all that you want. Now would be the time to throw any routines away and cast responsibility to the side. Those waiting on you can wait a little more. You will be no good for anyone else unless you take this much needed break and feel all the love you truly deserve.

Aquarius: The energy surrounding you is wonderful, you could even say magical but you won’t be able to enjoy it until you rid yourself of your frustrations. Part of you feels caged and that you would rather stay silent and keep your thoughts to yourself. Those closest to you do not seem to be very receptive which in turn is causing you to be completely uncommunicative. Rather than continue this negativity, why not take some time for yourself and find your balance. It will really benefit you and your love in the end. Then you two can come back together, put this matter behind you and spend some quality time together while this energy is present. If you are vying for the attention of someone special, keep in mind perseverance and patience.

Pisces: You and everyone you are surrounding by seem to be on edge. If your love is among them, feel free to discuss the proverbial elephant in the room. Brace yourself for the anger and negativity that may be thrown your way but you can go ahead and dish it right back to them. This is as good a time as any to say what you have to say so whatever it is on your mind, simply state it. Once you do, your sweetheart will see where you are coming from and be willing to cooperate. When the negativity has cleared, a night on the town will do wonders for your spirit and relationship. A little bit of socializing and spending some quality time with your love is just what you two need to completely the healing process and come back together.


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