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Love Horoscopes – February 27, 2013


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Aries: This is a good time to take stock of your life. Once you do, hopefully you will see how you are limiting and holding yourself back from what you could be enjoying. Yes you are very frustrated and more so if you are attached as your desires or efforts seem to be put down by your love. Despite all of this negativity, don’t take whatever setbacks you are experiencing to heart. Sit down and determine what your next steps will be. The power found in your dreams still lingers and is strong enough to use. What do you want? Give it enough focus and it could make the difference between whether they come true or remain as thoughts. By taking the initiative in some way or other, you can fulfill these desires. All you need to do is take the first step.

Taurus: Many of you are in a situation where your mind won’t let you do what your heart wants. Why are they not on the same page? This is the time for being with people, sharing love and appreciation, but you are stuck on the sidelines for no other reason than your indecision. You need to decide one way or the other to go for it today or not. Look at what is really going on. Whatever this is that is holding you back is just a minor detail. In the grand scheme of things, does that one little tidbit matter? The person in question has a strong hold on your heart and the thought of being close excites you to now end. Is all of this worth denying such happiness? Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Gemini: The energy flowing through today seems confused but determined. What feels right may be impractical or misleading, and you certainly can’t believe all that you hear. Things are not as you think they are and whatever you have had planned, isn’t going the way you wanted it to either. This is probably a good time for all parties involved to back off and make sure that what looks like a great idea isn’t actually a hidden misunderstanding. It’s easy far too just make assumptions at this time. Taking a second look at the situation in your love life is definitely in order so that you may avoid having to relive this dreadful matter later. Once you do, there may be a series of events that begin to happen that will lead you to a more positive and exciting outcome. Be prepared to go with that flow.

Cancer: People will be reminded why you are the most stubborn sign of the Zodiac today. Connecting with you both emotionally and verbally will be challenging to those closest to you. The distance may be growing between you and the one who has your heart but worse yet, some of you may not be able to come back from it. You have a choice to make, lose this destructive attitude and talk it all out or let it go and ride this energy wave out. Doing the latter will eventually give you the same result but the problems and tensions will linger until they are dealt with. You have made your point, whatever it is and now you need to clean up the mess it created. Which way do you want to do it, the easy way or the hard?

Leo: You want so much right and aren’t getting an ounce of it. It isn’t helping that your sexual needs have taken up much of your focus. Maybe you can satisfy both desires. It is time to get to the bottom of issues in your life and starting over if you need to. Clear your mind of any prejudices and look at what is going on objectively. Are you ignoring or hiding from something that is causing more of a problem than helping it? When you recognize the problem, you will be able to overcome it. It may take some time and it is very possible that in the process you will lose hope but hold fast to your faith. Everything is not ok at the moment but it will soon be so long as you take action to change it.

Virgo: All of this positive energy actually has you acting out of character today, well recent character that is. There has been so much negativity surrounding your love life that you are now, privately, giddy with excitement! Your romantic connections are strong and continue to grow stronger. You feel good, both emotionally and physically but more importantly the weight you felt on your spirit is gone. You are ready to tackle life and love with a new zest and vigor that you have long forgotten was in you. Everyone close to you will notice and appreciate this change. If you are unattached this could open you up to a new love on the horizon. If you are attached, connecting and loving your partner has never been easier.

Libra: You are not satisfied. For whatever reason, be it superficial or deeply personal, you are not happy with where things stand today. While I could tell you how this will be a time that shows you just how strong of a person you are, you likely don’t care. Within you is the strength and the determination to see yourself through, even though you don’t want to be bothered with what is going on in your love life, you just want it to go away. It will, and you will be the one that makes it change. If you are going on a first or second date, he or she may baffle you with their quirkiness. By the time the evening is over you will likely admire their original and offbeat demeanor. A few quirks in particular will make you smile long after the evening is over.

Scorpio: Many of you might be cranky right now. Everything comes back to your emotions or personal subjects you would rather not discuss right now. What isn’t helping matters are the unresolved issues from the past rearing their ugliness in your present and bringing up feelings and grievances you have been holding on to for some time. Because of this you may not be very objective nor are you willing to tolerate much more of the bullshit. If you are attached, put this aside for the moment and focus on the rut you and your love have gotten stuck in. By trying to see things from their perspective may help ultimately bring you two closer, rather than the attitude you have that is driving you two apart.

Sagittarius: We can’t always get what we want but sometimes we get what we need. Right now you imagined things differently or expected aspects of your life to be a certain way but they haven’t turned out as such. You need to be more interested in the similarities than in the differences between where you and where you want to be. If you are attached, your relationship has thrown your hopes and expectations for a loop since day one. For whatever reason, the tensions you are enduring now are a part of what will be a significant chapter in your relationship. In life you often have go through the bad and even the worse in order to get to the good. That is a well traveled road for you; this is just one more trip down it.

Capricorn: While you would rather focus on your love life and getting it to where you want it to be, outside influences continue to distract you and drain you of much needed energy. Whoever it is that you are helping needs it so while it has little or nothing to do with you directly, don’t leave this person in a lurch. The sooner you get through this, the sooner you can return your issues. For some of you that may have to do with intimacy and your emotional connection to your lover. You understand each other but just can’t bring it together. You may need to change your approach in order to reach your love because he or she cannot figure out how to do get through to you. It may seem radical to you but it will probably work once you try.

Aquarius: This is the time where you actually move and take action rather than plan or say you will do something. If you are unattached you have grown restless and tired of routines. You tell yourself you are going to meet new people but yet, you go to the same places or do the same things. It is time to try new things and get out of the house. By taking up that new hobby or taking that class, you may meet people who will have influence or some sort of significance in your life. One may be a new love. If you are attached and going through some problems, take a good look at whatever those problems may be. They have depressed and worried you but really, this isn’t the disaster it appears to be. When you see what it really is, it may excite you.

Pisces: Courage is the name of the game today. If you are attached there is something you have wanted to do but couldn’t bring yourself to do so. A series of events will open your eyes to a new perspective and a bit more confidence. Not only do you see the problem in a brand new light, you find a way to take the action needed to get through it. If you are unattached, you have someone in your sights that you have been hoping to win their affections. You may be waiting for some sort of opportunity but you have to create it. Start by small subtle gestures and a little bit of flirting. Direct and aggressive will not work here. It may take a little more time than you would like but you will soon have the one you desire.


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