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Love Horoscopes – February 24, 2013

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Aries: Every now and then the Universe likes to throw you for an extra loop. Granted, as the leader of the Zodiac you already go through your fair share but that Universe, she likes to keep you on your toes but there is always a reason. The current stream of unpredictable emotions and events are not to throw you off but to open your eyes to what is really going on around you. Trust your instincts and say what you feel, do it with conviction. You are looking for clarity, both from what you want from your lovers and what they want from you. Whatever you do, do not let yourself be or feel pressured to make a decision right now. Once you know what is going on be sure of what you really want so you do not regret anything later.

Taurus: Your feelings are running hot and cold but the energy surrounding you is encouraging you to get a hold on them. What many do know is that a Taurus can be quite passionate and fiery, not just grounded and stable. Right now you are high spirited and deeply feeling every instinct and impulse that heart and mind conjure up. There is a time and place for such emotion but it isn’t today. This is doing more harm than good in your love life and you need come away from it. Those of you attached may be cold towards your lover when a few days ago things were going well and on track. Do not act on any decisions made right now until you can separate yourself from this feeling and look at this situation from a more detached perspective.

Gemini: The rain is gone and now you can see clearly. Once you do, you will take off running towards getting exactly what you want. If you are unattached, that means going after the one person you know will be worthy of your love. Just be careful because this energy could make you a bit domineering or inconsiderate of others needs. This could also make you impatient and somewhat egotistical so make sure you are putting your best foot forward no matter how well this person may know you. If you are attached, there may have been a series of arguments that have really put a damper on the love and harmony in your relationship. A series of events will open your eyes to what is causing the problem and how to make it right.

Cancer: You are feeling at peace and very good about yourself thanks to the love and support you are getting from those closest to you. You are confident that your efforts in life have been worthwhile and that you are well organized. Granted that accounts for your life in general but does that cross over into your intimate affairs? You have taken a few painstaking steps to hide from that truth but right now there is nowhere to “run” to. If you are attached or simply dating someone, you need to know where you stand. Rather than continue to hold back what you feel, why are you not speaking up? What is keeping you from expressing your emotions? Channel that confidence you have been feeling into stating your case. You feel better once you do.

Leo: You are sign of strength and stamina. But right now you cannot be that sign because things are going a bit too slow for you in your life. Because this frustrates you, you are likely to go find some trouble to get into. In doing so you may stumble into some trouble that could have a negative effect on your current relationship if you are attached. This can go either two ways. You will see the positive and understand where the weak points are in your relationship so you can fix them. Or you will further frustrate yourself and become far too critical of those close to you. If you become the latter and cannot turn this around into something of healing and understanding, then you may find yourself alone. Maybe busy your mind with a book instead of all of this.

Virgo: Many of you are looking for the stability that comes with being needed by someone. If you are unattached this may be finding someone to share your love with. If you are attached you are hoping the one you with is someone that you can have a long relationship with. This need for stability and permanence will satisfy a deep emotional need for you, but you will have to wait a few days before you can reach that level of peace. A series of events will likely turn your fairly predictable and normal schedule into something chaotic and take you far outside your comfort zone. Before you freak out or panic stop and think and what is really going on. This upheaval is making room in your life so you can bring the new and improved in.

Libra: There may be a little discord in your love life right now and your fantasies can help you make it through. If you are attached, you are looking to make some headway into your relationship. Things may have grown stale or you feel that love you two once shared is slipping away. Spice things up by indulging your racy fantasies. Part of you may think you are grasping at straws to keep your relationship alive while others may be far too embarrassed to share such intimate thoughts. But if you want positive progress, you should really share your thoughts with your sweetheart. You just might be surprised at the response you get once you start to open up and share all the naughty fun you have been thinking about.

Scorpio: Lately it has been all about the hustle and bustle of daily life. You should really relax, and collect yourself over the next few days. This would be the time to reflect on what you want, maybe take in some scenery as you do so. If you begin to have mixed emotions about what or maybe who you want, you should take a step back and try to find some clarity. Granted you are naturally very involved with your emotions so it is rather difficult for you to detach yourself from them and see things from a more detached perspective but now it is imperative to do so. As a whole you are entering a rather pleasant cycle in life, this will help you make it better.

Sagittarius: You are in one of those moods where anything and everything is possible. This would be a great time to make quite a difference in your life, especially your intimate affairs. Whatever it is you to want to do, it will need to be with comfort, ease and a way to incorporate your indulgences. What you need is good company and happy fellowship; grab a lover or grab your love and be both creative and adventurous. This is your chance to do something exciting with your sweetie or finally start to search for someone to share your life with if you are unattached. The energy surrounding you is about quality as well as breaking away from routines and norms. Go out, have fun and make it memorable.

Capricorn: Some of you have been coasting along, complacent and unfocused. It could be a little uncomfortable today as you may find yourself at odds with those around you and your love life. Whatever event that sparks this shake up, you are likely to be faced with difficulties and annoyances related to the one who has your heart. As you begin to work through this, an opportunity should start to form that may help you find your comfort zone again. If you are attached, you will be reminded of the potential within your relationship, the potential to be THE relationship. If you are unattached but have someone in hand or newly attached, you will see why you were brought together, and how much you can achieve together. Stay on the path!

Aquarius: Many of you may experience your senses become heightened and a new perception of life realized. This opens you up to being a little bolder and a lot more daring during this time. Though some of you will grow restless, you will accomplish so much in your love life thanks to the energy surrounding you. First, you will likely view your situation much differently than you had previously and it will cause you to want to expand your emotions. Some of you may also feel limited by your present circumstances. Secondly, your next course of action will become a defining moment in life. If you are attached, you will either seek a new relationship, quite possibly just a friendship or you realize just how much love you two share and commit.

Pisces: There is a fine line between an exciting adventure and risky behavior. You will be reminded of such today, hope you are on the safe side of the line. If you are attached, it may come in the form of some confusion from your loved one. You are trying to figure out what is going on in their head and it has you acting rather uncharacteristic. It is quite possible they just need a little time to themselves. Your mind may have jumped to conclusions and assume that your relationship is falling apart when really -they might just be looking to regroup and reconnect with who they are. It may be best that for next day or two, you just let things go and not try to pursue any course of action, both literally and figuratively.

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