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Love Horoscopes – March 1, 2013

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Aries: You can be rather expressive without saying a word. You have the ability to gesture or move in ways that can communicate more than verbal or written statement could ever. Today you can use this to your advantage. Let your body language convey all you need to say. For those of you attached, it may be that you need to some time to think. Nothing is wrong per say but you feel the need to reassess where you are in life and love but would like to do so without distraction. If you are unattached, that person you adore seems to love you just as much. Neither of you dare make a move but you slowly grow tired of this game. You know what to do to make him or her come to you.

Taurus: You may be able to feel all the love and romance surrounding you but you will not be able to enjoy it just yet. You are in a terrible mood, a combination of all your negative traits. These unresolved feelings and issues you have from your past are likely to trigger these emotional outbursts. Those close to you can expect to see your competitive streak ignited, your impatience exploited and your hot tempter boiling. Obviously this will lead to friction and furiously emotional confrontations that will harden an already edgy relationship. If you cannot find a way to curb these emotions and quite work through your issues, you could burn some bridges and hurt some feelings. If you can hide away until you are done, please do so.

Gemini: While the energy of the day is very emotional, what is affecting you is not so much romantic as it compassionate. For many of you this may be the light at the end of a long tunnel back from a negative experience in your relationship. You are looking to right some wrongs and be able to fully enjoy each other’s company again. Your determination will cause you to care more passionately and respond instinctively and emotionally to whatever happens to you at this time. It is highly likely that you will be responding to the healing of your bond and the positive atmosphere created today. You still have some ways to go but today just sped things up some for you both.

Cancer: Today is one of those days where you wish you had a really good place to hide, especially if you are attached. If you are attached, your loved one is a very romantic and loving mood and you just can’t be bothered. You are not one to put so much of yourself on display like that but after recent events, your sweetie is relentless. You could find yourself in rather troubling predicament. If you do, you will feel compelled to break away from this as fast as you can. Instead of making this bigger than what it is, recognize that this is really the need for a show of security and stability in your relationship. Come together in a new or unique way. Be open minded to each other’s needs and be willing to put forth a little extra effort. Everyone will be happy.

Leo: Your body and your heart are ready for the onslaught of very sweet and overly romantic energy flowing about today. It doesn’t matter if you particularly like this type of intimacy, you know what it will eventually lead to and you are totally on board for those sexual escapades. Whatever you chose to share, will help make significant progress in your relationship. If you are unattached but have someone in your reach, you are wondering if what you are feeling is real or if this just you hoping it is. Take a short break from it all and evaluate your feeling and the situation, make sure you are on the right track. By the end of the day, if not sooner, the chances of you experiencing the desired sexual activities, are very good.

Virgo: The sensitivity you feel today can work in your favor as well as against you. So long as you keep in mind that change isn’t always negative and that people are not trying to hurt your feelings, you may be able to make it through this day unscathed. As you try to maintain balance, the energy of the day is attempting to sweep you up in emotions and passion. This particular way isn’t really your form of expression but you go with the flow as you see it is deepening your bond with your love. Whether you are dating this person or you are trying to, this energy is help you form a stronger connection despite you not knowing how it is really happening. If it is working, why change it?

Libra: You are more secure within yourself today as if a light switch was turned on. This new attitude could lead way to new adventures and maybe even the start of great friendships or love relationships associated with wealth and achievement. Your charm is abundant and opens to door for love and desire to flow through giving way to all sort of pleasantries and excitement. If you are attached, this energy could help reverse the negative tide in your relationship. If you have lost your way to connect to your partner, you will be able to find a way today. It is likely that this will be in the form of an intimate conversation where you let your guard down and simply share your love for everything around you. It will work.

Scorpio: You are not one for sentimental expressions. When you see an overly romantic display of affection or someone being sugary sweet, you tend to roll your eyes and proceed to ignore such nauseating activities. Continue as you were but the one who has your heart may want that sappy kind of love from you. This would be a good time to simply express your viewpoint on such matters openly and honestly. Now while you really need to make yourself perfectly clear at this time, you can come across in a very direct, articulate manner and still sound compassionate. Your willingness to communicate so openly will impress your love and give way to acceptance and respect.

Sagittarius: Some of you have been admiring someone for quite some time and feel as if it is time to make your move. Though you may feel it is time to share how you feel, you are not taking any action. The energy surrounding you encourages and supports any positive developments in your intimate affairs. Now is the time share those strong feelings of attraction or concentrate on your relationships. This is your time now and you should seize it. Use the full power of your imagination to come up with a clever way to let them know how you feel. Sure you could just tell this person using words, but you can come up with a thousand different ways that could be fun to do and have a larger impact.

Capricorn: You are in no mood for sickeningly sweetness and you don’t care who knows it. Many of you may have a foul disposition today. Either because you and loved one have had a terrible fight or you have no one in your love life to fight with. Making matters worse, you could really use a good round of sexual fun right now and there is no one to help you through. Rather than resort to your hand or toy of choice, fix the situation. It is time to start over and either make it right or make it happen. Being such a spoiled sport to anyone who has a loving, committed relationship is just beneath you. Stop throwing cold water on everyone’s happiness and focus on meeting your needs. Return to love, have sex and be happy already!

Aquarius: There is a level of uncertainly swirling about you and your intimate affairs. Challenges or unwanted surprises may come at you from outside sources, maybe someone new in your social circle. Whatever twist and turns this person tries to inflict, they will surely test whatever intimate relationship you have. For some of you this will truly work in your favor as you will uncover a person’s true feelings for you. If you are unattached, someone who truly adores you will have notice this negative energy threatening to disrupt your harmony. He or she will step up and attempt to thwart it. For others, your bond is far too deep for this person to break. It may not be obvious at first and your personal doubts may surface but all will be well.

Pisces: Thanks to the energy surrounding you today, a new connection may be made or a well known one may take a turn for the better. Your heart and mind are open and you radiate quite a bit of warmth from within. People will come to you today hoping to achieve some level of harmony or in need of venting. This is usually a much easier experience but yet you are feeling a bit uncomfortable knowing such sensitive information especially if the one talking is a new lover in your life. There isn’t much you can do with this situation but simply be honest and speak from our heart. If you are attached, this will strengthen your bond together. If you are unattached, someone may be so bold as to confess what they feel for you.

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