Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning February 18,2013


Astro-Week February 18-24, 2013

Dear Aries

As the Sun moves into Pisces, you’ll begin to feel a little more introverted and introspective, measuring up the pluses and minuses of recent events and where you’re headed. Things that were hidden or lost will come to light. You’ll be moving behind the scenes and clearing the path for spring beginnings. Love is still waiting in groups and money received for work already done.

Dear Taurus

Look around Taurus you’ve suddenly become that social butterfly you always dreamed of. There are opportunities for love and personal rewards and it’s all public and on display. Love is arriving through professional commitments and outward energy is directed socially. With a little push this combination can be used to land that new job.

Dear Gemini

Please dig down and find the confidence to do whatever it is you want to do. Jupiter is providing luck all year so keep going. Just remember your luck is coming from you personally. This means you’re going to have to actually get out and be seen for good things to happen. Push your weight around a little and you’ll begin to see results.

Dear Cancer

As the moon travels through your home sign this week you’ll feel a surge of love and confidence to express your individuality. It’s a good time to put into practice some of the ideas you’ve been studying. Relationships feel restricted but they are just steadily being restructured. Take your time and have some fun.

Dear Leo

The house is a bit of a mess but your love life is attracting right on schedule. Efforts are still directed to joint ventures and inheritances. Rewards will begin to arrive shortly. Luck is big is social and group settings. Go with a friend and meet new people.

Dear Virgo

Finally coming out from behind the books? I doubt it. You should be thinking bigger, planning larger, and dreaming less. Your attempts to fit in have somehow not turned out exactly as you had hoped. If you up your game, the universe will up your rewards.

Dear Libra

Go on vacation. Please. Sometime this year take a nice, long deserved vacation with someone special. You can make it a work holiday, an excuse to see a friend, visit family, the beach, shopping, anything. Just get away for a couple of days and center yourself with things you love.

Dear Scorpio

With Mars in Pisces you should be in sexual overdrive right now. When the Sun enters the game this week, everyone will see it but you. Venus is attracting love in your home sector so.. do I really have to spell this one out? Invite someone over for a night they’ll never forget.

Dear Sagittarius

Team up for luck. Good things are waiting for you as part of a small team. Home renovations and a general spring cleaning are due. Settle in with your best partner and start scrubbing. Love is waiting in a series of busy short trips.

Dear Capricorn

You’re determined to get your point across. People may not entirely see things your way and you feel that it’s affecting your personal resources. Speak up. It will be an important conversation.

Dear Aquarius

Expect an on-again, off-again relationship to be turned back on. It’s probably going to be the same-old but so what, it was kind of fun. Try again. Last week’s craziness may have passed.

Dearest Pisces

Happy Birthday Pisces! You’re surging with energy and it’s your time to be noticed. Be yourself and let your dreams come true. Love arrives from the past or a hidden source.

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