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Love Horoscopes – February 19, 2013

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Aries: It is rare your mind is ever quiet or feels at peace. If and when inspiration seeks you out, it knows that it must act quickly or the moment is lost. Today is one of those days, enjoy and savor the feelings brought out in the process. This moment of clarity may lead you in various directions but with it comes heightened emotions and true confidence. If you are looking to change something, an attitude or routine, today is that day. Problems in your relationship can be fixed so long as you are open and honest about feeling confined and frustrated. Whatever it is that is preventing you from enjoying your life at the fullest, needs to be thrown out. You know what needs to be done; all you need to do is do it.

Taurus: If you have been feeling caged in or restricted by whatever it is in your life you have given over control to, things change today. You are not happy about the ways things have been going, and have reached your limit long ago. You are so far beyond the point you were willing to go and if you don’t do something now, well you know your temper. It is time to get it all off your chest even if it means hurting the person you care about. Success is in the approach so be careful with how you start off this conversation. You will need to be practical and compassionate so that your sweetheart will not only listen to what you have to say but understand it as well. Once you put it all out on the table, things will change and you will be able to breathe again.

Gemini: This is a day where you will not be able to avoid being infuriated and annoyed. Though this sounds negative, it will not end up that way. If you are attached, you may be frustrated and upset with your love one to the point where a minor conflict will snowball into something much larger. This confrontation is unavoidable but it will bring out the truth and a whole lot of sexual desire. Clearing the air and making up can be quite the work out. If you are unattached you will meet someone who just rubs you the wrong way. You start out wanting to smack the daylights out of them but soon enough this person finds a way to your heart. This person will set up camp and quite possibly never leave.

Cancer: It is time. That means so much but really, what is on your mind and weighing heavily in your heart – it is time to take action. Listen to your heart, you know that it is necessary to take action and take it now. You have the tendency to hold on to certain relationships that are no longer worth the effort. Is there one you need to end? The energy surrounding you promotes love and affection. Is there someone you want to express your feelings to? There are times where a cancer will shut themselves off from the world and close their heart. Are you so closed off that you cannot accept the happiness and love that is due to enter your life now? What is that will make you happy? What will make you feel whole again?

Leo: What feels stable to a fire sign is usually chaotic for the others. The energy surrounding you is soothing only because it is promoting change and individuality. You feel like going your own way today and doing your own thing. Do it! In fact get out there and change it up. Whether it’s your appearance, certain behaviors or those outdated habits, throw it all away and start new. Just… don’t get too carried away and lose your footing in life and your relationships. This type of energy is fickle and could really mess up your most precious relationships. If you are attached, do not leave your loved one behind in all this excitement. They will better understand you afterward if they go through it with you. If you are unattached, enjoy the attention.

Virgo: Your emotions are strong and your outlook is positive, you feel you can take on anything. If you are attached, you will be taking on the problems in your relationship. There aren’t many but there are some things you may be hiding from each other. Only, you could very well know what each other is hiding and just don’t know what to do about it. Share your secrets with each other, you are both strong enough to handle it right now and deal with it like the rational adults you two are. If you are unattached, you find love from an unexpected source. A friendship has grown stronger and it could very well have taken you by surprise. Whatever you begin under this alignment will continue to evolve in the nature it was create. Keep it positive.

Libra:  That feisty mood you have been lately will continue. Now you have unfinished business to attend to so finish whatever it is you started under this influence. Some of you may have been indulging in your secret hedonistic desires while others may be experimenting in other sexual pleasures. Get your fill because soon your desires may be redirected. Now soon doesn’t mean tomorrow but it is coming so take things a bit further and find some way of bringing the unconventional into your lives. If it is a success then maybe it will be on a more permanent basis. If you are attached, all of this excitement will do wonders for you both. If you are unattached, you will have gained a new level of confidence within you that will serve you well in the future.

Scorpio: Not only has the energy of the day brought out your more naughty side, reminiscing of wilder days has inspired you. A rather dangerous combination for a Scorpio but what can you do. Don’t hide your true nature, embrace it.  There is something you want; an outcome to a particular situation or to be the object of desire for that someone special, either way it can be yours. If you want your wishes to come true, use that dangerous combination and find an unconventional route, the haters won’t see you coming. If you are unattached, getting that date will happen with a little bit of creativity. If you are attached, speak up and let your thoughts and pain be heard. The outcome of this will bring you and love closer together rather than pushed apart.

Sagittarius: The energy of the day is about moving and shaking things up. You have been feeling a bit detached from love and life in general that you want anything new or exciting to come in. You are emotionally charged and your mind is working overtime. Take a moment, calm your mind and look deep into your heart. What is it you truly want, what you are hoping for and what could possibly scare you right now? Get your heart and mind in check because unmanaged compassion and passion could lead you to being taken advantage of. If you are unattached, it is time to let your feelings flow for the one you have your sights set on. If you are attached and have been feeling caged in, make your feelings known. Give change a chance.

Capricorn: While you may be in the mood to relax and enjoy your quiet and comfortable surroundings, things you felt were resolved may come back to throw a wrench into your day. Either this is something you swept under the rug or this is something you have been trying to hide. You didn’t deal or heal from the incident then, but you will do so now. Don’t fight it or save it for another day. That other day is here and the problem will not go away until you acknowledge it and deal with it honestly and openly. If you are attached, expect this to be a long day of going back and forth until you get your head in the game. If you are unattached, this may be someone from your past looking for closure.

Aquarius: Aquarians are often unconventional, especially when it comes to love and romance. Whatever you do today, it will positive and a bit bizarre but you will get the results you desire. You are a point where you are looking to make progress in your love life. If you are unattached that means you want someone to share your life with, not a warm bed for the night. Because this is now in your mind and in your heart, you may be surprise where you end up finding this person. If you are attached, you may be feeling the need to share your feelings but more importantly, your hopes and dreams. While this isn’t something you don’t do, it will be the depth in which you go that is unusual. Go with it, it will be appreciated.

Pisces: This is a day of action for you Pisces. If you are unattached, you are tired of being on the sidelines and want to get back into the game. Don’t just want this, get it in your mind to do it, especially now as the planetary alignment is on your side. Your magnetism is strong so you will attract the all attention you want but gain the affection and appreciation you deserve. If you are attached, you may be fed up with the pressures your relationship has forced upon you. You are either doing things you would rather not be or feel you need to act a certain way. This isn’t you and you do not have to continue this charade. In fact, nurture those thoughts of rebellion. You may improve the quality of your relationship for doing so.


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