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Love Horoscopes – February 28, 2013

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Aries: Love and romance seem to be focused on you today. This could affect your feelings, a partner or lover and maybe even bring forth and opportunity for a new relationship. This energy surrounding you is a bit radical but it puts you in touch with emotions that are truly unique to an Aries in love. But first, a handful of you may need to deal with something very private and personal that has come back to haunt you. Whatever this secret is, it has your heart all over the place. If it is something you need to let go of, make your peace with it and set it free. Once you do then you are free to enjoy all that is available to you at this moment. If you are attached, all the qualities you desire in a lover will manifest into a real person, not your fantasy lover.

Taurus: Your sexual feelings and romantic passions are strong and compelling at this time. But underneath all of that is this restlessness for something new and a whole lot of exciting. This will prove to be a great time for you as long as do what you desire differently from your norm. Leave the routine behind and break all your habits, the more unusual and original the more successful this endeavor will be. Change whatever you are comfortable with but do not ignore this chance to experience this. If you are attached, you and loved one will have a great time together and possibly rekindle what was once lost. If you are unattached, you will be bold and enterprising. For once, you may be the one making the first move!

Gemini: You have had ideas about a few personal changes you want to make. This may be physical like a new hair cut and some new clothes or it could be more internal like how you approach the object of your desire. So long as it reflects who you are, distinctly unusual and original, it will be a success. If you are unattached, you will attract someone worthy of the person you are now. You two will likely be able to grow together in maturity and the type of love that comes with it. If you are attached, your sweetheart will like your changes and show you just how much. During this time you may also come to realize how much you appreciate the love and support of those closest to you. Take the time to tell them.

Cancer: Your aggressive nature will come out today in a rather positive and successful way. Your love life is at the stage where anything can happen and it will be in your favor. If you have recently broke up with someone or looking for love, someone new could literally be right around the corner. Your chances increase the more you venture out towards new places and try new activities. The opportunities for a new and exciting love are endless right now. If you are attached it is time to take back your relationship. A little initiative, some playful aggression will but things back on track. In either scenario if you come on strong and confident, the object of your affection will appreciate that within you and want more!

Leo: Your love life is on a winning streak right now but it is up to you if it keeps going. If you have someone in your sights or have just started dating someone, it has become quite intense given the short period of time. You are likely asking yourself if this is the real thing that you’ve been waiting for or just the honeymoon phase. Take some time and figure out if you are wasting your time or if this could be what you have been waiting for. If you are attached and want to keep your love, a few aspects of your attitude may have to change. You do not have to completely overhaul your personality but there some rough edges you can smooth out. Show your sweetie you will try by beginning to do things differently. The effort you make will make a difference.

Virgo: Your love life has been a challenge of late but keep an open mind for what has yet to come. If you are unattached, things may become exciting as you meet someone who really just sets your body aflame. This person stimulates your mind and your southern region; your emotions will certainly run high when you meet. Of course there is a catch but really its minor, they may not come in the package you had envisioned that the person of your dreams would. The key Is not to go overboard. Do not go overboard in your emotions and do not go trying to change this person into what you want them to be. He or she is actually perfect the way they are and if you do not see it or accept it, then you may not deserve this person at all.

Libra: Today is about moving forward and not making a big deal of things. Some of you may need a lot of help in your relationship and might be too proud to ask or accept help. Welcome any help that’s offered and share what you can of your own experiences; you may be able to help someone else. Use diplomacy when you approach your sweetheart, things may have gotten ugly lately and it will get you much further than your previous attempt had. If you are unattached, good things are coming your way in your love life. Though in order to get there, you may need to overcome something you practically fear. Once you do, you will open yourself up to a world of fun and possibility.

Scorpio: Many of you may be entering a time where your patience and ability to compromise will be tested. You like things to go a certain way and when they don’t, tensions rise and conflicts erupt. An unexpected surprise in your love life has caused some unresolved emotional issues to creep back up and wreck havoc on your heart. It is entirely possible that someone from your past, has come back. He or she has the ability to bring out a side of you that you like to keep hidden. Now this part of you may be positive or negative but whatever it is, they are just that deeply connected to you. In this person defense, they have changed and matured beyond all recognition. Do you want to take a chance and see who they have become? What they can offer you?

Sagittarius: Many of you have either come out of a relationship or are thinking about finding love. What you want to do is take stock of your current situation. Understanding your feelings and the feelings those close to you will come easily at the moment. This makes working through unresolved emotional issues and being able to express your emotional needs far simpler than usual. There are lessons you can learn that will help you have more fulfilling partnerships in the future. One of which is to not carry your baggage with you. Some of you may be saddling your lovers with your old lovers’ mistakes. That is not very fair and it could be the underlying cause of your relationship woes. Think about it.

Capricorn: Patience is a virtue that you do not often exercise. Your world is ready to fall into place if only you allow the opportunities to come naturally. You have the tendency to miss out on things because it doesn’t appear the way you think it should. If you do that over the next few days, you could miss out the love you desire and thought you would never have. If you are attached this means your relationship will move to the next level and your bond will deepen. If you are unattached, there will be a chance to meet the one you could love with every fiber of your being. Keep in mind that love comes in many ways and cannot be determined by looks alone. If you grow impatience and focus too much on appearance, you will miss out.

Aquarius: If you play it right, you may be able to clear your mind of all its clutter today. If you are in a difficult situation with the one who has your heart, it may have stirred up some feelings from your past. These memories and old feelings are resurfacing and you can see them just as clearly as the day they happened. Maybe time to clear up some old issues so you can move on with an open mind. You will need to have several important discussions with people you are (or once were) very close to. Connecting with your past and clearing things up there will help you fully express yourself now. Those difficulties you may have had of being honest about how you feel will fade. You will be able to tell your sweetie how you genuinely feel and have it reciprocated.

Pisces: Random urges of emotions are what you will expect for today. When it feels like blue skies and sunshine, you may feel on top of the world but when it feels like rain, try not to get carried away during the stormy moments. During those stormy moments it would be best to think before you speak. Take a really good look at the people you interact with today, if you misjudge a conversation you can still find a way to work things out. When the skies are blue and you are attached, you two should be exploring the world together. Find something you are both interested in and have yet to do. If you are unattached, you cannot be serious about finding love if you are not going to be yourself.

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