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Love Horoscopes – February 20, 2013

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Aries: In a small part of your mind, your life up until present is on constant loop. The strategist in you is constantly going over successes and failures in order to be better the next time a similar situation arises. Now is one of those times as current events lead you to think back about past love. Things need to be said but you are trying to get your thoughts and feelings in order but this past situation is holding you back. Similarities do not always mean that things are exactly the same. Do not let this frustrate you any further. Let the past go and give what could be your future a chance to thrive. When you finally pull it all together, don’t be afraid to say what you mean from the heart. Your words will not fail you.

Taurus: Are you going back and forth between and old familiar relationship and new uncertain one? This isn’t the first time you have been at this particular crossroad but it could be your last. Stop the cycle by thinking long and hard about the choices involved here, and why you keep repeating the same pattern. Do you keep looking for past loves when new relationships reach a certain point or your new lover does something you are not ready for? You cannot keep running around this same circle, there are too many hurt feelings left in its wake. You know that you could do better, you could be better and yet you choose to repeat the same cycle. What will it take for you to break from it? You cannot keep doing this.

Gemini: There are things that we just cannot control and things that we can. So when your usual routine is disrupted by sudden unexpected events, it is time to look at what we can and cannot do about it. Would it be better for you to break free of your confining situation or push back just as hard if not harder? If you have been toying with the idea of moving on from your relationship it is time to choose. Forget about anything that may be holding you back and look at the relationship as a whole. If you are being pushed into a commitment you are not really ready for, do you want to make a stand? Whatever your dissatisfaction in with your love life, you can change it. All you need to do is exercise your will.

Cancer: If you hit rock bottom or the proverbial brick wall, you often forget that things can only get better from that point on. Some of you will be reminded of this today as your patience is worn thin and feels like the world around you has crumbled. Some of you have tried very hard to restore the promise and affection your relationship is lacking. Every time you put a piece of the puzzle together, it seems others are not fitting very well. You may be thinking about giving up or looking for hidden problems. There is nothing to hide and nothing to expose, you just need a little patience. You also need to stop forcing the issue and allow these puzzle pieces to come together on their own. It may take longer than you want it to, but it will happen.

Leo: If you feel that you moving a few steps forward only to take several back, it is time to rethink your strategy. Take some time to think about what you are doing and if you are acting prematurely. This wouldn’t be the first time but you are not so far ahead that you can’t stop before it gets out of control. If this has to do with a distance you unknowingly created, now might be the time to have an honest conversation and clear up the misunderstanding formed. In either situation, your emotional needs must take a backseat for now while you get the more practical matters resolved. You may still be able to achieve your initial goals as far as your relationship is concerned, you just achieved it another way.

Virgo: You are feeling really good when it comes to your intimate affairs and you want to feel more. In order to make this feeling last, take small steps. If you are attached and looking to improve upon an already good thing, pick one aspect at a time to work on. Sure it may be difficult to choose which one but know that whatever you start with will affect the rest so stay positive as well. If you are unattached, your friendships are very important to you during this time and you will want to do what you can to keep them active. Give in to your social needs and spend time with those you know really care and can have a good time. It may be during one of your outings that you find someone you want to be more than friends with.

Libra: Many of you may feel as if you are stuck between a rock and hard place today. You either have a decision to make or maybe even several but your need to have it just right is leaving you empty handed. Yes you can be too choosy and too critical but this need to have it your way will leave you alone. You love this person and want him or her so bad that you can taste it. But you will not be able to get a lick in if you don’t compromise a little bit. Take a good look at your feelings and determine your priorities. No, you don’t have to compromise on the big stuff but leave those minor details alone right now. If you want to move ahead with this person, it is the big stuff that matters right now. The rest can be worked out later.

Scorpio: How you communicate will make a difference in your love life today. Your intensity can be both a curse and blessing but more often than not, it ends up being both at once. Your relationships often begin with very passionate sexual intensity but when that fades sometimes you are left with nothing substantial. Other times you are left with an insecurity that threatens whatever relationship you did create along the way. If you are attached, right now that foundation is threatened and your next move may be a mistake. Do not hold each other back from living out your dreams. This will prevent you from creating ones together later. Take back any ultimatums or do what you can to not make them at all. You two can do both.

Sagittarius: For many of you this could be a time of unexpected pleasures and adventure in your intimate affairs. Those of you who may be stuck in a routine could experience a revitalization of your relationship or at the very least, a night that is both stimulating and delightful. So long as you are willing to experiment and to be spontaneous, you are likely to experience this refreshing change of pace. If you have a budding new romance, you are doing what you can to give it a great start but you have this nagging feeling that something is going wrong. Is this your intuition kicking in or is this fear of repeating past mistakes? Take some and objectively look at where these thoughts are coming from. Do not act any further until you do.

Capricorn: What you communicate today will make the difference in your love life. If you are attached and see similarities in your current relationship to a previous one, do not speak of the correlation aloud. No! You will only add to the irritation if you do and the tension caused will linger long after the actual problem is resolved. No what you need to do is look at the lesson you should have learned during that time and simply apply it now. What are your priorities in this relationship? Focus on those. If you are unattached, you may have several opportunities for love over this next week. A few may be relegated into the friend zone but there may be one or two potential lovers in the mix. You may also learn something about yourself as well.

Aquarius: Memories and old feelings surface at this time, but there could be a reason for it now. Things you may have forgotten or wanted to forget are coming back to you because some aspect of it has relevancy today. If you have someone special in your life there may be some problems you two are enduring that you have dealt with before. Take a good look, were you responsible for that then and are you responsible for this now? It is time to sift through your emotions and be honest with yourself. What you learn could very well help you now and help you in the future. This could also help bring you closure from those past issues and lay old demons to rest. By the time this is over, you will feel a whole lot lighter.

Pisces: Right now many of you will need to hold on to your optimism and remember that sometimes good does come out of the bad. There may be a series of events that spell disaster for you in your love life. If you look a little deeper you will see that actually, all of it could be turned into a positive. Underneath the problems lie a way for you and the one who has your heart to grow closer and solidify your foundation. There may be a little tension and some arguing but you two should come out of this on top. Meanwhile, when was the last time you did something good for yourself? Why not do something today? Whether it is buying something or participating in a new activity, just do it. Make yourself happy for once.

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