Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning February 25,2013


Astro-Week February 25 – March 3, 2013

Dear Aries

There are a bunch of planets currently in your 12 astro-house of enemies, secrets, and hidden events. Although it would be easy to say that it feels like people are currently plotting against you, it’s really more of a week to collect your thoughts and revisit recent ideas and events. Plans seem to have already been set in motion and it’s now simply a time to have a second look at the details before rushing in. Expect sudden and unexpected declarations of love. An old love returns.

Dear Taurus

When did you become the social butterfly? Normally, you like to spend parties in the kitchen, mixing drinks and making snacks but this week you’ll really want to get out and be seen. Don’t begin anything new but do take inventory of where you have been and where you are going. Sudden and unexpected will give way to artistic and dreamy. Good luck.

Dear Gemini

The build-up of planets is happening in your career sector. This is a good week to put in some extra hours at the office. You’re being noticed and the response is good. Press harder but don’t begin anything new. Look through what you’ve just been through for inspiration. Most importantly, just go out and do it again.

Dear Cancer

As our least talkative sign you might wonder what all of the Mercury retrograde fuss is all about. After all, things have to feel right first anyways. This week love will take on a more enlightened, exotic, and spiritual energy. You’ll meet someone new from a distant place and they will really have a strong pull on your heart. Take a chance if it feels right.

Dear Leo

An investment comes through but not as expected. There might be some strings attached. Read the details and don’t be too quick to judge. It might be better than originally expected. Love favors team activities for Leos right now.

Dear Virgo

It’s time for love. What are you going to do? Truthfully you’ve made a couple of mistakes that have left you confused but you still don’t owe anyone an apology. This is your life and you’re doing your best. It looks like everyone has already moved on but you’re still left wondering what could have been.

Dear Libra

As Venus enters Pisces, she will bring love and grace to your daily routine. So this week, as everyone else is running around wondering what’s going on, you’ll be quietly singing to yourself and loving the day. Don’t begin anything new but do say hello to old friends. And most importantly take some time to look around and see how far you’ve come.

Dear Scorpio

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a time every year when random strangers walk up and flirt with you. Mercury retrograde is actually favoring short term relationships. Do I really have to spell this out for you?

Dear Sagittarius

All attention shifts to your home life this week. Some might be moving or just general spring cleaning. Either way, it will be busy. Expect delays and miscommunications. Double check, get it right and it might work out. Mercury retrograde will cause problems but friends are there to help.

Dear Capricorn

You’re still going through the change of personal values and identity. It seems like just yesterday when you seemed so hard and unforgiving. These days you just want to go with the flow.. as long as it’s flowing where you want it to go. Short trips, communications, and busy work will fill the week. Expect delays. Give yourself a break it might be a long week.

Dear Aquarius

This week recent confusions in love get set aside as you attract comfort and security. Let the other person get jealous as you do your own thing. This means making money. Be your best and be alert for all opportunities and gifts to make things a little easier.

Dearest Pisces

As Venus enters your astro-sector of personal appearance and emotional strength, you’ll begin to feel like the love you want to attract. Lately, you’ve been lucky but nothing seems to want to stick. This may have left you wondering if your direction is the right one or not. Confusion and delays will continue for the next couple of weeks but it’s a great time to have a second look at what’s been really going on. There is potential for great success. Take this time to bring some shape to your ideas.

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